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by | Sep 30, 2013 | Predictions

Predictions: Sept 30 to Oct 14, 2014: Mars, Uranus, Pluto Configuration

This next two week period hold a lot of drama, sound and fury to paraphrase Shakespeare.  The long running, deeply affecting square of Uranus to Pluto will be set off by the Sun, Venus, and Mars during this period, stirring things up, making things happen, and hopefully inaugurating some positive forward steps for many. 

The peak will be on the weekend of Saturday, Oct 5 to Monday, Oct 7, as Mars makes sesquiquadrates to Uranus and Pluto, forming an eighth harmonic version of the yod or “finger of God” configuration.  See image on right below.  Mars, Uranus and Pluto, October 2013 Configuration

This configuration has the most potential to create unrest, disruption, and mishaps on any scale.  Not to just to be sensational here, but the more constructive output of this configuration would be to channel vigorous force into situations which need fundamental changes, a sort of intense liberation of energy heretofore locked up into patterns that are obsolete; a sort of energetic thought and emotional revolution, if you will. 

So you can imagine it getting a little scary over this coming weekend, things threatening to go out of control.  But when the old way of things will not easily relinquish its hold there may well be moments of tension and uncertainty.  But the time is right for change. 

More times than not, the world is not shaken very much during these configurations, but some of the emotional foundations of some of us are bound for some turbulence. 

We may expect more from those trying to create wars in the Middle East, through covert incitement to outright threats.  Syria has been the notable target lately, but terrorist attacks on Kenya and Pakistan more recently show that instability (provoked or not) incites change in our times.  Change is effected by bombs and guns, but also by those who supply those terrorists, many of whom don’t wear turbans or recite from the Quran. 

On Tuesday, Oct 8, Mercury makes exact conjunction to Saturn, which many times has the effect of darkening the cast of the discussion and thinking tone, which can also open up the way for more pathological frames of mind and behavior to come through.  While some react by re-animating their psychosis’s and neurosis’s, others choose to make the effort to exercise the higher way of resolving problems, that of taking responsibility for them, taking a lesson in humility and getting closer to reality.  Then, of course, acting on that. 

Then on Monday, Oct 14, Mars makes a quintile to Saturn, forcing us to discipline and control our output, to create longer lasting results of our efforts which give us the potential to grow.  While Mars demands instant gratification, Saturn refines and consolidates its ability to make things happen. 

Monday, Sept 30
Cordiality and love are accented with Venus quintile to Juno. 

Tuesday, Oct 1
Strange manifestations and breakdowns may characterize the day.  Pathological behaviors may be activated, as well as tendencies to avoid responsibilities or to shift blame.  Physical sensitivities may be heightened.  Practiced workers with life’s subtler energies may experience significant breakthroughs.  Needed changes may be brought about through much cost.  (Sun square Pluto, biquintile Neptune, Mercury trine Neptune) 

Wednesday, Oct 2
Passions and feelings may determine much of the day, irregardless of the wisdom of them.  Panic, alarm or pronounced urgency may characterize moments later in the day.  (Venus semisquare Pluto, Mercury quintile Mars) 

Thursday, Oct 3
The Sun and Venus aspect Uranus today, marking new directions in love and affairs in general; interesting and exciting nevertheless.  Mars enters sidereal Leo today, which will bring a shift into everyone’s affairs.

Friday, Oct 4
Saturn quincunxes Uranus today, bringing to culmination a feeling of stresses over not addressing the needs of the self and the tyranny of the forces of tradition and time which have become a straightjacket to happiness and fulfillment.  Sudden, radical shifts may occur, not achieve very smoothly.  Be careful of accidents and injuries. 

Saturday, Oct 5
Important intellectual and communicative contacts and situations may come about.  Motivations and the actions they incite may be powerful and deep; but may not necessarily come from the most benign of intentions.  Be careful of pushing situations, things, or people beyond their limits; including yourself; but the potential for significant breakthroughs is possible.  (Mars sequiquadrate Pluto, Mercury conjunct Node)

Sunday, Oct 6
Analysis, discrimination, and discussion may achieve penetrating effectiveness; a situation which needs to be ethically used.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Monday, Oct 7
Precipitate excitation may push things over to the urgent, hysterical, or disruptive extreme.  Be careful of accidents and injuries, sudden conflicts with others.  New developments or ways of doing things may be brought about swiftly  and effectively.  (Mars sequiquadrate Uranus)

Tuesday, Oct 8
A dark, sober, or pessimistic tone may characterize the day.  News may be serious or sad, but at the same time patterns and organization that sees the way of out negative situations will become clear to those who do not give up hope.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 9
Important relationship development can occur.  (Sun tridecile Juno)

Thursday, Oct 10
Seemingly amazing and transcendantly beautiful emotional, spiritual and romantic situations may stimulate the soul.  Be careful that these are true and not merely escapist or desperate projections upon people or situations that are clearly lacking in those virtues, setting oneself up for disappointment down the line.  (Sun sequiquadrate Neptune, Venus square Neptune)

Friday, Oct 11
Be careful spending precious time, energy and money on situations that in the end prove to be frivolous. Cordiality and cultural stimulation, will be strong nevertheless.  (Venus sequiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, Oct 12
The sense of daring adventure may be high with people promising the world; but which may prove to be just boastful and arrogant.  The day should nevertheless be exciting and stimulating.  Love and affection will be strong.  Later on, spiritual inspiration and creativity may take a leap upwards. (Sun square Jupiter, Venus sextile Juno, Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, Oct 13
No peaking influences

Monday, Oct 14
Frustrations may dog work, but diligence in application will yield strong results.  Activities like yoga, weight lifting, and hard work in general are favored.  This is not really a day to sit back and rest on one’s laurels, especially since those laurels may get a kick in the butt today.  Innovation and creativity should get a boost today.  (Mars quintile Saturn, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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