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Mercury, Do You See?

Mercury Stationary Direct, Perception and Consciousness, Weekly Predictions Feb 3 to 16, 2015 Mercury turns direct again this upcoming period on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.  I wanted to say a few words about Mercury that have...

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Saturn in Scorpio: The Sword is You

Saturn Moves into Sidereal Scorpio until October 2017 This will be a three year phase of a malefic planet moving into a sign ruled by another malefic planet: Saturn moving into sidereal Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars.  This is a...

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Rahu: Door to Destiny

A more indepth look at the Astrology of the Week of Dec 15-22, 2008 There is quite an aspectual tie-up of planets this week configuring with the Nodes; undoubtedly there is going to be a good relationship “kick” during the...

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Super Moon: Dec 12, 2008

There’s an upcoming astrological configuration in the very near future, a Super Moon on Friday, Dec, 12, 2008.  What is a super moon?  This is basically an alignment of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth called perigee-sysygy when the...

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