Foundations to a Good Astrology Reading

by | Jan 29, 2006 | Astrology

  1. Give up attachment to all outcomes.
    1. Success, romance, money, healing, or things that you feel you may be lacking. 
    2. Happiness is NOT found in chasing after finite things, but only leads to more misery. 
    3. Understand the paradox of letting go of things is how you find them. 
    4. Do however seek contentment, peace, understanding, and acceptance. 
    5. Happiness is a state of being, and is not conditioned by external factors. 
  2. Understand now that you have all things at your disposal that you need, which is provided by a Divine Hand of Providence that has watched over you since birth. 
    1. You were brought into incarnation by Divine Mercy with every possible grace and benefit that could be given to you. 
    2. Don’t miss out on the “acres of diamonds” right beneath your feet. 
    3. You need to think of yourself as a little child playing in the fields of life, watched over by your Divine Parents. 
    4. Some things can NOT be changed and that is so because of a supremely wise reason, adjudicated by the Divine Providence in your life; and in that understanding you can rest contented. 
  3. Everything that happens to you, including the so-called “bad” things were allowed to happen to teach you very important lessons. 
    1. “Bad” things are not really bad but are really intense forms of personal transmutation (changing of base elements into higher manifestations) and a literal process of being stripped of negative qualities. 
    2. Pain is a human subjective experience and tied mostly to the needs and wants of the human ego which can have very hardened and inflexible qualities to it
    3. Everybody goes through difficult experiences, but historically people differ in how they use and facilitate the so-called negative experiences. 
    4. In so-called negative experiences one’s vulnerabilities become exposed, which becomes an opportunity to take corrective/transmutative action. 
    5. In reality Life is attempting to raise up the consciousness of the individual and it becomes clear that it is the un-necessary egoic attachment to mundane that’s that is weighing the person down and which must be let go ot. 
    6. The greatest treasure is wisdom. 
    7. Karma from previous lives. 
  4. The purpose of an astrological reading is to give clarity and perspective
    1. Give structure and order to your life.
    2. To create a vaster, eternal Divine perspective
    3. To see the little parts as they fit into the whole. 
    4. Tool for meditation, to see the perfection of everything that happens in your life. 
    5. To give you a road map
    6. To show you things unanticipated
    7. To give you exact timing information
    8. To understand better what is going on in your life

Mercury, God of Thieves

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