Predictions May 6 to 13, 2013: South Node and Solar Eclipse

It’s been a challenging past month with tremendously challenging sets of configurations coinciding with equally challenging sets of life-world developments.  I have endeavored to at least give a taste of the correspondences in articles posted on SWN (as well as the SWN Facebook page, which is easier for me to do.)  But the configurations continue to roll out.  

This week we have the Sun, Mercury and Mars conjuncting the Moon’s South Node (called Ketu in Vedic astrology), and then there is a solar eclipse on Thursday, May 9.  We may see more developments regarding the Boston Marathon bombing, the economy, and on the war scene such as with Israel bombing Syrian targets to staunch the alleged flow of arms to Lebanon.  

The peak of these events in the sky are basically behind us now, but the period of planetary psyche malleability should be with us for a while yet.  You might want to see it as an opportunity to continue striking the “iron while it’s hot” to forge new life scenarios, behaviors, and states of mind.  The more people that do it, the greater the worldwide change; and it starts with you.  

Monday, May 6
Strong and deep emotions may help incite developments today.  Little understood motivations may help bring about profound changes, depending on how conscientiously actions they cause are executed.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Tuesday, May 7
Yesterday and today may bring about important connections and life developments, which may be challenging, but which strike the deepest notes of your being.  While it may be a day of subtle distinction, there still will be moments of hysteria, alarm or great urgency; be careful in your travels from point A to point B.  (Sun conjunct South Node, Sun quintile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars)

Wednesday, May 8
Communication and perceptions within relationship contexts may need to be sorted out, that everyone can be on the same page.  (Mercury square Juno)

Thursday, May 9, Solar Eclipse
Today is another eclipse marking this whole April-May time period to be one of unique developments.  The normal course of affairs may be disrupted or go somehow awry, maybe more of a day of meditation and reflection.  Creativity and spirituality are favored, with the emphasis on subtlety.  Day of important connections.  (Mercury conjunct South Node, quintile Neptune)

Friday, May 10
No peaking influences

Saturday, May 11
Conflicts may arise in relationships, ruffled egos and misdirected assertions.  (Mars square Juno, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Sunday, May 12
The Sun and Mercury enter sidereal Taurus today, which may inaugurate a shift in your affairs.  Cordiality and charm may also characterize interactions.  Later on tomorrow’s malefic configurations may already be taking form.  (Venus tridecile Juno)

Monday, May 13
Conflicts, accidents, and injuries may seem more likely; for some this may be a very painful day.  Relationships may take dramatic turns, and behaviors in general may seem off.  Motivations for actions today may be suspect, or possibly very difficult to easily discern.  Energy and vitality may seem to be at a low point, and actions may be accordingly half-baked.  Chronic health issues may flare.  (Mars conjunct South Node, Mars quintile Neptune, Venus square Neptune, Venus biquintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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