Forecast Reports

Transit Reports

Forecast Reports

This report is a TREMENDOUS value: all transits from all nine planets and their aspects to all of your natal planets.  Their meanings are spelled out in unambiguous English with no astrology technical jargon.

Information presented in this report covers all major life areas: personal, relationship, spiritual, motivational, personal authority and leadership, creativity, career and finance, home and family, and more.

This report is normally sold for $20+ from other venues.  Star World News pricing:

6 Month Transit Report $4.97

12 Month Transit Report $7.97 (save $2)

Click here to see a sample report Bill Clinton Forecast Sample Report

Solar Return Report

Solar Return ReportWe also offer you a comprehensive Solar Return interpretation report.  You don’t need to be an astrology to understand your solar return with this report, it is written in plain, understandable, and concise English.  The solar return is the chart of your exact birthday and covers your life for a twelve month period, from birthday to birthday.  Solar returns give a wholistic picture and complement the transit reports above.

Solar Return Report $3.97

Special Package: 12 Month Transit Report + Solar Return Report (save $2)

Click here to see a sample solar return report Bill Clinton Solar Return Sample Report

Receive BOTH reports for only $9.97. 

  1. Payment via Paypal only. 
  2. Please fill out the form below to receive the report with bonus chart.
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  4. Upon receipt of funds, the report will be sent as a pdf file to the email indicated in the form below.
  5. Report will be delivered within 8-12 hours.

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