There are two configurations of note this week, and then one coming up next week that looks rather intense, setting us up for new life-developments.

First on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, August 16-17, the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be conjunct, and all three of those will be semisquare to Mars.  Relationships and getting along are the issues indicated, as well as dealing with stresses and possibly unrequited desires therein.  Mercury and Venus are cordial enough, but the Mars influence makes people want to move on things.  So hopefully this will be a good mix of soft and hard energies to produce something viable in earthly life.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21, the Sun and Venus move into biquintile and tridecile aspect to Jupiter and Uranus.  Biquintiles and trideciles are aspects of 144 and 108 degrees respectively, and are a part of the fifth and tenth harmonic series of aspects.  This indicates that there is a tenth harmonic aspect now between two outer planets, Jupiter and Uranus, which has the potential to bring forth bold, new, and fortuitous turns in life.  The Sun and Venus therefore, help activate this aspect later this week.  So some rather positive developments are in the offing.

That’s the kind of news, I’m sure SWN readers like to hear.

Then starting early next week Mars, Saturn, and Neptune form a pattern, which probably will be bringing more challenging situations and conditions back into our lives. Challenging situations however have remarkable ability to push along the soul evolutionary path, especially when we strive to exercise our highest spiritual, ethical, and considerate behavior.  I spoke this configuration briefly last week, and I’ll be going into it more next week.

Monday, Aug 15
Relationships are highlighted, be sure that what you see in the relationship is not really some form of escapism, or letting yourself be set up for disappointment later on.  Connections certainly will have that luminous quality however.  The Sun and Venus today enter sidereal Leo, creating a shift for everyone, moving into a new house with self and relationship themes.  (Juno biquintile Neptune)

Tues and Wed, Aug 16-17
Getting along and getting things done look like the main issues of Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  There should be an element of cordiality, but an urgency also.  Relationship issues will heat up.  (Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury, semisquare Mars)

Thurs, Aug 18
Reckless adventurism can cause some excitement and possibly some fortuitous turns of affairs, but be aware that the feeling that nothing is impossible is an influence that is temporary in nature (astrologically) and soon fades, wherein you need to have your persistent determination to brings things to completion at your disposal.  (Mars sextile Jupiter)

Friday, Aug 19
No peaking influences.

Sat, Aug 20
Mixed relationship developments are indicated today, there may be challenges, but also interesting and fortuitous turns to them.  (Venus semisquare Saturn, biquintile Uranus, tridecile Jupiter)

Sun, Aug 21
Brilliantly inspiring, but probably delusory relationship situations may come about.  Be careful of deception and self-deception in what you see and feel with other people.  However the excitement of possibilities in various situation should make this a very lively day, even fortuitous for those who know how to act on opportunities.  (Venus opposite Neptune, Sun biquintile Uranus, tridecile Jupiter)

Mon, Aug 22
Outlooks may sour, and moods darken, which may affect physiological responses.  Delays and problems may light up our underlying fear complexes, and pathological behaviors may come out.  People may act in strange or deceptive (self-deceptive) ways.  (Sun semisquare Saturn, opposite Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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