December 8, 2014
Dissatisfaction and Revolution: Uranus and Pluto
by Curtis Burns,

Uranus Square Pluto, Jupiter Stationary Retrograde

The big news in the skies for these two week are two planetary stations and one of those planets at station, Uranus, making an exact square to Pluto.  

The first station (where a planet appears to stop moving in the sky and turn backward) will be Jupiter, on Monday, December 8.  Jupiter, being a bright star in the sky invariably has an uplifting effect to it.  So while it starts to move backwards apparently in the sky, its expression may now be somewhat delayed, erratic, and/or not as anticipated.  The blessings that Jupiter traditionally delivers we may find it difficult to see and appreciate it as a blessing.  

Jupiter retrograde is also associated with errors in judgment, and a sort of glib assuming of understanding of things, when in reality that understanding not very deep, biased, or implemented propagandistically.  

So when the Wall Street banks use their leverage with government and try to implement measures to get bank depositors to bailout their gambles gone wrong in the derivatives markets, it’s all fine and good, as they see it because they gave themselves the right to because they can.  It’s circular and self-serving.  

And when the grand jury and elect not to indict the cop who put the chokehold on Eric Garner resulting in his death, is it because they really felt it, or someone influenced them (coercively or financially) to decide differently because to the jurors justice then became selective or relative, and all sorts of ridiculous rationalization by the media following up.   Truth becomes a little more malleable.  

All of these issues have been in the news in recent days, including the recent US House resolution to condemn the actions of Russia, highly questionable in the veracity of the allegations, but sounds very righteously indignant and gives pretext to any further escalations of war by NATO powers (which the US delivers the greater part of the firepower).  Truth and facts become less important than the sketchy ideas which can be overlayed onto them to promote an agenda.  These are some example of the abuse of the energy of Jupiter, which can occur during its retrograde period or have other afflictions astrologically.  

As Uranus then turns direct and squares exactly Pluto at pretty much the same time, the stakes for new developments on the world scene become higher.  So we’re looking at a potential peak point to be at December 21, the day Uranus turns stationary.  Uranus has the effect of shaking loose element whose time is now, opening up the next new wave in social, cultural, and political development.  

The old ways, an economic-power system that’s been in place since the middle 1700’s starting with Amsell Rothschild and their worldwide monopoly over the world’s money system seeks to tighten its grip all the more with measures like bailouts mentioned above, may inadvertently set the stage for emboldened new ideas with new popular appeal.  

Uranus and Pluto in square to each other can have a profoundly unpredictable or disruptive effect; if nothing else, the urge to make a change will be quite strong because dissatisfaction will be high.  

Monday, Dec 8, Jupiter Retrograde
You may feel that anything is possible, especially if you believe it to be so, setting the stage for all sorts of unrealistic promises and false starts.  Speculative excitement may nevertheless rule the day, with discourse, investigation, and elucidation highly energized.  Be careful of that devil lurking in the details.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

Tuesday, Dec 9
Urgency and hysteria may grip the consciousness for a time.  Keep calm, things are never usually as bad as they would seem.  Communications may be hindered.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wed-Thurs, Dec 10-11
No peaking influences

Friday, Dec 12
Ideas may seem to trump facts. Strong belief may go far in persuasion today.  (Mercury trine Jupiter, quintile Neptune)

Saturday, Dec 13
Ideas may serve you well today, intuition and innovation will intensify.  (Mercury tridecile Uranus)

Sunday, Dec 14
Knock, knock; change is at the door.  Change is scary, but exciting at the same time.  Uranus and Pluto make exact aspects to each other only every couple decades, so this is indeed a rare time.  Be careful of accidents and injuries, egos may be a little more defensive.  Energy and motivation may not easily be found, but subtlety will yield results.  (Uranus square Pluto, Sun semisquare Mars, Sun quintile Neptune, Sun trine Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune)

Monday, Dec 15
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Dec 16
Be careful of tendency to spend, eat, drink, too much; squandering precious opportunities.  Fitting in or getting along may not work so well today.  (Sun tridecile Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Wed-Thurs, Dec 17-18
No peaking influences

Friday, Dec 19
Focused, determined work today may move mountains.  Yoga, lifting weights and heavy labor are favored.  Mishaps and difficulties may dog endeavors, tempting you to feel sorry, helpless, or powerless.  (Mars quintile Saturn)

Saturday, Dec 20
Life and emotions may take surprising turns, moving relationships along.  Control, intimidation, and manipulations in love may definitely not work today. (Venus conjunct Pluto, square Uranus, Mars sextile Uranus)

Sunday, Dec 21, Uranus Stationary Direct
The urge to move on, to take the way that one has always felt one should go, and defy everyone else may be strong.  Things may develop fast and a new shift in the winds detected.  Things observed today may clue you in to the trends of the future.  Debate and discussion could be excited, adventurous, and disrupting of present way of things.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Monday, Dec 22
Connections may be strained, testing the limits of cordiality and love.  Sometimes the flow of things exposes our weak points, but simply to direct us to change them into strengths.  (Venus semisquare Saturn)


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