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Predictions Week of Nov 27 to Dec 3, 2012: Lunar Eclipse Yod Pattern

Lunar Eclipse November 2012There is an extremely interesting lunar eclipse happening this week, it will be happening in the sidereal sign of Taurus, the Moon’s exaltation, and it will be conjunct Jupiter.  This would seem to be a most positively-framed eclipse, at least full of idealism, spirituality, and getting to the “big picture.”

An eclipse is a powerful, turning-point kind of phenomena.  I always use the analogy of a computer downloading a software update, the system pauses for a while as it installs the new programming and life seems to stand still for a little while.  The fact that one of the lights in the sky seems to darken somewhat also corroborates some of the malefic aspects of eclipses: things may go awry and a state of disorientation may be present.  

Of course, misfortunes are blessings in disguise, they put us face to face with areas of our life that need adjustment or change, which we can calmly employ corrective steps; and therefore eclipses through various means (many times seemingly unpalatable) help inaugurate change and progress in our lives.  

Lunar Eclipse November 2012 Yod PatternSo the conjunction of the eclipse with Jupiter seems to bring about the idea of a positive spin on the otherwise malefic nature of eclipses.  

This eclipse is also interesting because of the condition of the Moon as the central player here: it’s disposing planet, Venus, is afflicted by a close conjunction with Saturn.  The Sun (illuminating the Moon) is afflicted also by its disposing planet Mars conjunct Pluto.  

Definition of a disposing planet in astrology: since Mars is the planetary ruler of the sign Scorpio, and the Sun is in Scorpio, then Mars disposes the Sun; i.e. Mars has an influence over the expression of the Sun in that chart.  

To bring one more level of significance to the eclipse is that it is the focal point of a yod or Finger of God configuration with Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto at the far ends; it all points to a somewhat significant turning point for all.

Will peace over Gaza prevail?  Will the Arab Spring sweep more change to the Middle East?  How will China and Russia react to US-Anglo interventions there?  

There is more to say here about the astrology in the weeks to come.  I have a series of articles planned.  However this eclipse and the astrology of the past week may cause pivotal changes to occur.  There is no resolution to the Gaza-Palestinian-Israeli situation yet, it’s not completely played out.  

Tuesday, Nov 27
When Mars and Pluto connect, as they do today, actions and the motivations behind them take on extraordinary depth and have the potential to bring about profound change to our world.  Dangers of obsessiveness or compulsiveness in behaviors are brought out, tact may be the last thing thought about between parties.  There is a greater possibility of things being pushed beyond their limits and subsequent breakdown or failure; which also applies to the energetic emotionality of the day.  Aberrant, deviant or other extremes of behavior are highlighted, including sexual.  (Mars conjunct Pluto)

Wednesday, Nov 28, Lunar Eclipse
For a short time today the Moon becomes partially covered by the shadow of the Earth.  It therefore may be a strange day possibly with affairs going awry, and the states of people being somewhat disoriented in general; for a few the effects may be more problematical.  Traditionally, eclipses are regarded as turning points in earthly affairs.  Eclipses always come in pairs, solar and lunar; the previous eclipse was solar on November 13.  Emotions may run strong and deep in relationships and other affairs.  (Lunar eclipse in sidereal Taurus, Venus sextile Pluto)

Thursday, Nov 29
Passion and love heat up.  (Venus sextile Mars)

Friday, Nov 30
Exciting, intriguing, and possibly short-lived relationship situations may come up; spontaneous energies may spark between friends and other connections. (Venus biquintile Uranus)

Saturday, Dec 1
Reckless adventurism may be a theme today, with smug bravado and fanfare, however possibly fated to obscurity for lack of perseverance to the cause.  Anger and violence may be issues between parties; soaring emotions may bind people together in beautiful ways.  (Mars quincunx Jupiter, Mars semisquare Node, Venus tridecile Neptune, Venus quincunx Jupiter)

Sunday, Dec 2
Bravado continues as the Sun opposes Jupiter.  The power of ideas will be strong, and bold new visions may inspire many.  Be careful of flimflam artists, saying all the right things, but gone by week’s end; beware glib generalities glossing over important smaller details, and the sentiment that “more is better.”  (Sun opposite Jupiter)

Monday, Dec 3
No peaking influences

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