Wednesday, March 1
Ideas and states of mind and being may contain amazing energy, which can radiate out to catapult a world into a new dimension.  (Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury aspects Jupiter and Uranus)

Thursday, March 2
A little realism will go a long way to get in tune with the new world appearing.  (Jupiter opposite Uranus, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Friday, March 3, Moon Perigee 7:33 am GMT
Urgency, bordering hysteria may drive events at some point today.  Stay cool and incisive.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Saturday, March 4, Venus Stationary Retrograde
Thoughts, emotions and relationships may take on special meaning.  Love finds a new level, but it may seem a reflective, subjective route.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Sunday, March 5, First Quarter Moon
Energy and motivation may take a subtler, but cautious turn.  Be careful of traps of the ego, snares for the naïve and unwary.  Getting started, however, may be the challenge.  (Mars semisquare Neptune, Mars trine Saturn)

Monday, March 6, Sun Mercury Superior Conjunction
The Sun comes exactly between the Earth and Mercury (superior conjunction), as they do, they make a biquintile to Jupiter.  Interesting speculations, inquiries, and adventures of thought may open new exciting directions.

Tuesday, March 7
Inquiry and introspection can work with great depth, persuasion with great power.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Wednesday, March 8
No peaking influences

Thursday, March 9
The force behind ideas communicated may have great impact and appeal.  (Sun sextile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Friday, March 10
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 11
Fortune favors the bold, it is said.  Today make your shot for the greater good.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Sunday, March 12, Full Moon 2:53 pm GMT
Intimidating circumstances could cow the mind, demanding the utmost courage to defy.  People may tend towards pessimism or defeatism.  Uranus enters sidereal Aries, a stirring shift, possibly inciting billions over the world. The Sun enters sidereal Pisces, allowing for a little compassion in life. (Mercury square Saturn)

Monday, March 13
No peaking influences

Tuesday, March 14
Obsessive or compulsive behaviors may be triggered.  Great penetrating insight into people and situations.  What is seen or discerned may not be socially acceptable, but possibly very relevant.  (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Wed-Thurs, March 15-16
No peaking influences

Friday, March 17
Will slams into fate. The same cosmic law that limits us is the same law that protects us.  Things will only go so fast or so far today, no matter how much you will it otherwise.  (Sun square Saturn)

Saturday, March 18, Moon Apogee 5:25 pm GMT
Cordiality is high. Creativity is enhanced. Note the Moon’s farthest position today.  (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Sunday, March 19
Indomitable will can go far.  Take care that the vehicles you ride in (machines, cars, physical bodies) can take the hyper-workout.  People and situations are not meant to be abused either.  Remember what goes out, comes back.  (Mars tridecile Pluto)

Monday, March 20, Vernal Equinox 10:29 am GMT, Last Quarter Moon
The daylight officially start to exceed the night.  Greater illumination, greater warmth, and opportunity is assured.

Tuesday, March 21
Unique depth and incisiveness to work today.  Be considerate towards others and don’t let any tendencies towards pessimism, vice, or despair direct the day.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Wednesday, March 22
No peaking influences

Thursday, March 23, Mercury at Perihelion
Highly verbal/intellectual day, albeit possibly unhinged.  Mercury is closest to the Sun in its orbit today.  (Mercury square Pluto)

Friday, March 24
Bold hyper-opportunism can create an exciting day, especially as we strive to keep things in the realm of possibility. (Mercury opposite Jupiter)

Saturday, March 25, Sun Venus Inferior Conjunction
Venus comes exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Relationship life and emotions are lit up.

Sunday, March 26
Ideas may leap forth with stunning life, challenging the status quo.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus)

Monday, March 27
Thwarted desires and dreams; accidents, injuries or worse.  Lessons in humility and practicality.  Light at the end of the tunnel though.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mars sextile Neptune)

Tuesday, March 28, New Moon 2:57 am GMT
No peaking influences

Wednesday, March 29
Getting the facts and concepts straight may be the challenge. Perseverance however, may still yield amazing results.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn)

Thursday, March 30, Moon Perigee 1:32 pm GMT
Ethics and honor sacrificed in the pursuit of power will not end well.  The ends don’t justify the means.  Ideas strangely transformed by pathological attitudes.  Note the Moon’s closest position to the Earth today. (Jupiter square Pluto)

Friday, March 31
Deeply felt emotions causing shifts in relationships as well as other human affairs.  (Venus quintile Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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