Venus and the Pleiades

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Predictions April 3 to 9, 2012, Mercury Stationary Direct, Close Conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Mercury will turn direct once again; this is the astrological “green light” to now proceed with greater confidence in endeavors pertaining to communications, business, and intellectual matters; in short, most human transactions.

April 2012 Venus Pleiades 3A very interesting and beautiful conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades will be occurring this week in the western sky, coming the closest together on Tuesday, April 3, 2012.  If cloud conditions allow, I highly recommended getting outside and trying to see it.  Evening haziness might interfere, but the sharp of eye may be able to discern them.  But they will be very close together in the evening sky all week.

Astrologically speaking, the Pleiades are very global in their meanings, many cultures have stories attributed to them (see links below).  At some later date I would like to go more deeply its lore, but I have seen a number of instances in people’s charts of planets conjunct the Pleiades, they have acute and incredibly profound life issues to contend with, such as addictions, abuse or worse.

April 2012 Venus Pleiades 1All I can say is that fixed stars such as the Pleiades are extremely powerful and the lessons they give may have to do with the deepest and most powerful spiritual forces within us, as most pathology is, and that it takes great depth and breadth of spirituality to see and appreciate those lessons.  Some people would call those lessons initiations.

Therefore Venus conjunct Pleiades may have to do with the deeper end of relationships, people and situations coming about at this time may have an incredibly strong spiritual component to them, and they may have a history that goes way back, almost to where history becomes the realm of myth and magic.

You can visit the links below for more information about the Pleiades:

Tuesday, April 3
No aspects to detail, but Venus will be at its closest to the Pleiades in the sky.

Wednesday, April 4
Mercury turns direct; most human endeavors should now proceed more smoothly again.  A lot of hustle may characterize the day.  There will also be a powerful inspiring and exciting influence courtesy of Jupiter and Neptune; which may present opportunities, but they may be very subtle and easily lost or turn disappointing.  (Jupiter quintile Neptune)

Thursday, April 5
Love may come on strong, but have strong undertones of victimization, betrayal, and/or deception.  Sometimes love is given (albeit a lesser love), and it is with the tacit expectation of a certain reciprocation.  However, as Kahlil Gibran reminds us, true love given is its own reward. (Venus square Neptune)

Friday, April 6, Good Friday
Vitality usually is a little down on days like these, when Neptune afflicts the Sun, representing our power base.  Addictive, self-defeating and/or deceptive behaviors are accented; but also spirituality and creativity.  There may be adjustments and reassessments needed in relationships today.  (Sun semisquare Neptune, Venus biquintile Saturn)

Saturday, April 7
Love and relationships especially on the passionate end are accented.  Sometimes the mind, reason, or any sort of common sense has nothing to do with people getting together, just that they want to.  Or, desire overrules reason.  (Venus biquintile Pluto, square Mars)

Sunday, April 8, Easter Sunday
Early on (middle of the night in US time zones) the Sun aspects Mars, bringing out zeal, motivation, passion, and many times some anger.  This kind of configuration usually brings out our various senses of dis-empowerment, which we try to vigorously compensate for by precipitate action.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars)

Monday, April 9
Unusual or suddenly manifesting attractions or friendship may occur, possibly opening you to new developments or ways of connecting to others.  (Venus sextile Uranus)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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