March 2018: Vernal Equinox, Stelliums and Ideology

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Planetary Retrogrades: Mercury and Jupiter

As we move into March for 2018 we start off with Jupiter turning retrograde just inside the cusp of sidereal Scorpio, and then retrograding back into Libra and not re-entering Scorpio until October of this year.  So we get a taste of possibly the higher-leveraged success that is potential with Jupiter in Scorpio, but it doesn’t really kick in until much later this year.  Jupiter in Libra is more of a relational and refining type of energy, hopefully bringing elements into balance before they undergo the Scorpionic stresses and intensity.

Jupiter is retrograde from March 9 to July 10, 2018.  More information on retrograde periods go HERE.

I have a whole document that addresses the transits of Jupiter for each sign for 2018.  It’s completely free, you just have to sign up for my email newsletter to get it.  Get it HERE.

Mercury stationary retrograde this month takes place in its sign of debility, Pisces, and receiving Vedic square from Mars in Sagittarius.  This could be a particularly problematical Mercury retrograde period: miscommunications, setbacks and delays in affairs, and maybe slightly harder to get past biases, predispositions and overall mental and emotional dysfunctions.  The Mercury retrograde period runs from March 22 to April 15, 2018.

Just prior to Mercury making its regular retrograde station (occurring about three times a year) we have the Vernal Equinox.

Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is when the times of day and night are equal, hence the name equinox.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere it is the first day of spring; and for those in the Southern Hemisphere it is the first day of autumn.  One side starts to receive more sunlight, the other starts to receive less.

The world is a macrocosm to our microcosm.  We have our periods of emergence (spring), peak activity (summer), harvest (autumn), and then sleep/hibernation (winter).  Every day we repeat this eternal cycle: awakening, the work day, recreational evening, and then sleep/rest.

Life as One Whole Living Thing, reflects it infinitely upward and downward.

The Vernal Equinox is also the beginning of the tropical, or Western, zodiac; where they mark off the first degree of Aries.  I won’t get into the seasonal verses stellar approach to astrology here, but you can read more about that HERE.

March 2018 Astrology, Stelliums, Jupiter and Mercury retrograde

Stelliums and Ideology

In looking at the configurations of the planets for this month, I notice that on March 13 as the Sun enters sidereal Pisces, there will be a concentration of planets in both Sagittarius and Pisces (see image).  During the new moon on March 17 there will be four planets in sidereal Pisces.

A concentration of three or more planets in any one sign is called a stellium, right now we be having two stelliums.

As a reaction to this particular juxtaposition of planets we may be moving through ideological (Sagittarius) and then spiritual or dissolutionary spaces at the same time.  Over the last few months in the US we’ve sexual harassment in the media and industry, and lately with gun control in the Florida school shooting.

Looking at the picture above, with heavyweights Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius there may be some heavy-handed implementation of partisan policies, with any amount of philosophical/religious motivation behind it, being brought to bear on us.

With the lighter-weight Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, the reaction might be “Oh, well, what can you do.” Or, perhaps, “Yeah, okay, that seems to be right with me”, when statements or thoughts are on very questionable, very biased, or simply erroneous.  Sometimes we like to have people do the thinking for us, but it’s very dangerous.

The full moon of March 31 then falls in Virgo, which then forms a t-square to the Sagittarius-Pisces planets, setting them off somewhat, possibly making a somewhat more intense end of month, leading into April.

Thursday, March 1
Unusual and joy-inspiring developments in life.  Good connections and good fortune.  Let this be a starting off point to new bountiful adventures.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, Sun semisquare Uranus, Venus trine Jupiter)

Friday, March 2, Full Moon
With the full illumination of the Moon on us, we may be inspired to new creativity and to make new discoveries.  Be sure to keep everything in the realm of practicality and not “pie in the sky” ultimately helping no one.  (Mercury trine Jupiter)

Saturday, March 3
No peaking influences

Sunday, March 4
The Earth, Sun and Neptune line up today; boundaries of thought, selfhood, and creativity may fall away.  Let not what expands merely be the petty concerns of the ego.  Cordiality is enhanced.  Mars moves into limitless-loving Sagittarius, be sure not to run anyone over charging out the gate.  (Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury trine Venus)

Monday, March 5
No peaking influences

Tuesday, March 6
No peaking influences

Wednesday, March 7
Obsessive and compulsive behaviors are brought out.  Sometimes the best tactic is to just let something go.  Dexterity digs deeper.   (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Thursday, March 8, Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
Anything is possible basically because we think it is so.  The world we create today may be somewhat exaggerated, or larger than is practically possible.  Dreams, however, need more than just an amazing imagination; they demand work, commitment and perseverance to become a reality.  Powerful emotions may accompany meetings and/or situations.  (Venus quintile Pluto)

Friday, March 9, Last Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 10, Mercury at Perihelion
Delays and setbacks may seem to thwart your joy, yet an applied mental focus may deliver much more surprising results.  Slowed progress, but progress nonetheless.  (Sun quintile Saturn)

Sunday, March 11, Moon at Apogee 9:13 am GMT
Determination gives sticky issues resolution.  New ideas can unleash powerful energies.  Note the time when the Moon is farthest from the Earth. (Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars trine Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto)

Monday, March 12
No peaking influences

Tuesday, March 13
Relationships strive to meet at good midpoints, love with honor.  Confidence in success is key.  ( Venus square Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, March 14
Confidence matures to competence.  (Jupiter semisquare Saturn)

Thursday, March 15, Mercury at Greatest Elongation
No aspects forming today, but Mercury is at greatest distance from the Sun.  Realization, communication, and brilliance are highlighted.

Friday, March 16
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 17, New Moon
The dark moon leaves us temporarily bereft of it’s illumination, albeit illumination of a lesser light.

Sunday, March 18
No peaking influences

Monday, March 19
Sparkling cordiality enhances life’s experiences.  Ideas, creativity, spirituality and relationships are favored.  (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Tuesday, March 20, Vernal Equinox
We all “turn the corner” of the seasons, entering a new quadrant of terrestrial experience.  Our brothers and sisters to the south/north turn to the opposite pole of season.  Either the day or the night now attains supremacy, with life appropriately expanding or contracting.  It’s a universal rhythm, yet the equinox we are now in reminds us to be “in balance”, to be in perfect equipoise, unaffected by extremes or externalities. Venus biquintile Jupiter today help us to more truly experience that state of grace, which can be the open door to all good fortune.

Wednesday, March 21
No peaking influences

Thursday, March 22, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Mercury, the trickster god, stands still in the sky apparently, shifting to backwards gear.  The perception and experience of life might be a little more internal or subjective for the next three weeks or so.  Mars quintile to Neptune, can help to put a dysfunctional “happy face” on some serious deceits, either what we send out or accept.  What some people might see as weakness, may more truly be a great strength underneath.

Friday, March 23
Events and circumstances may lead to shifts in personal development, not necessarily in a subtle way.  Don’t let the tyranny of emotions usurp your self-sovereignty.  (Venus square Pluto, Sun quintile Pluto)

Saturday, March 24, First Quarter Moon, Moon squares Pisces/Sagittarius Stelliums
Agitation and aggression may heat up the space, but whether its making tea or forging steel, heat helps the process.  Aggression is a supplemental (optional) modification.  (Sun square Mars, Venus tridecile Mars)

Sunday, March 25
Things get a little hotter for lovely Venus, now entering sidereal Aries, also quincunx Jupiter today.  New, exciting experiences may start today.

Monday, March 26, Moon at Perigee: 5:17 PM GMT
Other that the Moon at it’s monthly closest approach to the Earth (us), no peaking influences.

Tuesday, March 27
Jupiter steps back into sidereal Libra until next October, the effects are lighter, more cordial, perhaps excessively so.  Relationships and interactions may take on a slightly more adventurous tone.

Wednesday, March 28
Unusual relationship situations may present difficulties and stresses, but may very well present a springboard to new social vistas.  (Venus conjunct Uranus, Venus tridecile Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thursday, March 29
Endeavors may run into snags, delays and frustrating obstacles.  The problem may lie simply in your inability, inhibition, or disinclination to adjust yourself to changes.  (Sun square Saturn)

Friday, March 30
Motivation is amplified may lead to recklessness, and hopes strongly color the outlook.  (Mars semisquare Jupiter, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, March 31, Full Moon
Illumined by the reflected sunlight of the Moon, we’re ushered into April.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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