Sunday, Jan 1
Motivation may be elusive, dogged by addictive issues and self-deceiving behaviors.  Ardent intention though may deliver amazing and sublime results to efforts.  (Mars conjunct Neptune)

Monday, Jan 2
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Jan 3
Cordiality and perspicacity are mutually reinforced.  (Mercury sextile Venus)

Wednesday, Jan 4
Urgency and decisiveness are emphasized, sometimes there is maybe an overwhelmed experience as well.  (Mercury quintile Mars)

Thursday, Jan 5
Emotional resonance is strong and deep, whether those feelings are honest or legitimate, or not.  (Venus semisquare Pluto)

Friday, Jan 6
Conversely today emotional resistance and deeply set animosities may be set off in situations with groups or individuals, which as they are addressed and conscientiously resolved will transform into mutually beneficial and emotionally fulfilling experiences.  (Venus quintile Saturn)

Saturday, Jan 7
Breakdown/breakthrough is indicated, unusual psychological motives are brought to light with their usual quirky and/or deeply pathological results.  (Sun conjunct Pluto)

Sunday, Jan 8, Mercury Stationary Direct at 3:42 am (CST)
Once again we have the “green light” on business and all mundane activities because the god of transit is now going forward again.  There will also be very deep, karmic and destiny-oriented connecting with others with love as an overarching theme. (Venus conjunct South Node)

Monday, Jan 9
Exuberance, the potential for amazing strokes of luck, and philosophical or spiritual exaltation of mind can help brighten our currently dark and confusing times, but the potential for a certain moral and financial hypocrisy is present also.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Tuesday, Jan 10, Moon at Perigee 06:01 GMT
Getting along and playing nicely may be the challenge today.  Idiosyncrasies stick out making non-conformism the crusade of the day.  Be prepared for jarring shifts and realizations.  (Sun square Uranus)

Wednesday, Jan 11
Over-compensating audacity may cause and interesting, if not loud, uproar on the scene.  Motivation becomes deeply empowered, a situation that can be used for good or ill.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mars sextile Uranus)

Jan 12, Full Moon at 11:33 am GMT, Saturn enters sidereal Sagittarius, Sun enters sidereal Capricorn
Rapturous and uplifting feelings accompany meetings and relationship-development.  Remember that all that glitters is not gold, and that all people and situations do offer great potentials, but rarely are more than a small percentage of potentials actualized.  Two planets enter new signs, which may help shift affairs collectively and individually.  (Venus conjunct Neptune)

Friday, Jan 13
No peaking influences

Saturday, Jan 14
Energy and motivation may face mysterious and/or hard-to-define challenges.  Addictive or deceitful behaviors are brought out, however perseverance and diligence may bring about sublime success.  (Sun semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, Jan 15
No peaking influences

Monday, Jan 16
Unusual inspirations and innovative moments may suddenly open new possibilities in your affairs.  (Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, Jan 17
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Jan 18, Mars enters sidereal Pisces 04:02 CST
Impatience and impulsivity is amplified, which in some cases may help bring about fortunate effects.  However enthusiasm, audacity and arrogance is high, inflating opinions, expectations, and the perceptions of actual outcomes.  Mars enters sidereal Pisces, and therefore a new house in everyone’s chart, signaling potential shifts in affairs.  (Mars quincunx Jupiter, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, Jan 19
Frustrations may be acute, easily coinciding with unpleasant turns of affairs.  Be careful of accidents, injuries and conflicts.  Don’t stomp away, keep focused on objectives and carefully and analytically adjust your tactics.  Swallow your pride.  However, good fortune and cordiality still can help save otherwise spoiled endeavors.   Jupiter enters sidereal Pisces briefly, indicating a shift in affairs.  (Mars square Saturn, Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Friday, Jan 20
Reactions to people and situations may resonate deeply, potentially opening the door to significant life changes. Romance strongly affected. (Venus sextile Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 21
No peaking influences

Sunday, Jan 22, Moon at Apogee at 12:13 am GMT
No peaking influences

Monday, Jan 23
Perceptions and thoughts enhanced by imagination, inspiration and higher-dimensionality.  (Mercury sextile Neptune)

Tuesday, Jan 24
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Jan 25
Venus enters sidereal Pisces today signifying a shift in affairs, especially in relationships.

Thursday, Jan 26
Opportunities, people and situations may offer fun and exciting adventures, but success or happiness of any long-standing nature is not automatically assured.  (Venus quincunx Jupiter)

Friday, Jan 27
Emotional/relationship rebukes may buffet the ego, inciting deep, strong and surprising reactions.  Intensity may be directed towards significant accomplishments.  (Venus square Saturn, Mars quintile Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 28, New Moon at 16 Capricorn (sidereal) 9 Aquarius (tropical) 0:06 am GMT
Difficulties, delays may uncover areas of personal pessimism and pathology that require correction, and which may provide a springboard to bold innovative solutions and self-realizations.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Sun quintile Uranus)

Sunday, Jan 29
Verbal, intellectual and mental intensity may draw out heretofore hidden treasures of thought and perception.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto)

Monday, Jan 30
Bold leaping imagination and aspiration may product exciting magical or miraculous moments.  Remember though that boldness must be backed up by 1000 times plus the initial thrust of energy.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Tuesday, Jan 31
Urgency and alarm may incite bold and forceful actions and reactions, and results may be unexpected in their character, but may lead you to new avenues of personal expression.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Mercury square Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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