Gaza: Mars, Uranus, and Pluto

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Predictions

Week of November 19 to 26, 2012

Attack on GazaThis is a very significant week regarding astrology, there could be some very intense “moving and shaking” over the next week or so.  Mars is now moving into very tight alignment with Uranus and Pluto, which will peak on Friday, November 23 and then Tuesday, November 26.  This will be followed by a lunar eclipse the very next day on Wednesday, November 27. (Mercury will also return to direct motion on Monday, November 26.)

It seems quite certain that this astrological timeline above could correspond to the current timeline for the Israeli governments plans for escalation of the new Gaza war started mid-November.  In fact the parallels between now and the last Gaza War (Operation Cast Lead, late December 2008) had similar configurations; this time however, the astrological indicates a potentially much more intense assault.  

It will definitely be a one-sided attack, with Palestinians having no air force, navy, or standing army as such, on the receiving end of one of the world’s most sophisticated military forces, the Israel Defense Force (IDF.)

I plan to post a more comprehensive expose’ of this situation regarding Israel, the US, Iran, and the Palestinians.  The Middle East at this point in history could very well be the focal point as far as a starting point for a new world war situation.  

November 23 Mars square Uranus conjunct Pluto with MoonReturning to the astrology configurations about to align, Mars as the planet of aggression, strife, and misfortune coming into square to Uranus (on Thurs, Nov 23), a planet associated with upsets and disruptions, could indicate a lot of painful and irreversible developments on the geopolitical scene. You can also see in the image posted how the fast moving Moon will also be aspecting the configuration, magnifying the intensity of it. 

The addition of Pluto to the mix (peaking on Tues, Nov. 27) could magnify the energetic/emotional impact of events many times over.  

Image above: November 23, 2012, around 4:30 am, CST, Mars exactly square Uranus, with the Moon exactly conjunct Uranus, Mars approaching conjunction with Pluto.  Sidereal zodiac, Raman ayanamsha. 

The following lunar eclipse the day after adds no reassurance of a more pleasing outcome to things.  This may indeed be a turning point for the entire region, including the nations of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, the Palestinian peoples, Iran, and the US (who is Israel’s ally.)

At the time of this writing, Israel is amassing ground forces for an attack.  The astrology points to a very critical and tense time over the next few days.  Unfortunately, the astrology of the nations involved will be having critical transits and dasas over the next few weeks and months, as I will be detailing in the days to come.  

Overall, people may be feeling the tension.  However this is not something bad at all, it is a time of accelerated personal development.  Striving to stay calm and execute actions from the highest place of personal judgment should enable you to go far.  

This may be true as well for the nation of Israel, because this obvious gambit of the Israeli government (Zionist aligned) may indeed backfire, as many Israelis and Jews around the world are protesting this action.  A positive groundswell action may be taking place, which may indeed help insure peace in a more dependable way.  

Monday, Nov 19
Obsessive and compulsive tendencies may hamper clear thinking, vulnerability to intellectual or verbal aggression may be more sensitized.  For others, intense concentration may yield powerful results.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, Nov 20
Resources, wealth, and emotions could be could be spent on situations that may be of questionable worth; but it should seem enjoyable enough.  Spiritual, artistic and cultural issues may be highlighted.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Wednesday, Nov 21
Late in the evening (US time zones, early evening for Europe) personal assertion or acting from a place of honor, strength, or personal power may be difficult, subject to addictive, co-dependent, or deceitful tendencies.  Physical strength and resistance may be at a low point, so be careful of things you eat or drink, or things you expose yourself to.  (Sun square Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 22, Thanksgiving Day
Later in the day there may be situations exposing tendencies towards hysteria or alarm.  Discussions may be provocative and/or stimulating, with defensiveness sometimes coming into play.  There is an added potential for electrical, mechanical, or physical breakdown; accidents or injuries.  While it may the Thanksgiving, and we traditionally celebrate during those times getting together with others, there may be a sense of difficulty in relating or connecting with others, possibly bringing about a sense of coldness or distain of others.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Friday, Nov 23
Very early on US time, the astrology is quite tense and emotionally dark, however as the day goes on with the peaks already subsiding, more upbeat and pleasant spaces may arrive; much like the calm the follows the storm.  (Mars square Uranus, Juno aspects Saturn)

Saturday, Nov 24
There should be a strong prevailing background of sustained, strategically intended action, focused on constructive causes.  People should be cordial and cooperative, especially in project-oriented situations.  (Mars sextile Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 25
Relationships may become quite lively and provocative, pointing towards new and exciting directions.  Possessiveness and control in relationships may find little or no traction today. The theme of independence in relationships may have to be sorted through today. (Venus quincunx Uranus)

Monday, Nov 26, Mercury Stationary Direct
Relationships and situations in general may take on a very somber, but committed tone.  Emotional irreconcilabilities may be brought out, but only for resolution.  Mercury turns direct again, sparking a lot of discussion, investigation, and activity in our affairs.  We have the astrological “green light” again to proceed with important projects and endeavors.  Tomorrow’s intensity of Mars-Pluto probably will be already manifesting. (Venus conjunct Saturn, Jupiter biquintile Saturn, Venus biquintile Jupiter, Sun trine Uranus)

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