July 22 to Aug 4, 2014

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Tuesday, July 22
Encounters may be interesting, insightful and possibly intimidating.  Charisma and guile may go a long way to getting the message across.  Pathological issues may arise, maybe leading to things being thought or said that will be regretted later on.  (Mercury opposite Pluto)

Wednesday, July 23
Truth may be an elusive or hard to grasp thing.  Creativity and spirituality will be high.  It is not so much what is reality here and now as it is what could be so in the future or in an ideal world.  Energy and motivation may be weak points today, chronic health issues may flare, as well as the tendency to act deceitfully.  (Sun biquintile Neptune)

Thursday, July 24
Behaviors and attitudes may go over the top.  A lot of exaggerating and bragging may fill the air, at least offering hope and a good start for the future.  Feelings and spirit trump details and practicality, but a sense of balance and order may prevail.  Surprising connections may come about.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn, Mercury square Uranus)

Friday, July 25
Be prepared to go all out, not exactly a day for subtlety.  Obsession and compulsions may have opportunity to exercise themselves.  Be careful biting off more than you can chew, or going places you really don’t have business being in.  Probability for breakdowns, accidents and injuries are heightened.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

Saturday, July 26
Relationships may need to work through difficult issues.  What seems to test the limits of love is really strengthening it.  (Juno biquintile Saturn)

Sunday, July 27
Ideas and conversations may revolved around ill-defined issues.  Evasiveness may mar connections.  Getting along may not exactly be the goal today, finding one’s unique place in the group is.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun tridecile Uranus)

Monday, July 28
Emotions and encounters can be surprisingly strong and deep, although not necessarily for the highest or best of reasons.  Rethinking and reworking situations may be required.  Messages could get thwarted.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Mercury square Nodes)

Tuesday, July 29
The differences between reality and fantasy may blur.  Energy, motivation, and honesty may be hard to find commodities.  Chronic conditions and various physical mental, and emotional pathologies may emerge.  (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Wednesday, July 30
Relationships are definitely energized with some possibly too good to be true.  Energetic emotionalism may help get things moving.  (Venus tridecile Mars, Juno tridecile Neptune)

Thursday, July 31
Getting the message across may present challenges, internally as well as externally.  You may be impelled to determined focus.  Unusual, unsettling, or unstable relationship/emotional situations may come about.  Go with the flow.  (Venus square Uranus, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Friday, Aug 1
Charging out the gate, be sure your plan has more than just a prayer for workability.  Relationships and connecting emotionally should be smooth and purposeful, steady.  Unusual and fantastical thoughts and concepts may drive the early part of the day; be sure what you believe you see is true and not just sending you off into irrelevant directions.  (Mars square Jupiter, Venus trine Saturn, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Saturday, Aug 2
Agitated excitement may characterize the say, possibly bringing on surprising outcomes to otherwise predictable situations.  Spirituality and creativity will be spotlighted.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter, square Mars, tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, Aug 3
Breakthroughs and/or breakdowns are possible.  Be careful pushing yourself or others beyond their limits.  Riding the tail of the tiger may be fun, but dangerous.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Monday, Aug 4
Early on, perceptions may be self-deceiving.  Actions and behaviors may be deceitful or self-sabotaging.  Creativity and spirituality may need some adjustments on your part.  (Mercury quincunx Neptune)

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