April 2017 Predictions: Mars at the Pleiades

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Predictions This Week

Many Retrogrades, Jupiter at Opposition, Malefics at the Pleiades

April 2017 has a lot of stationary planets.

There are generally two types of motion of planets as they are seen in the skies: direct, or retrograde.

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Now back in ancient days, before western man realized that the Earth was not the center of the universe, it was thought that the planets actually stopped in the sky and moved backwards.  After all, it seemed obvious enough, right?

I should interject that the Vedic culture (where my brand of astrology comes from) always had the heliocentric model of the solar system.

But in truth, no planets actually move backwards.  They take on the appearance of doing so, sort of like when two cars turn a corner at the same speed, but the one on the inside seems to overtake the one driving in the outer lane, but it is really a matter of distance and perspective.

Traditionally retrogrades in astrology are afflictions on the planets. Mercury retrograde especially is considered not a good time to initiate new endeavors, as the results are more certain to be afflicted by problems.

This month we have Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto making stations.  We also have a couple other things, which I’ll cover also.

  • Saturn turns retrograde April 6 until August 25, 2017,
  • Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3,
  • Venus turns direct April 15 until October 5, 2018,
  • and Pluto turns retrograde April 20 until September 28, 2017

I would just say that the retrograde motion adds more complexity (and therefore the difficulties) to the issues that they elicit in us.

Jupiter at Opposition

On Friday, April 7 (right after Saturn turns retrograde the day before) Jupiter will be at opposition.This basically means a “full Jupiter” instead of the Earth between the Sun and Moon, producing a full moon; it is the Earth between the Jupiter and the Sun.  Jupiter is at its closest to Earth and receives the full illumination of the Sun’s rays and is brightest and highest in the sky.

In a horoscope, seen from the perspective of a person on the ground, an opposition the planets in question are seen as seven houses from each other and exactly 180 degrees from each other.

In a solar system view, you get the bigger picture.

In the image here two different possible alignments of the Jupiter, Earth, and the Sun: opposition and conjunction.  If you look at the Earth  in the solar system image, remember that it is at the very center of the horoscope image above it.

Horoscopes are generally geocentric; solar system views are obviously heliocentric.

Mars Conjunct the Pleiades

There is a particularly intense two-day period as Pluto will make its retrograde station, which is usually impactful enough in its effects.  However, to add to the intensity, Mars will also make its closest approach to the Pleiades.

The Pleiades are a beautiful, gem-like tight constellation of stars just above the Taurus bull and is best seen in the fall at night.  They are seven “sister” stars in a tiny dipper formation

There are many stories about the Pleiades from myth and new age teachings.  Astrologically, however, the Pleiades are some of the most virulent influences, associated with blindness, injuries to the face and eyes, and even beheadings.  Those are the most extreme negative examples of course, but I think one key word would be ‘intensity’.

So with a debilitated Mars in Taurus at its closest to the Pleiades (or the zodiacal degrees thereof), should be cause for concern, tread carefully around the 20th and 21st.

Saturday, April 1, Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
Today Mercury is at its highest point in the sky, as seen after sunset.  Expect a more dynamic verbal, intellectual, and perceptual day.  Emotions of various sorts are heated, possibly inciting actions.  (Venus semisquare Mars)

Sunday, April 2
Hopes may be exceedingly high, if not irrealistic.  The gains today may be quite subtle, requiring sensitivity to appreciate.  Spirituality and creativity is enhanced.  (Jupiter biquintile Neptune)

Monday, April 3, First Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Tuesday, April 4
Even though the next few days will be more demanding, today we may all feel up for the challenge. Recklessness, however, may ruin potential gains, as could arrogance.  (Mars quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, April 5
Disappointments and dissatisfactions maybe acutely felt, the chastened ego’s tendency is to lick its wounds.  However, the spirit of determination, overcoming and tenacity to achieve one’s goals will be strong as well.  Don’t let setbacks defeat your progress.  (Sun tridecile Saturn, Mars trine Pluto)

Thursday, April 6, Saturn Stationary Retrograde
Chronos/Saturn, the ancient father figure who ate his own children, stops dead in the sky today, beginning a five-month reverse sojourn in the zodiac, retracing it’s steps through early sidereal Sagittarius, and dipping its toe every so slightly back into Scorpio for a little bit.  Expect another layer of mystery/difficulty to Saturn’s effects to this time.  It’s not the end of everything, just a slightly more intense effort required at times.

Friday, April 7, Jupiter at Opposition, Moon conjunct Node 9:14 am GMT
The Sun opposes Jupiter, the Earth (Us) is at the midpoint, making Jupiter at its brightest and highest in the sky.  Spirits are high; ambition, zeal, and boldness too.  It could be more dangerous than beneficial, because of what those in position of power can do with their religions, doctrines and philosophies.  Let the ego take a break, put the benefit of others before you for a change.

Saturday, April 8
Emotions and the joy of the flow of feelings between others may be hindered, having to go through rough areas of relationships which may have been heretofore been avoided.  As well as the uglier consequences of the abuse of power coming out.  After the raging storm, it’s fury spent, emerges the eternal sun of happiness again.  Life can be a roller coaster at times, just hang on, don’t get flung off; there are other rides at the park.  (Venus square Saturn, Sun square Pluto)

Sunday, April 9, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Success wont’ come easy, and the worst obstacles are internal.  Keep steady, centered.  The mind will be highly stimulated, keep it focused on worthy objectives.  This begins an approximate three-week Mercury retrograde period, where business and affairs in general are slightly afflicted. (Mars biquintile Saturn)

Monday, April 10, Mars enters sidereal Taurus
Transiting Mars enters the sign of its detriment, for about a month and a half.  Expect a bit more  suppressed anger emerging, as well as some fruitage (good and bad) of the pursuit of material wealth and prestige.

Tuesday, April 11, Full Moon 6:08 am GMT
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 12
Motivation and creativity are bold.  If the course is sustained, the road leads to adventure and success.  The Sun enters sidereal Aries, making for a goal-directed next 30 days.  (Mars biquintile Jupiter)

Thursday, April 13
No peaking influences

Friday, April 14
Unusual departures from the norm may lead to incredible adventures, even though you may feel like you’re walking through the dark in a fog at times.  (Sun conjunct Uranus, Mars quintile Neptune)

Saturday, April 15, Venus Stationary Direct, Moon at Apogee 10:05 am GMT
The emotional responses to the finer things in life are enhanced: beauty, love, art and culture.

Sunday, April 16
Working with others becomes more intensely interactive, in others opening doorways for relationships.  (Venus sextile Mars)

Monday, April 17
Going with the flow may be better than trying to execute a specific set of plans, leaving one with a calm center at any rate.  (Mars quincunx Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun trine Saturn)

Tuesday, April 18
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 19, Third Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Thursday, April 20, Pluto Stationary Retrograde, Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction
Deep shifts mirrored by shifts in the planetary consciousness possibly brought about by intense, catastrophic, or intimidating events.  Important discussions, communications or revelations.  Corroborated even more intensely by Mars’ conjunction with the starry Pleiades constellation peaking tomorrow.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

Friday, April 21, Mars conjunct Pleiades, Moon conjunct Node 10:30 pm GMT
Relationships and feelings move through difficult and colder spaces, don’t be alarmed, press onwards.  Intensity and depth is brought about possibly by disturbing or horrifying developments.  (Venus square Saturn)

Saturday, April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
Perceptions, conclusions and analysis may be handicapped or prone to errors.  Double check things before signing off on them.  Strive to remain positive and in focused clarity.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Sunday, April 23
Audacity is turned up, as well as impetuosity and impulsivity; a situation that could be used for better or worse.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Monday, April 24
Balanced reason and perception can help with organization, analysis, and bringing things to manifestation.  Attitudes are calm, serious and impartial.  (Mercury trine Saturn)

Tuesday, April 25
No peaking influences

Wednesday, April 26, New Moon 12:16 pm GMT
No peaking influences

Thursday, April 27, Moon at Perigee 4:18 pm GMT
Double-tap on Pluto by the Sun and Mars today.  Impactful developments, breaking through impediments, and summoning up tremendous energy for change which you must run with to the fulfillment of their goals.  Be wary of the most subtle, but crude, manipulations of self and others.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun tridecile Pluto)

Friday, April 28
Mental, verbal and intellectual stimulation takes you out of heretofore limiting boxes of thought and mind-set.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus)

Sat-Sun, April 29-30
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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