Predictions for the Week, May 21 to 28, 2014: Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter Enters a New Sign

The news of the week is Jupiter moves into sidereal (Vedic astrology position) Gemini, and there is a lunar eclipse, both on Friday, May 24, 2013.  

The eclipse is described in detail below, but the significance of Jupiter entering sidereal Gemini is that it will be entering the sign of its detriment; i.e. Jupiter does not function very well in that sign.  

Jupiter is a planet of big ideas and bold, all-encompassing promises.  Whereas Gemini is less hip on the big bold ideas with the spiritual overtones of Jupiter, but is more into the mundane particulars of everyday life.  Although both Jupiter and Gemini both share an emphasis on ideas and communications, Jupiter while it transits through the Gemini realm of the sky just will not “fit in” very well, hence the astrological affliction of Jupiter in Gemini.  

During this time ideas and endeavors may be burdened by trying to cram too much info or relevance into plans, goals, and projects.  There could be an epidemic of over-blown, overly-ideological (propagandistic), and ultimately impractical endeavors brought out; most of which may not last long out of the gate.  

Pare down, get to what’s real and relevant to people and their situations, and don’t try to force them into your way of thinking by bamboozling them with big words or unnecessary religious, patriotic, or sensationalistic rhetoric.  

However, Jupiter as the Roman mythical hurler of lightning bolts can serve to light up Gemini’s mental and intellectual arena, effectively giving wisdom where there might have only been data before.  Jupiter may feel hard pressed to not go over the top and deliver more blasts of hot air, impressing only himself if no one else. Jupiter most certainly will gain some humility and utility during this time.  

Jupiter transits through one sign every twelve months, so Jupiter will be in the sidereal sign of its detriment (Gemini) through late spring/early summer 2014.  

Tuesday, May 21
Outlooks may be dark, pessimistic, and maybe bleak; an ardent spirit though will endeavor to carry on through what may seem to be the most unpleasant of situations.  Organization, practicality, and honesty will be accented.  Messages may have to deal with obstacles to get through.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Wednesday, May 22
No peaking influences

Thursday, May 23
No peaking influences

Friday, May 24, Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse, Jupiter Enters Sidereal Gemini
The shadow of the Earth moves across the face of the full moon; which only happens at a very tight alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.  Therefore significant changes and developments are more likely in our affairs, and the intensity of the alignment may wreak havoc on our sense of bodily, emotional, or mental equilibrium.  Think of it like a software update on your computer, the system connects to the cloud and gets a “code-recharge” from headquarters, as it were.  There is a pause as the system installs and resets, but after that things run better than ever.  In other areas relationships are favored; love, cordiality, and communications.  A shift will also be noticed as Jupiter enters sidereal Gemini, more info in the introduction above.   (Mercury conjunct Venus trine Juno)

Saturday, May 25
Intension, motives, and actions may be quite strong and compelling; a lot can be accomplished but not in gentle or tactful ways.  Be careful walking in risk zones or dangerous areas, whether it is metaphorically or literally.  Pathological tendencies may be more “hair-trigger” than usual.  Break-downs, break-throughs or break-outs today.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Sunday, May 26
This could be a very complex character to this day, but be very careful of exercising negative self-agendas, lacking self-control, and allowing relationships to be a vehicle for your fractured psychology.  Be careful of potential accidents, injuries, or worse.  Situations have the potential to suddenly spin out of control.  (Sun biquintile Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun square Neptune, Mars semisquare Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun tridecile Juno)

Monday, May 27, Memorial Day
Expectations may be high, if not unrealistic.  Feelings crescendoing to infinity.  All of which is good for creativity and spirituality, and which should be hopefully anchored into some tangible accomplishment or endeavor.  Early on, acute fear and anxiety patterns may be brought out through events, with delays and obstructions to overcome.  (Jupiter tridecile Neptune, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Sun quincunx Saturn)

Tuesday, May 28
Very nice influences with Venus conjunct Jupiter quintile Uranus, stay tuned for more info….

Mercury, God of Thieves

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