Predictions 2009 and Beyond: Mounting Challenges

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Predictions for 2009

Predictions for 2009 and Beyond

This project brings together in a coherent, understandable, and relevant way the major astrology of the next few years, for future predictions.  We are going into some very complicated and intense times.

As I have always said: the stars never lie.  They can be quite subtle at times, but they have never failed to deliver on their portents.  From the various configurations coming up I can see a number of developments in the areas of:

  • Economics and Prosperity
  • Military Actions and War
  • Governmental Abuses of Power
  • Worldwide Spiritual Developments
  • Pandemics
  • And more….


The pivot point for the next 5 year period astrologically looks to be in the summer of 2010 with the spectacular grand line-up of planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all forming squares to Pluto and the Node.  We have not seen anything like this in a long, long time.

Predictions 2009

This ebook I have written, 2009: Mounting Challenges Through the Turn of the Decade, it has an overview of the world today, crucial background cycles information, and then a specific timeline and projected manifestations in the world due to the astrological influences therein.  There is definitely a set of challenges we will be going through.

Find out about:

  • The rare and extremely powerful configurations and what they mean coming about in the next 18 months for everybody
  • The real esoteric meaning and understanding of what the signs in the sky mean for us
  • The correlation of current events to patterns seen in the sky
  • An amazing time in the future, about 10 years down the road
  • And much more in easy to understand, non-astrological jargonistic text that will have you riveted to the story….

But is it not just summer of 2010 that holds the essential dates, there are several major chronological junctures just down the road starting in 2009 and ending in 2011.  The ebook Mounting Challenges 2009 covers these phases and what they will mean to you in detail.

Writing, maintaining, marketing, and doing research for this site takes quite a bit of personal time, energy, and resources; which I freely give as it is something that I just find that I do.  However, for the site to continue it needs support from readers.

For a donation of just $7.77 to the SWN operations fund this comprehensive, concise, and conceptually dense document will be yours.  It is 29 pages of relevant information, with graphics and background material.


If you want to do an alternative payment method, email me at

Curtis Burns

June Astronomical Events

June 2: Last Quarter Moon
June 8: Moon at Apogee
June 10: Annular (bright ring) Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
June 11: Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
June 12: Moon conjunct Venus, Venus at Perihelion
June 13: Moon conjunct Mars
June 18: First Quarter Moon
June 21: Summer/Winter Solstice
June 23: Moon at Perigee
June 24: Full Moon
June 27: Moon conjunct Jupiter
June 28: Moon conjunct Saturn

Astrollogy Concepts

Mercury, God of Thieves

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