Above the Frays and Forays: Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Neptune

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Predictions

Some Different Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury takes its regular backwards jaunt this month, from Feb 6 to 28, 2014, which it does about 2-3 times a year. Technically called “Mercury retrograde” it traditionally is not considered a good time to make agreements or start important endeavors or enterprises during its cycle.

Mercury Neptune Station Feb 2014Look at it this way. When you in your car, you’re normally in drive, going forward. You’re either going to the grocery store, to pick up the kids, go to work, or maybe you’re going to the movie with your date, spouse, or friend.

So when do you go in reverse? Do you sometimes decide to go the grocery store driving all the way in reverse? Do you sometimes just decide to go in reverse all the way just for the sake of it?

No, you don’t go as fast, and you’re in a really awkward position at the steering wheel. You’d probably get a ticket, maybe cause some accidents.

You switch into reverse gear usually when you’re already at your destination, you’re parallel parking at the curb. Or, like in Minnesota here, you may be trying to back out of a snowbank (good luck there.) You could be sliding backwards down an icy steep road (definitely not fun.)

Basically, when you’re using reverse gear, you’re maneuvering, getting ready for a new mode of movement.  You’re getting ready to get down and roll up your sleeves and get to work; or you are about to head out to the highway. It’s transitional.

Maybe in our modern parlance instead of calling Mercury retrograde period “malefic” or “dysfunctional” as we do, we can call it a “transitional” period, when we are in the in-between phase of two distinct working/being states. It’s not necessarily prone to misfortunes, rather it’s a period of finer maneuverings, to and fro, before settling into a new mode. Anyway, this is what came to mind as I was wondering about how I would write about Mercury retrograde this time.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

This particular Mercury retrograde will occur within one degree of Neptune in the sidereal sign of Aquarius. Mercury and Neptune could be considered to be at opposite ends of the spectrum regarding perceptions and the mind. Mercury is very specific, detailed and analytical; while Neptune is very multi-dimensional and not limited to finite sets of data, it deals with universal, omni-present, and therefore very unlimited sets of ideas and data.

You could also say that Mercury deals with the present, while Neptune deals with the infinite potentialities of the future, if you’ll allow me to get a little superlative myself.

Nevertheless, the ideation of Mercury will be catapulted to otherworldly, sublime and hopeful levels; bridging the two perspectives and hopefully transmitting to the world some new hope, an unlimited sort of spiritual optimism where nothing is impossible to overcome, and a greater consciousness and communication of compassion and love.

Sometimes one must be guarded, while their head is among the clouds, that they become unaware of important things happening in the so-called real world being so lost in rapture. Or, one must be careful that their conceptual filters that see this new Mercury-Neptunian vista don’t distort or malign completely what is more truly manifest in this conceptual space.

Technically, Mercury and Neptune’s disposing planet, Saturn (ruling Aquarius), has now moved out of the sidereal sign of its exaltation in Libra, to Scorpio, which Saturn is less well-suited in. Which may have the effect of hindering the more ideal manifestations of the Mercury-Neptune conjunction above.

Nevertheless, artistic, creative, and spiritual endeavors will be favored, as will communicative efforts promoting them. You may be able to see people and situation in a more loving, all-inclusive, and sublimely interconnected way, rising above lesser frays and forays.

Thursday, Feb 6, Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Broad themes and motives will characterize the day, bold pronouncements and promises. Mercury turning retrograde today may cause definitive twists and turns in the normal flow of information and overall movement. A shift in perspective is in order. Mercury will be retrograde until Feb 28. (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Friday thru Monday, Feb 7-10
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Feb 11
An acute sense of frustration may accompany delays and other mishaps today, very possibly revealing key vulnerable points in the psyche that restorative work is highly in order for. Not only the psychology of individuals will be tested, but any kind of human-made structure that we depend on. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work, even at the seeming most inopportune of times. Competitiveness, aggression, and a sense of passion may characterize interactions. (Sun square Saturn, Mars biquintile Juno)

Wednesday, Feb 12
No peaking influences

Thursday, Feb 13
Getting along to go along may not be the best advice to give today. Sudden breaks from the well-worn path may be experienced today, which may yield equally surprising rewards. (Sun semisquare Uranus)

Friday, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day
Action with flair may be the bywords of the day. The world (and some people it would seem) need a righteous kick in the butt, to counter the tedium of mechanized, repetitive, drone-like human existence. However, those with the “holier-than-thous” today, tomorrow may find their zealous proselytizing to indeed be full of holes. (Sun trine Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, Feb 15
Intense and hard-hitting discussion and analysis may open heretofore unseen areas that require more intense work. Be careful of those who take undue advantage with verbal or intellectual manipulation, guile and intimidation. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Sunday, Feb 16
Deep change, suddenly and acutely felt may assert itself today. Scary revelations and behaviors may emerge, fascinating as well as strangely compelling. Breakdowns to breakthroughs are in order, be prepared. Discussions, research, and creative work should be quite exciting and engaging; but don’t get carried away too fast with something without exercising a little health skepticism. A sense of urgency, bordering on hysteria may be present early on. (Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury sesequiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars)

Monday, Feb 17
Unusual, captivating, and potentially prosperous associations may come about today. Relationships may benefit from holistic, spiritual, or religious ideas; transcending the lesser concerns which we can allow to vex us at times. At times nervous agitation and uncertainty may help elicit unusual or unexpected turns in situations. (Juno tridecile Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Uranus)


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