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President Trump’s Eclipsed Ascendant and Mars: Crisis and War

On August 21, a very powerful total eclipse of the Sun is going to occur.  This is a complete blocking out of the disk of the Sun by the Moon.  The path of the totality of this eclipse, where it’s shadow is most intense and those living there experience almost total darkness, cuts a diagonal line across the United States.

Astrologers believe that this eclipse may have significant negative effects on both the US, its current President Donald Trump and the rest of the world.  I am in agreement with that assessment, and I’ll explain how in this article; but first I’ll revisit the concept of an eclipse.

After I cover the solar eclipse there is more about the astrology of this month at the end of this article, which helps fill the picture in even more.

What Are Eclipses?

First the mechanics: eclipses are deeply connected to the positions of the Sun, Moon and transiting Nodes of the Moon.

Solar EclipseWhen the Sun and Moon in their lunation cycle (new moon or full moon) occur close to the degree position of the Nodes, an eclipse occurs; there is an uncommonly tight alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  When that happens one of the Lights (an ancient name for the Sun or Moon) suddenly loses luminosity, as the shadow of one blots out the other, and this occurs at varying levels of intensity at different points on the Earth at different times.

Eclipses are temporary lasting only about an hour or two, and their absolute totality of darkness last only a few minutes.

What Do Eclipses Mean?

To understand eclipse symbolism in astrology, this sudden dimming or blocking out completely of the Sun or Moon represents situations in human affairs where the “light” of hope, joy, and happiness is suddenly and unexpected gone from our life, such as in a crisis, accident, injury or loss of life.

There does not necessarily need to be actual crisis, but a state of disassociation, strangeness, or disorientation that it is a crisis of understanding and therefore we are “in the dark” about something. In the absence of light; fear, unease, panic, and terror may fill the void.  It’s a change, a rather dramatic one, which somehow is necessary in the cosmic scheme of things, but they are effective in delivering us to the next chapter of our lives.

The Sun itself has always been associated with the “king”, which in current nomenclature could be called executive or president; and when the light of the leader is dimmed it portends a crisis or change in that leader and therefore that nation which the leader represents.

The August 2017 Solar Eclipse

There are a few additional points to consider about this eclipse:

  1. It is conjunct the fixed star Regulus.
  2. It is very close to the ascendant degree and Mars of US President Trump.
  3. It occurs at sidereal 6 degrees Leo, which is opposite the US natal Moon (the July 4, 1776 chart).
  4. The path of its totality falls in the continental US.

See the tri-wheel chart below.

Regulus, the fixed star called the Heart of the Lion, is associated with royalty (or leadership) and a sort of brazen use of power.  The eclipse occurring very close to this point indicates some potential crisis to a leaders in general and Donald Trump himself, who’s natal ascendant and Mars are conjunct this star.

The path of the totality cutting a diagonal line through the US should have a pretty dramatic effect, and it certainly looks like the universe is pointing to something.  The electromagnetic scrambling/realignment that may be occurring could be most intense along this line.

The US President

Looking at the current headlines and the pace of disruption in the White House, it’s pretty obvious that the atmosphere of crisis has intensified:  Russiagate, a string cabinet shakeups and chaos, Obamacare repeal failure, continued legal thwarting of the Trump immigration reforms, bizarre Twitter rants online, inappropriateness, transgender furor, tanking popularity, and possible mental illness on the President’s part would point to US leadership in turmoil and something could seriously break soon.

As the eclipse at 6 Leo sidereal falls very close to Trump’s ascendant and Mars, disposed by a weak Sun conjunct North Node, the President may be deeply affected. (see the chart below)

Mars in Leo, when challenged may react with unilateral dictatorial action, with little regard to those around them.  Mars in Leo fears the loss of power, reputation, and love; if the events spin even more out of his control how will Trump react and what will be the consequences of those actions?  Will he try to compensate by becoming “tougher”?

Will he move aggressively against Russia to counteract charges that he is treasonous in cooperating with them?  Will he launch preemptive action against North Korea, which conveniently has renewed its aggressive posturing in their part of the world?

Will he get tougher on ISIS and Muslims, the result being mainly to pour more gasoline on an already burning situation in the Middle East? How much closer will the world be to the use of nuclear weapons?

One should be afraid of a madman turned to desperation.  If there is one thing you can say about Trump is that he’s “mad” a lot.

The truth is that Trump has delegated most of the management of the Middle East wars to the military already, a military not specializing the the nuances of global politics that diplomats employ and preserves lives and cities.

The United States

The eclipse also falls in tight opposition to the US natal Moon in early Aquarius.  As Aquarius rules the collective and their deliberations of what is the “common good”, will there be a rising up and empowerment of a more representative or “democratic” pro-activeness?  The recent Obamacare repeal attempt was stopped in no small way by an outpouring of collective response, which the Congress felt the heat of and shut it down.

Total Solar Eclipse Aug 21

Perhaps this may pave the way for a more universal and less-expensive solution for healthcare in the US.  I’m sure the medical insurance lobby, who have financed quite of few senators and congressmen in Washington DC, will not give up without a fight.  Even though the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) leaves much to be desired, and it was originally a Republican plan, it “won” the day.  At the risk of millions dying simply for not being able to afford health care in the future, necessity may demand a more universal form of health care insurance in the US, much like in most of the civilized world already.

Trump may feel cornered, and possibly at the mercy of the deep state that doesn’t really need him and his theatrics, especially since they have Pence in the wings.  His populist “America First” campaign rhetoric already seems to have taken a back seat to the corporatist, neo-con agenda embodied in the Obamacare repeal and significantly increased bombings in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, aiding proxy forces such as the “moderate” rebels, and now increased posturing against Iran, all of which will be costly in terms of bloodshed, destruction and loss of life, including that of US troops, but which are very profitable for the military-industrial-complex.

Now after the failure of the Obamacare repeal the next big item on the list us undoubtedly a nice tax cut, which will be very nice for individuals and corporation, and may actually have a few dollars in savings for the middle class, but it will be at great cost to things like government programs, education, infrastructure, and health care; in other words: austerities.  Austerities will hit the hardest those who voted for Trump in 2016.

Trump’s Astrology

With Mars as a raja yoga planet in his chart (ruling the ninth and in the first house) I have a feeling that Trump may make some “good” of the whole situation yet.  Whether that good is for his continued presidency, the US military, or the country as a whole, we have yet to see.

Transiting Pluto in square to his natal Jupiter, Saturn in opposition to his Sun (conjunct his Moon), and his current Saturn sub-dasa indicate that this is a critical time indeed for him with the temptation of power and at the same time great pressure on him.  It’s almost like the whole world is teetering on the verge of the next stage of world war three or some kind of de-escalation.  To be honest, Trump’s behavior has instilled little, if any, hope in me for the latter.

While he battles for his political life, forces of destruction can move unimpeded across the Earth.  Anything new or different that he gave the promise of in the election is simply shelved.

Through 2019 Trump will be in very intense astrology, this is point in someone’s life where their character, integrity and honor come into play; all of which in my estimation is too little and too late with Donald Trump.  Maybe he will surprise everybody.  He surprised me in the election, although I think voter suppression and other antics (not the least of which was the mainstream media giving him so much coverage, the media which he hates so much, but owes so much to).

The Rest of August 2017

So while I covered the solar eclipse in great detail above, there is still much more to the month of August 2017, which is going to underscore the potential for significant developments in late summer of this year.

Over a period of five days, Aug 3-7, Uranus will be turning retrograde, Jupiter makes a square to Pluto, and then a lunar eclipse on Aug 7.

As Uranus turns stationary its energies and their effects on us intensifies, as do Jupiter and Pluto one day after.  We may have a lot of collective shifts and ambitious power plays being made.  On the macro level, there could be radical initiatives brought out with a lot of money and power being directed, such as political or military developments, or in the business world.

On the micro level, you may be feeling stresses related to pushing yourself to new modes of living.  Presumably, we’re all ambitiously grabbing the reins of control in our lives, thinking and living big.  This is so because the old ways, never seemed to deliver the satisfaction we craved.  Now we seem to reach higher.

The lunar eclipse of Aug 7 is preparatory to the total solar eclipse on Aug 21, as a lunar and solar eclipse always occur fourteen days apart from each other.  As the Moon is the reflected light of the Sun (as are all the other planets anyway) it may not be as powerful as the solar eclipse will be, but the subjective world of our mind and our reactions to what we see in our minds may be the key here to how it manifests.

Mercury turning retrograde on Aug 12 to Sept 5, 2017 may bring another level of subjectivity or delusion to our lives, as mental processes may be slightly more burdened by psychological quirks.  As always with Mercury retrograde, checking and rechecking our conclusions and assumptions is in order.  Traditionally, signing important documents during this time is to be avoided, if at all possible.

On Aug 25 and 26, Saturn will be making a station, turning direct in the sky.  A few days before and after the sense of difficulties or arduousness may be more acute.  However, like Saturn says: nothing good should ever be easy to achieve.  On the same day, Mars will make biquintile to Pluto and be conjunct the North Node, accentuating the intensity all the more.

All in all, August 2017 could be a very amazing month.

Tuesday, Aug 1
Seemingly amazing relationship developments are possible, yet they may have a very quick half-life decay rate.  Passion can be channeled toward humanitarian, spiritual and creative accomplishment.  Energic response may be hit and miss.  (Mars biquintile Neptune, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Wednesday, Aug 2
Mercury at Aphelion, Moon at Apogee 5:23 pm GMT

Mercury farthest from the Sun and the Moon farthest from the Earth today may bring important intellectual, analytical or communicative results, emotions and connectivity are enhanced.

Thursday, Aug 3
Uranus Stationary Retrograde, Moon conj Saturn 7:31 am GMT

Be ready to make quantum leaps attitudinally, bringing you to new life-directions and developments.  Dissatisfactions with the way things are may intensify, with group dynamics coming into play.

Friday, Aug 4
Unexpected developments may open amazingly profitable opportunities, none of which are guaranteed, or course.  Ethics may take a back seat to perceived gains, and gains themselves are never really a good thing necessarily.  (Jupiter square Pluto)

Saturday, Aug 5
Connecting with that personal energy source may experience difficulties, however, acting and pushing for the good of others calls up transcendent power.  Chronic difficulties may flare, be careful of addictive and other deceitful behaviors.  (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, Aug 6
No peaking influences

Monday, Aug 7
Lunar Eclipse at 18:20 am GMT

Disorientation experienced, results may be unusual.  New energies are entering the system, a period of adjustment may be required.

Tuesday, Aug 8, Moon at South Node 10:56 am GMT
Take a chance on an intuition, do something unexpected, jarring, or shocking to those who probably could use a little new perspective on things.  (Sun tridecile Uranus)

Wednesday, Aug 9
Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should do that thing.  Hidden agendas may brought out, actions may have strange motives.  Exciting developments may occur, but may not lead to the wisest outcome.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Venus quintile Uranus)

Thursday, Aug 10
Murky motives may incite unfortunate actions, accidents, or injuries; strange developments.  In other areas though, meetings, discussions and activities can have lively and fruitful outsomes.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Friday, Aug 11
Unusual developments altering the ideological landscape.  Quasi-justified or strangely purposed social engineering experiments.  (Uranus semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, Aug 12, Mercury Stationary Retrograde, Perseid Meteor Shower
Mercury is now retrograde until September 5, be careful of hidden or unseen bugaboos in contracts, agreements, or information you encounter during this time.  Relationships may enter beautiful spaces, opening the heart for greater compassion and spirituality with others.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sunday, Aug 13
Proactive preparations and actions help us add to the good side of the karmic ledger.  Calm, methodical purposefulness.  (Sun trine Saturn)

Monday, Aug 14
Restlessness and acute irritability, keep calm and focused, not distracted by seeming-large-looming psychological monsters that incite you to defensive action.  Seize the initiative for radical new solutions.  (Mars tridecile Uranus)

Tuesday, Aug 15, Last Quarter Moon
The Sun enters sidereal Leo the sign of its rulership, giving power and authority new clarity.  Powerful emotions help open new borders in relationships.  Let the will be directed conscientiously.  (Venus opposite Pluto, Sun biquintile Pluto)

Wednesday, Aug 16, Moon conj Aldebaran 6:39 am GMT
Day of immense accomplishment, spiritual realization, and opening of the mind and heart.  Important connections; discovering true power amidst temptation to misuse.  (Jupiter biquintile Neptune, Mars quincunx Pluto, Sun conjunct North Node)

Thursday, Aug 17
Opportunities and resources may be squandered on lesser goals.  Examine values, needs, and interactions.  (Venus square Jupiter)

Friday, Aug 18, Moon at Perigee 1:14 pm GMT
Emotional coldness, the sense of separation instead of oneness.  Time to seek emotional realignment.  (Venus quincunx Saturn)

Saturday, Aug 19, Moon conj Venus 4:45 am GMT
Early on the richness of emotions lightening the day, check time your time zone above.

Sunday, Aug 20, Moon conj Beehive Hyades 7:15 am GMT
Seize on opportunities, realizing that you need to take them on the long haul to realization.  Many connections but the message may not get through.  (Mars sextile Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Monday, Aug 21, Total Solar Eclipse 6:25 pm GMT (New Moon 6:30 pm)
This is it.  The sky will temporarily darken.  Don’t worry, it’s not a dragon eating the Sun, just an exquisite alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon, may be like passing through a gate.  Disorientation and things not going right can be some of the effects.

Tuesday, Aug 22
Things might not be going totally right, but if you hunker down you may be surprised and the important stuff that gets done today.  Patient, persistent application.  (Mars trine Saturn)

Wednesday, Aug 23
Working through emotional and relationship issues may seem unpleasantly intimidating, however a little creativity may swing the tide.  (Venus biquintile Saturn)

Thursday, Aug 24
Interesting topics, encounters and speculation may open up unexpected treasures of thought and feelings, not necessarily all the truth or legitimate, but intriguing nevertheless.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus square Uranus, Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Friday, Aug 25, Saturn Stationary Direct, Moon conj Jupiter 1 pm GMT
Not a day for rest, celebration, or coasting.  You know what you have to do, avoiding the work will make the pain all the more acute.  Let the inner warrior come out.  The Moon and Jupiter perform an uplift rescue about 1 pm GMT.  (Mars biquintile Pluto)

Saturday, Aug 26, Mercury Inferior Conjunction
Get real, get on it.  No one else is going to do it, yet you might find accomplices in so doing.  Mercury comes exactly between the Earth and Sun today, realize and be who and what you are.  (Sun tridecile Saturn, Mars conjunct North Node, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Sunday, Aug 27
Tempered enthusiasm takes you through strange or dark mental spaces.  (Jupiter sextile Saturn, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Monday, Aug 28
Obsessive or compulsive tendencies are brought out.  Learn to let go of something when it is the better thing to do.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Tuesday, Aug 29, First Quarter Moon
Outlandish and bold, some gambles may pay off.  Ethics up for sale to the highest payor.  (Sun semisquare Jupiter)

Wednesday, Aug 30, Moon at Apogee 11:25 am GMT, Moon conj Saturn 2:23 pm GMT
Seriousness and focus accentuated. Potential for real value offered.

Thursday, Aug 31
Keep your relationship/emotional rudder true as you move through strange spaces, jointly or not.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus biquintile Neptune)

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