Ancient SystemFriday, Jan 1
Fire sign planets move into alignment today.  Bravado and passion will be high.  Nothing may seem too audacious or outlandish, only as opportunities to seize, vistas to conquer.  Be careful of accidents, injuries and/or conflicts.  A good way to start the year.  (Sun quintile Mars, Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Saturday, Jan 2
No peaking influences

Sunday, Jan 3
Cordiality is high as is appreciation (and enjoyment) of life’s finer things.  Good fortune abounds in connections, discussions, and creativity.  Be careful of squandering precious resources and energy on lesser or trivial pursuits.  (Venus quintile Jupiter)

Monday, Jan 4
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Jan 5, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Unusual and interesting day.  Mercury turns retrograde, putting a regressive, repressive, and unusual perspective on things.  The square from Mars to Mercury does not help for keeping calm or centered in thinking.  The square of Venus to Neptune further does not help with honesty of feelings or hopes in relationships.  Decisions made today may result in disappointment in the near future.  The conjunction of the Sun to Pluto amplifies all the above , making this a pivotal day, for good or ill.  The choice is yours of course how it will go.  Determination may yield powerful results, especially as you don’t let the pettiest/ugliest parts of your come out and do their thing.  

Wednesday, Jan 6
No peaking influences

Thursday, Jan 7, Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
Just after Mercury turns retrograde two days ago now Jupiter stops and retrogrades.  Ideologies, philosophies and spirituality are accented, but problematical issues attached to them as well.  The dysfunctional Jupiter ignores facts and prefers its own opinions because they just seem more exciting, and Jupiter craves excitement.  So be careful that you don’t go off on what turns out to be a wild tangent that loses its sense of adventure quickly.  The Sun square Uranus today makes going along to get along difficult, and amplifies the sense of rebellion against authority.  

Friday, Jan 8
Emotions are subdued in favor getting things done together, a more thoughtful approach.  Generations are bridged, truces made.  Partings are solemn, but fitting as life chapters come to an end.  (Venus conjunct Saturn)

Saturday, Jan 9
Motivation receives a tremendous impetus, pushing to fanatical or unprecedented levels.  Using intimidation to achieve goals however today will have stern consequences, also called karma.  Let conscience be your guide.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Jan 10, New Moon
Cordiality and connection is favored.  With the dark moon there may be a sense of the quietness of new beginnings.  (Mercury semisquare Venus)

Monday, Jan 11
Attitudes may struggle to attain constructiveness or positivity.  Flow may suffer blockages.  Serious issues may need to be dealt with.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Jan 12
Cordiality receives an exciting boost, new emotional avenues of expression may be presented.  (Venus trine Uranus)

Wednesday, Jan 13
Inspiration and excitement are indicated, however check the ethical foundations at what is discussed or being implemented.  Internal integrity may founder behind bold promises or pronouncements.  (Sun trine Jupiter, Sun semisquare Neptune)

Thursday, Jan 14
Discussion, analysis and inquiry are powerfully activated, as is creativity and spirituality.  Be careful of reckless hubris expressing a lot of impressive flair but delivering little in the long run.  (Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury trine Jupiter)

Friday, Jan 15
Early on, more for the European time zones, analysis and discrimination may be hindered by bias.  Toxic conditions may inhibit or subvert actions.  Poor attitudes may lead to deceitful actions.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, Jan 16
No peaking influences

Sunday, Jan 17
Interesting and exciting day, especially for relationships and/or cultural or artistic endeavors. Putting one’s passions to work may produce very good things.  New adventuresome opportunities offer.  Early on there may be added excitement, urgency or hype, stimulating the outcome of the day.  (Venus square Jupiter, Venus semisquare Mars, Mercury quintile Mars)

Monday, Jan 18
Thwarted initiatives in the midst of an excited atmosphere.  Unusual tactics or occurrences may save projects and plans.  It’s an unusual mix of problematical, ambitious and non-rational influences today, all of which may help to deliver a profoundly meaningful outcome to things.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Mars semisquare Jupiter, Mars trine Neptune)

Tuesday, Jan 19
Venus in square to the Nodes today may bring new turns and developments to love and relationships in your life; some disappointments, losses, or bitter lessons in love done wrong.  

Wednesday, Jan 20
Beautiful feelings and love are indicated, with maybe more fancy than reality.  Artistic inspiration and compassion.  Later on, ideas may be at odds to others.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Mercury square Uranus)

Thursday, Jan 21
Mars moves in minor hard aspect to the Nodes.  The nodes are not real planets and their exact positions are kind of blurry, but with Mars in close aspect the heat of activity and feelings may be definitely on.

Friday, Jan 22
Captivating thoughts and situations vie to steal your attention and energy, always go for the best net gain path, even if that path be through difficult territory.  New situations and people may serve to open your emotional life.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto, Venus tridecile Uranus)

Sat and Sun, Jan 23-24
No peaking influences (full Moon Sunday, Jan 24)

Monday, Jan 25, Mercury Stationary Direct
Mercury regains sense once, moving forward again after having learned a few things from his recent retrograde retro-venture.  Over the next few days it will be speeding up again and things should have a smoother feel to them.  Unusual or unexpected expression of self and others today, livening up the room, leaving the old fogeys eating your dust.  (Sun quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, Jan 26
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Jan 27
Jupiter falls back into Leo, giving the ego possibly a wanted or unwanted boost, along with a nudge from transiting Sun today nothing may seem impossible.  But then tomorrow you actually have to do it, and Jupiter is not one for hard work, just mainly sounding grand.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thursday, Jan 28
No peaking influences

More dates to be added

Mercury, God of Thieves

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