February 2022: New Order Emerging from the Chaos

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February 2022 Astrology: Ten Planets in Capricorn and Aquarius

Looking at the movements of the planets against their starry backgrounds, there looks to be a very tight grouping of planets in sidereal Capricorn and Aquarius, starting in later February and culminating in early March.  Basically, all planets are together with the sole exception of Uranus which at square to them.

Astrology for February 2022You may see the Nodes in other signs but those are not actual planets, but the actual intersection of the orbits of the Sun and Moon as seen from earth; i.e. a “node”.

Counting the Moon and (asteroid) Juno, that makes ten planets in two adjacent signs, with only provocative Uranus perpendicular to the grouping.  As I see it, later February and early March may be watershed energetic/emotional times, which delivers us to our next appointed collective evolutionary development.

It may be a relatively small development, but seeing as these signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) are ruled by imposing Saturn, these may be significant developments, nevertheless.

Saturn like to bring things back to reality, a sobering cold-water-in-the-face type of experience, such as major market corrections, restrictive/oppressive actions of “necessity”, or a somewhat more benign clarity of perception now minus the overly hopeful delusions we cling to from time to time.

Being shorn of our crutch-delusions can indeed be painful, but it is the first step to getting on the right track.

Uranus at square to the configuration spurs reformist revitalizing responses in us all.  Some may just want to knock the walls down, but others will want to construct new structures more fitting to the times.  The keyword I believe is “new”, the new emerging order out of the chaos.

Tuesday, Feb 1
New Moon
Chinese New Year 4720
Happy new year! Every second new moon after the winter solstice is the beginning of the lunar calendar.  This is the year of the Water Tiger.  The cycle repeats every 60 years with the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac going through the five Chinese elements (5 x 12).  Also, Moon conjunct Saturn (05:01 am CST) will give somber, significant and serious moments.

Wednesday, Feb 2
Groundhog Day USA
Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his hole and sees the Moon aspecting the Heart of the Lion Regulus and Jupiter.  Frightened, he may just go back in his hole, meaning six more weeks of winter.  Real life: don’t scare people with your (unfounded, excessive) exuberance.

Thursday, Feb 3
Mercury Stationary Direct
Brilliance of thought, speech and decision. Perspective gives encouragement. Vision is the key to success.  Moon conjunct Neptune (5:53 pm CST) can confuse boundaries and/or lend more enchantment to the view uplifting all life.

Friday, Feb 4
Constructive motivation, realistic accomplishments.  (Sun conjunct Saturn, Mars sextile Jupiter)

Saturday, Feb 5
No peaking influences

Sunday, Feb 6
Dangerous ideas, unfounded risks, unbecoming gains.  For the less insecure and selfish, promotion of gains for all, subtle successes, success though sacrifice.  Dysfunctionality: physical, emotional or mental. Confusion and low energy.  (Mars quintile Neptune)

Monday, Feb 7
Moon conjunct Uranus (2:22 pm CST) give us originality and less compromising attitudes.

Tuesday, Feb 8
First Quarter Moon
No time to waste, attack issues with zeal, unexpected results.  The Moon on Algol, Medusa’s severed head star, (9:18 pm CST) turns the dial up to 11 temporarily.  (Mars trine Uranus)

Wednesday, Feb 9
The Moon on Alcyone (The Pleiades, 5:03 am CST) increased depth and potential for significant effect upon situations and individuals.  Exercise your power with care.

Thursday, Feb 10
The Moon on Antares/Aldebaran (12:53 am CST) can provide unique inspiration and good luck.  Aldebaran is the Eye of the Bull in Taurus and Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion.

Friday, Feb 11
Moon at Apogee
Captivating ideas and individuals transfix attention.  Preserve your balanced perspectives.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto at 8:03 am CST, Moon opposite Galactic Center at 11:40 pm CST, Venus opposite Sirius star at 2:03 pm CST)

Saturday, Feb 12
Lincoln’s Birthday
The Moon opposite Mars, conjunct Sirius star at 10:21pm CST enables confident action and presumably results.  Moon then moving to oppose Venus (11:45 pm CST) opens the heart for grace and happiness.

Sunday, Feb 13
No peaking influences

Monday, Feb 14
Valentine’s Day
Hardly a more perfect Valentine’s Day than today with Moon aspecting Mercury and Juno, and Mars and Venus aspecting Vega star.

Tuesday, Feb 15
Serious, thoughtful moments to put it all into perspective.  (Moon conjunct Saturn 2:38 pm CST)

Wednesday, Feb 16
Full Moon
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Passion and purpose come together.  Relationships moved along to new levels.  Thoughts, discussions, and perspectives highlighted.  (Venus conjunct Mars)

Thursday, Feb 17
Exciting new developments break away from the handicaps of the past.  Forge amazing new pathways.  (Jupiter sextile Uranus, Sun quintile Uranus)

Friday, Feb 18
Courage and aplomb, but also sensitivity and compassion. Strive to be practical and honest. (Sun opposite Regulus star, Moon opposite Neptune)

Saturday, Feb 19
Seemingly promising, if not alluring, connections.  Strive for realism and honesty.  Intensity early on at the Moon conjuncts the Super Galactic Center (1:49 am CST).  (Juno semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, Feb 20
Good fortune as the Moon conjuncts Spica/Arcturus stars (approx. 5 pm CST), inspiration and penetration of thought.

Monday, Feb 21
President’s Day US
Boundaries and facts blur in favor of hopes (desperate or not) and dreams.  Keep sharp.  Moon opposite Uranus (11:10 pm CST) helps to shake us out of our tired ruts.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Tuesday, Feb 22
Connections, important discoveries.  (Mercury conjunct Juno, Sun conjunct Fomalhaut star)

Wednesday, Feb 23
Last Quarter Moon
Powerful, but potentially misguided initiatives.  Strive to be considerate, honest, and honorable in your thoughts and actions.  Like the Spiderman trope: with great power comes great responsibility. The Moon opposes Algol and the Pleiades (1:24 am and 7:59 am CST) bringing intensity and shock. (Jupiter semisquare Pluto, Mars sextile Neptune)

Thursday, Feb 24
Friendly and exciting encounters and situations with differing points of view. Mars enters sidereal Capricorn, offering a purposeful shift in all affairs.  (Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury square Uranus)

Friday, Feb 25
Motive and necessity for decisiveness possibly in contradistinction to the prevailing trends.  Venus moves into sidereal Capricorn, further giving more purposeful motive to all affairs.  (Mars tridecile Uranus, Moon conjunct Galactic Center)

Saturday, Feb 26
Moon at Perigee
New contacts and points of view to entertain.  Moon closest to the Earth today.  (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 27
The Moon passes through sidereal Capricorn moving past Venus, Mars and Pluto.  This can be a day of significant emotional and relationship developments, especially for those with sidereal Cancer rising.

Monday, Feb 28
Lailat al Miraj (The Prophet’s Ascension)
Mercury at Aphelion
Serious, contemplative, and purposeful day as the Moon moves past Mercury (4:10 pm CST) and Saturn (8:00 pm CST), and Mercury itself is at its far-point node to the Sun (aphelion).  The Moon on Juno (6:12 am CST) brings relationship moments.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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