April 21, 2015
April 21 to 30, 2015 Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Tuesday, April 21
Obstacles, limits or morals pose no threat for the confident.  (Mars trine Pluto)

Wednesday, April 22
Urgency, alarm, or hyper-stimulation may help move things along.  Social, cultural, and emotional avenues of growth are favored. Be careful about the work/recreation ratio today.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus sextile Jupiter)

Thursday, April 23
Acute anxieties and emotional pathologies are drawn out.  Be prepared to address issues, no matter how they irk you, from a place of unassailable peace; letting go of the things you can’t change and conscientiously addressing those things you can change.  Be prepared for obstacles, delays and problems on the road to progress.  Foundational change is at hand.  (Sun tridecile Pluto, Sun quincunx Saturn)

Friday, April 24
Emotional depths, pleasant and not, may characterize this day; potentially opening the way for reform and change in our lives.  (Venus quincunx Pluto)

Saturday, April 25
Clarity of inspiration may help liberate you from heretofore delusory conditions. Creativity, meditation and spiritual work are favored with significant results.  (Mercury quintile Neptune)

Sunday, April 26
Unusual and/or short-lived connections may form, pulling us out of our emotional and interpersonal old habits.  Being manipulative or controlling with others will be less effective than simply being friendly and fair to others.  (Venus sextile Uranus)

Mon-Tues, April 27-28
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 29
Unusual energetic patterns or outcomes are indicated.  Be wary of professed motives, affectations, or methods employed in gaining desired objectives, because the ends do not necessarily justify the means.  Conversely, energy and motivation may be difficult to find entirely, opening the way for co-dependent, addictive, or deceitful behaviors.  (Mars quintile Neptune, Sun sextile Neptune)

April 30
No peaking influences


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