Crack the Yet Uncompleted Sword

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Astrology Predictions October 2015

With September’s three planetary stations and supermoon (“blood moon”) eclipses immediately behind us, we may still feel like the metal is still glowing and the blacksmith’s strikes with the hammer haven’t ended yet.  There is actually a four day period of no significant aspects forming, then we have Mercury turning direct once again on Friday, October 9 and then aspects of Jupiter and Saturn upon Uranus later this month, with a few other significant aspects in between.

Put the glowing iron too soon into the cooling water and you’ll crack the yet uncompleted sword.  Hold on, you are being forged into a mighty work of supreme beauty.

Thursday, Oct 1 Offense may come easily, reactions to demanding circumstances may not be very smooth.  The potential for accidents, injuries and mishaps is heightened.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Friday-Monday Oct 2-5 No peaking influences

Tuesday, Oct 6 Right now the Sun and Venus are tight aspect to each other and connecting to other planets; emotional and relationship situations may be moving through deep and intense phases.  Honesty with self and others may be a challenge, energy and motivation may suffer blockages, attitudes may be predisposed to sourness, etc.  Mercury and Saturn today may afford some clarity and realism in some spots.  (Mars opposite Neptune, Sun-Venus square Pluto, Sun biquintile Neptune, Mercury sextile Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 7 The power of love used and misused in various ways.  (Sun semisquare Venus)

Thursday, Oct 8 No peaking influences

Friday, Oct 9, Mercury Stationary Direct Unexpected but welcome developments in life now.  Mercury sets out on the right foot again, helping everyone to be clear, organized, and aware of everything; adding an additional positive kick to the day.  Be careful of promising too much.  (Jupiter biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Oct 10 Situations and emotional responses to life today tend towards the harsh way of things.  Coldness replacing considerateness.  Relationships can either make or break today, it’s always a choice.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, Venus square Saturn)

Sunday, Oct 11 Very exciting potential for new developments in life, new directions.  Ideals, philosophy and spirituality are accented now, all presenting tremendous energy for life improvement, enlightenment, and success.  Relationships may polarize over issues, but the possibility for reconciling differences and changing them into dynamic synergistic enterprises is indicated.  Old paradigms of the status quo are about to get challenged.  (Jupiter trine Pluto, Sun opposite Uranus)

Monday, Oct 12 Excitement may come from new connections, which may not be long-lived but can introduce you to new ways of interacting and connecting with people and situations.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Tuesday, Oct 13 Clarity and organizational efforts are enhanced.  Communication can be smooth and dealing with relevant matters.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 14 Emotions and energy in general may tend to get out of control suddenly and seemingly at the worst of possible times.  Jump out of your present (constricting) paradigms….now!  Get off the train before it goes over the cliff.  Keep centered and striving for constructive change, even when feeling anything but.  (Mars biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Oct 15 Principles may seem relative, especially to how one cares to use them to their advantage.  Energy and motivations may mysteriously ebb and flow, and addictive or otherwise pathological tendencies are energized.  Then again one might find tremendous energy for significant work.  Be careful in how you act and interact now, not letting the ends justify the means.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mars trine Pluto)

Friday, Oct 16 Relationships may shimmer with projected delight and promise, leading possibly to disappointment later on.  Learn to appreciate inspiration from the other person, but they are not the source, it comes internally.  Sublime and beautiful sentiments may spark artistic, romantic, and spiritual activities.  The Sun enters sidereal Libra, its fall; in some way you may notice some fatal flaws in self or others of how power and authority can be used and misused.  (Venus opposite Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 17 Act on inspiration.  Fortune favors the bold.  Seize opportunities but don’t lose your compassion in the process.  Leap forward but don’t let up your pace; it’s not just a race, but a marathon.  (Mars conjunct Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 18 Perceptions may suffer from bias and/or subtle agendas.  Keep things clear, attentive, and accurate.  Creativity and spirituality is accented.  (Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Monday-Wednesday, Oct 19-21 No peaking influences

Thursday, Oct 22 Change may be fraught with stresses, but through patience and diligence stresses may become spring-boards for personal and collective change.  It’s a significant time, recognize it.  Mental processes today may be afflicted by irrational or compulsive tendencies, but creativity is also indicated.  (Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Friday, Oct 23 Lot of exposition: fireworks, drama, and spectacle.  Be careful about getting in over your head, walking in inadvertently into the lion’s den, or becoming a problem yourself.  Surprising and daring moves may pay off.  Deep emotional resonances may be experienced.  (Mars quincunx Uranus, Sun semisquare Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto)

Saturday, Oct 24 Mysterious and fascinating situations and life-developments are possible.  Desires and energies may take you places where your conscience would think twice whether to go there.  Breakdown and breakthroughs.  (Sun quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Oct 25 Social, cultural and more intimate affairs are favored.  Be careful coming off as arrogant or cavalier.  Interesting and potentially disruptive thoughts and discussions may characterize the day’s affairs.  Nervous energy may overcharge the mind, but may help you to pioneer new ideological territories.  (Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposite Uranus)

Monday, Oct 26 Early on a pessimistic, critical or skeptical atmosphere may inhibit creativity or freedom of expression, but may also help bring about a more realistic, organized and practical outcome of things.  Communicative/informational processes may be obstructed or thwarted.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Tuesday, Oct 27 Opening yourself to new ways of interacting and relating to situations or people may spark new growth and love for others.  (Venus quincunx Uranus)

Wednesday, Oct 28 Thoughts and concepts may be distorted by bias and predispositions, affecting the outcome of today’s affairs.  Tendencies toward co-dependent, self-sabotaging, or otherwise toxic thoughts and behaviors are attenuated.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thursday, Oct 29 No peaking influences

Friday, Oct 30 Egos may bristle at overly-sensitized feelings of powerlessness in situations and interactions, inciting compensatory self-assertion or aggression.  Hard work is favored, including intense exercise, yoga, lifting weights, or martial arts.  Intense meticulous physical work is indicated.  Strange behaviors and tendencies are activated, but creativity and spirituality are highly favored.  (Mars quintile Saturn, Sun semisquare Mars, Sun trine Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 31, Halloween Boo! What’s scary this Halloween may be coldness between loved ones, conditionality to love, and expecting “something more” in relationships.  Nevertheless, mutual focus on joint objectives is highly favored.  Mars moves into sidereal Virgo, adding a little heat to perfectionism for the next month and half or so.  Trick or treat!  (Venus quintile Saturn)

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