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The archer is that of Chiron, King of the Centaurs (half man, half horse), renowned for his wisdom and power in the healing arts.  One day, according to the myth, Chiron was with Heracles on his hunt for the Erymanthian Boar.  Chiron was accidentlly struck in the leg by one of Heracles poisoned arrows.  Since he was immortal, he could not die; but the poison of the arrow perpetually caused him misery.  Chiron came to be known as the "wounded healer".  



When the Titan Prometheus stole fire from Heaven and gave it to man, it was Heracles who freed him; but Zeus demanded one to suffer in Prometheus’ place; to which Chiron volunteered who then found relief from the misery in death.  

There is a very strong association of Sagittarius to horses; supposedly a lot of Sagittarians (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) have the long aquiline face as a distinguishing feature; as well as a lanky, athletic physique.  There is also a strong association of Sagittarius to a love of the outdoors: loving to take hikes and feel the wind in their hair, as it were. 

Sagittarians are also natural born philosophers, life to them is a never-ending quest for truth; and therefore freedom is very important, relationships must not tie them inordinately down from their adventuresome nature.  Sagittarius likes to stay light so they can fly at a moment’s notice; whether it is to a far-flung country on safari, or the latest guru dispensing wisdom.  Sagittarius loves to travel.  

Many teachers of higher learning are Sagittarians.  Jesus himself supposedly had Sagittarius rising and he traveled to places such as ancient Britain, Arabia, Egypt, and India in his quest for knowledge, and he was a great teacher. 

There is a natural optimism that exudes from Sagittarius; they could be considered to be risk-takers of a sort.  Good fortune, as an effect of exuberance and self-confidence, is a quality of Sagittarius.  

Focusing on the details of life is not the forte of Sagittarius, they prefer (to a fault) to look at the big picture.  Sometimes Sagittarius has been known to be “messy” or unkempt in their ways. 

On the negative side, Sagittarius can be inconsiderate amd arrogant.  Sagittarius’ rulership by the planet Jupiter corroborates the propensity to be gregarious, pompous, and over-opinionated. 

According to esoteric sources Sagittarius corresponds to the quality of God-Victory.  Is it not true that to ultimately win at what one does that one has to totally believe in one’s self? 

It is no accident that Sagittarius is a fire sign, very much resembling the fiery nature of God Himself.  All fire signs have a propensity to be greatly spiritual, if not zealous. 

Mercury, God of Thieves

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