June 2021 Astrology Predictions: Discontent Rises

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Predictions This Week

June 2021 Astrology PredictionsWestern and Vedic Astrology Predictions: June 2021

There will be a very powerful fifteen-day period from June 10 to 25, which should have a strongly stimulating effect on human and world affairs. 

The most central of these configurations is the square of Saturn and Uranus taking place on Monday, June 14.  This is the archtypical battle between the old and the new; with the “new” trying to throw everything off the rails and the “old” struggling to maintain their hold on things. 

Discontent rises as humanity turns another evolutionary corner, but it doesn’t need to be a fight.  We can all recognize the need to embrace change, throw off fears, and take that new uncertain road that we all seem to be swiftly moving onto. 

We also have the turning of the seasons as light now starts to either increase or decrease with the solstices, depending on which hemisphere you reside on. 

Following the solstice we have consecutive significant events every single day for five days: Mercury Stationary Direct, Venus opposite Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune, and finally Neptune stationary retrograde on the 25th

That is a lot of figurative stones thrown in the pond making interacting ripples in the waters of the collective human consciousness. 

I find it quite interesting now that there is a remarkable focus in the news about UFO’s, with the government basically saying they are real.  It’s a pretty significant mind shift for any one, and thus the astrology underscores it. 

Tuesday, June 1
Connecting is not as easy some days, many biases and oppositions to overcome.  But the harder the overcoming, the greater the rewards.  Be careful of corrupt elements or motives effecting behaviors.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Wednesday, June 2
Last Quarter Moon
Not a day to relax, one needs to be ready to seize opportunities as they fly past you.  Surprising and/or disrupting developments, also be careful of accidents and/or injuries.  (Mars quintile Uranus)

Thursday, June 3
Quiet, meaningful and delightful spaces and social situations.  (Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter)

Friday, June 4
Fortune favors the bold and boldness is in great excess today.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter)

Saturday, June 5
Aggressiveness but questionable motives.  Force does not trump reason.  (Mercury square Neptune, Mars opposite Pluto)

Sunday, June 6
Important relationship developments, seek honesty and conscientiousness with others.  (Sun opposite Juno)

Monday, June 7
No peaking influences

Tuesday, June 8
Moon at Apogee
Relationships need to make adjustments, become more resilient.  Intensity as the Moon conjuncts the Pleiades.  (Venus biquintile Saturn)

Wednesday, June 9
Relationship accentuation; connectedness and sharing.  (Moon opposite Juno)

Thursday, June 10
Solar Eclipse
Mercury Inferior Conjunction
This time the Moon comes close to temporarily blotting out the Sun.  Strange or unusual activation, power for change and to persuade with.  Energy to act may seem low at times, health conditions may flare.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, biquintile Pluto)

Friday, June 11
Delightful, romantic and beautiful spaces between people.  Creativity and sensitivity accentuated, also purposefulness with others and our potentials to be deluded in relationships. (Mars sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury tridecile Jupiter, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Saturday, June 12
Venus at Perihelion
Venus is closest to Earth today as well as conjunct the zodiac longitude of the Moon.  Romance, love and creativity accentuated.  Find life’s deeper, richer treasures. 

Sunday, June 13
Directness and honor in actions may be harder to manifest than usual, behavioral and physical dysfunctions indicated.  Enough sleep and eating the right things can help, etc.  Be careful starting things today that you know will be a problem down the road anyway.  (Sun square Neptune, Venus quincunx Saturn, Venus sextile Uranus, Moon opposite Pluto and conjunct Mars)

Monday, June 14
Stresses and strains of keeping things together may seem very acute.  Hold on, it’s a pivotal time.  Be the hero that delivers something bold, new and effective.  (Saturn square Uranus, Mars quincunx Jupiter)

Tuesday, June 15
With the Moon in sidereal Leo applying to conjunction with Regulus, Mercury aspecting Mars, the Lion roars loudly at perceived threats; but sometimes we roar out of fear more than anything else.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, June 16
More is not always better.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thursday, June 17
Fools go where angels fear to tread.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Friday, June 18
First Quarter Moon
What a sticky wicket we find ourselves in.  Progress may be impeded until the inconveniences are dealt with.  Turn crabbiness into resolute determined corrective action.  Love and happiness nevertheless is fated to succeed.   (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus biquintile Juno)

Saturday, June 19
Expect the unexpected.  (Sun semisquare Uranus)

Sunday, June 20
Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
With Jupiter literally standing still in the sky today, turnabouts in ideas, spirituality and life-direction are possible.  The exalted excitement you may feel today may skew your thinking into overly optimistic scenarios, but dreams motivate and inspire us. 

Monday, June 21
Summer/Winter Solstice
It is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, shortest day for the Southern Hemisphere. Daylight is a zero-sum game on Earth, the South’s gain is our loss, now that days start to get longer for them and now shorter for us in the North.  Relationships and feelings today are softly illuminated by universal love, uplifting all everywhere.  (Venus trine Neptune)

More dates to be added

June Astronomical Events

June 2: Last Quarter Moon
June 8: Moon at Apogee
June 10: Annular (bright ring) Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
June 11: Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
June 12: Moon conjunct Venus, Venus at Perihelion
June 13: Moon conjunct Mars
June 18: First Quarter Moon
June 21: Summer/Winter Solstice
June 23: Moon at Perigee
June 24: Full Moon
June 27: Moon conjunct Jupiter
June 28: Moon conjunct Saturn

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