Astrology of March 1 – 5, 2012: Sun, Mars, Venus, and Saturn Configuration

Mirroring Yin and YangThis weekend has a rather significant configuration involving the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.  The distribution of power in relationships, the true honoring of the love that brings two people together through actions, and how we tend to mirror and project our senses of disempowerment and deceit on the other person in relationships; these are all implicit in this weekend’s astrology.

So, some people may part ways, and maybe not in very lovely ways; others, they will come together in a much more deeply way, literally transcending the plane of duality and polarity with the other.  Possibly gaining a little humility in the process, and owning up personal responsibility for the outcomes.

Chart below is the sidereal zodiac (Raman ayanamsha) for March 3, 2012.

March 2012 Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn Configuration

Thursday, March 1
A tendency towards pessimism, but also a reaching for realism is highlighted.  Predilections towards sourness of disposition may be accented, therefore affecting all actions, emotions, and outcomes.  Some people may say that Mercury is a “minor” planet, but you have to agree that what the mental outlook accepts, the universe manifests; so it’s transits can have a powerful effect on us.  (Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Friday, March 2
Strong emotions, good or bad, may accompany situations demanding full attention and application.  Goals may not be easily accomplished, and the worst obstacle may be a very strong sense (albeit delusory at the same time) of futility; i.e. “I can’t ___.”  Obstacles are difficult because we think they are, and therefore they are.  Get past the “difficult” part, and you become quite powerful.  Relationship development are certainly probable.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Saturday, March 3
Continuing from yesterday, anger and frustration may be definite undertones to today’s events and situations.  Accidents, injuries, and worse are highlighted (in extreme cases); and more likely conflicts or emotional turbulence will characterize the day.  Staying calm, or striving to regain calm and perspective are the highest priority.  The heat of emotions and passion are brought out in relationships.  (Sun opposite Mars, sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars)

Sunday, March 4
Deep issues and dynamics of relationships are brought out, the structure of their utility, relevance, and practicality.  It is hard to choose between the seeming infinite potentials of the heart with Venus and the clear-cut parameters of karma and honor laid out by Saturn.  (Venus opposite Saturn)

Monday, March 5
Love in relationships is accentuated.  The potential to think and act out of the stifling box of tradition, custom, and the status quo is activated; unpredictability, innovation, surprise can be themes of this day.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus biquintile Juno)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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