June 2016 Predictions: Saturn Square Neptune, Planetary Stations

geminiSaturn squares Neptune on June 17.  The best way to understand a configuration like this is the take it apart and then try to put it back together.

First it is a square aspect, which means the most negative elements of consciousness may be drawn out through its effects on us.  Hopefully it is to spur a striving for excellence, when mediocrity in the past may have sufficed, because all of the elements created under the auspices of mediocrity now come flying back home.  To the proactive, success-oriented, and naturally resilient of us, this means that the responsibility is our alone to effect happier, more satisfied feelings in life.  So we humbly go back to the drawing board and start again, wiser though for the previous results.

Neptune’s negatives are to want to hide away, to numb the un-pleasantries of life, and remain satisfied to remain an observer in the background of that silly drama we call life.

For Saturn the negatives are to bitterly criticize self and others, and re-experience the pains and disatisfactions of life again and again in one’s mind, miserably surviving under a cruel universe’s seeming whims.

Putting them together we get miserably hiding from the realities of life, bemoaning the sting of fate’s harsh decrees, wishing to pull everyone down with us.

Shake it off though, you must be your own savior, says the higher Saturn-Neptune energies.  God helps those who help themselves, and nothing ever truly good is going to be easy.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune turns retrograde a few days later, intensifying potentially the “hiding away” part, the repression of one’s own ego.  The ego is not a bad thing in itself, it’s like the car you ride in, the clothes you wear, the things you think accentuate and set you apart from others.  But the real self, the soul, is a beautiful shining thing within; a God in the making, made of love and truth, dripping with fire.

The soul achieves permanency through the process of identification with the Divine proven through actions over time.  Finally merging with the higher components of self-hood in what we might call initiation, overshadowed by other beings from other dimensions.

Initiation itself is a Saturnian-arduous process, consciously and deliberately re-aligning oneself with heretofore untried patterns, asking for not a little bit of Neptunian-faith/trust to make it all work.  The higher aspect of Neptune is to be liberated from the burden of patterns, expectations, or acceptance of others.

So through the willingness to not avoid the challenges of personal integrity, we transcend the square of Saturn and Neptune, and it becomes a powerful opportunity for growth and change.

Summer Solstice

We also have the Summer Solstice (at least it’s so in the Northern Hemisphere), we are at the point of maximum light from the Sun, offering greater opportunity to act and things are most optimal.  For our brothers and sisters Down Under they have the Winter Solstice, the point of minimum light (and all the attendant opportunity) of the Sun.  They’re in the dregs of karmic winter, as it were, having to make due with less.  Don’t worry though, we will start to experience the gradual loss of light and solar energy, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will start to experience the gradual increase of solar light and energy to work with.

Summer Solstice occurs on June 20.

Jupiter Conjunct North Node

Right around June 24 Jupiter will conjunct the North (ascending) Node, also called Rahu in Vedic astrology.  Rahu is the head of the serpent/demon that Vishnu sliced in two with his spinning discus that one day long ago in myth.  Rahu is appropriately a “headstrong” influence, and conjunct Jupiter, or Zeus the hurler of thunderbolts in the sign of sidereal Leo, points to a potentially interesting time.

The American political arena may become even more amazing/outlandish/insufferable than it already has been, as well as other endeavors.  There may be amazing gatherings and meetings of groups of peoples and individuals all over the globe, since the Nodes correlate with groups and personal connections.  Just don’t let Jupiter’s bluster prematurely steal the show, and subsequently the results.  The Jupiter-Node influence will be strong throughout the summer.

Mars Stationary Direct

Finally, we have Mars turning direct after so long retrograde on June 29.  I would expect a little more kick to that day.  Mars is in the same sign as Saturn, as I spoke about in this video, so there is all the more resistance for Mars to push against, causing Mars to rise to the occasion and maybe produce something amazing.

An interesting summer indeed.

Wednesday, June 1
Energy and motivation may be at a low cycle, acting honorably and truthfully may be equally as challenging.  Chronic issues may burden your progress.  (Sun square Neptune)

Thursday, June 2
Feelings and responses deepen and intensify, some of which may be very distracting from your important goals.  Love and beauty proffered today may come with too many strings attached.  (Venus square Neptune, Venus biquintile Pluto)

Friday, June 3
Anxieties may be acutely magnified with attendant problems, and overall life-difficulties.  Of course, it’s all for the good as the Universe is now directing you to issues that need fixing now in order for you to be able to move on.  Relationships may hit some rocky areas and connecting overall to others may have stumbling blocks.  (Sun and Venus opposite Saturn)

Saturday, June 4, New Moon
Expectations may exceed the ability to deliver on in many life areas today, including relationships and seeming financial/material opportunities.  Be careful how precious resources like time, money, and energy are used today; the payoffs may be touted to be grand but upon analysis not so great.  (Sun and Venus square Jupiter)

Sunday, June 5
No peaking influences

Monday, June 6
Love and emotions are powerfully activated, and strange behaviors may be enacted under the influence of love.  (Sun conjunct Venus quincunx Pluto)

Tuesday, June 7
Hearty recklessness may characterize developments today, not sure to be significant, but certainly to be fun.  Perceptions, discussions, or analysis may be strongly biased by predilections, beliefs and desires.  (Mars quintile Juiter, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Wednesday, June 8
No peaking influences

Thursday, June 9
Moments of hysteria or over-excitement may hijack attention, and this may be the day to reclaim your self-assertiveness.  (Mercury opposite Mars)

Friday, June 10
Excited energy fuels investigation, discussion and perceptions; possibly skewing them all, but at least it’s all opening to new things.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Saturday, June 11
No peaking influences

Sunday, June 12
New emotional avenues open up, finding your real feelings.  (Venus sextile Uranus)

Monday, June 13, Neptune Stationary Retrograde
Disorientation, betrayal, or neglect may instigate misfortunes. Energy may be on the low side, as well as the motivation or clarity to fight the good fight, do the right thing, etc.  Some may find sublime release through same misfortunes.  Relationship dynamics gain intensity.  (Venus quincunx Mars)

Tuesday, June 14
Obsessive/compulsive tendencies are set off.  Breakdowns in communications and processes, paving the way for reform.  Seek the real you.  (Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Wednesday, June 15
Lead, follow or get out of the way.  (Sun quincunx Mars)

Thursday, June 16
No peaking influences

Friday, June 17
Problems stemming from hard to define origins.  Seemingly harsh or cruel outcomes.  Keep focused on your goals, or possibly a time to review your goals and find out how you may have followed someone else’s program instead of yours.  Energy and therefore all activity may be blocked or thwarted.  Hold on, the center of the storm will soon pass.  Relationship issues are emphasized.  (Saturn square Neptune, Mars tridecile Neptune, Venus biquintile Mars, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Saturday, June 18
New ideas may open the way for new life developments.  The mind may have difficulty adjusting to situations.  (Mercury semisquare Uranus)

Sunday, June 19
Dissatisfaction may vigorously help bring about changes.  Energies and situations may seem to suddenly erupt out of control, wreaking havoc on our lives but which some people may seem to thrive in. Erratic and problematical behaviors may be touched off.  (Mars quincunx Uranus, Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Monday, June 20, Summer Solstice, Full Moon
For the Northern Hemisphere solar exposure is at yearly maximum, make the most of it!  Full moon today helps set off today’s passionate, but mentally afflicted astrology.  Always strive for the positive, you are greater than the sum total of all so-called “bad” stuff.  Subtlety and gracefulness may go very far today, creating a truly inspiring outcome.  (Sun biquintile Mars, Mercury opposite Saturn, Mercury square Neptune, Venus quintile Jupiter, Sun tridecile Neptune)

Tuesday, June 21
No peaking influences

Wednesday, June 22
Exciting and unusual events and meetings may stir the heart, but beware of grand promises, exaggerations, and variances from truth.  (Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter)

Thursday, June 23
Problematical thoughts and behaviors are touched off, but opening up potential fruitful new areas of inquiry.  (Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Friday, June 24, Jupiter Conjunct Rahu
We live in interesting times indeed.  Now Jupiter occupies the same degree as the Head of the Demon, Rahu, also called the North Node, in the sign of Leo.  Let your roar not fill the room with hot air, but let it vibrate, penetrating to the atoms everything in that room, extending to the world outside, en-firing it with your ardent spirit’s intention.  (hint, hint politicians).  The dynamics of power and will in relationships may be tested.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Mars)

Saturday, June 25
Anything may seem possible, and indeed it isn’t if you stop bragging about it and go about doing it.  Actions, of course, always speak louder than words.  Nevertheless, meetings and discussions are potentially lively and fruitful, especially so in the follow up.  Creativity and spirituality are expanded. (Sun quintile Jupiter)

Sunday, June 26
Fervor may be felt strongly and deep causing people and movements to progress. Great things are possible for those who dare (and act).  Mental instability may challenge a productive atmosphere and relationships may be strained, but all such problems or differences may become means to unification.  (Jupiter trine Pluto, Mercury quincunx Mars, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Monday, June 27
Do your own thing today, find and exercise your unique gifts to life.  The beauty of the oneness of life is emphasized.  Relationships can move to a higher plane.  (Sun quintile Uranus, Venus trine Neptune)

Tuesday, June 28
No peaking influences

Wednesday, June 29, Mars Stationary Direct
Even though it’s Wednesday, supposedly Woden’s Day (Odin of Norse Myth) you might as well call it Tuesday, or Tyr’s Day, who was the Germanic god of war.  This is a VERY Mars day, so sitting around waiting for something amazing to happen may leave you on the sidelines of a potentially spectacular day.  Be careful of physical injuries (cuts, burns, sprains, etc.), nudges and bumps on the highway of life, and egos colliding at obverse trajectories.  Reclaim your self-assertion, and thereby aid a greater cause.  Stay calm in the center of the storm.  Be the storm and not just the trees that a flung about within it.  Amazing manifestations are possible for those who dare.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury biquintile Mars, Mercury tridecile Neptune, Mars tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, June 30
Emotions take on significant power, definitive relationship turns.  Emotions may eclipse true perspective in matters, with a lot of unconscious matters in play, which might otherwise cause one to forego situations.  (Venus opposite Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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