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Neptune Stationary Direct, Throwing Perspective Out the Window

Okay, there is a lot of stuff happening in the heavens astrologically; so it’s a good bet that there will be a lot of stuff happening here on Earth this very week.  Now if you’re living currently in Europe, Greece specifically, you can see a lot of stuff happening every day in the government and banking industry; so this week may be even more significant developments along those lines.

Top of the list is Neptune making  a station after some time in a retrograde phase on Wednesday, November 9.  Planets to not move backwards actually, but the differentials in their orbits around the Sun makes it appear that way.  The subjective ancient mind sees retrograde periods of planets astrologically as one of introspection, review, and working out the finer idiosyncrasies of our lives.

Traditionally affairs related to the astrological nature of the planet in question are more apt to go awry during this period and it is period less likely for success in that sphere of life.  So therefore during a retrograde Mars period, one does not want to start a war; or for Mercury, one does not want to sign important documents during a retrograde Mercury period, etc.

It is impossible to literally run one’s life from such a simplistic rule, and in fact I have yet to see any proven pattern of so-called misfortunes during any retrograde planetary period of time.  The only exceptions to this are the short time periods where the planet is “stationing” or where it stops briefly and switched direction according to the perception of the eye.  A planet standing still, seemingly, in the sky is extremely powerful in its effects over us, and the good or bad of it is determined by the nature of the planet in question.

So for us this week it is Neptune which makes a station, switching to direct motion after some months retrograde.  Neptune is a planet that catapults our consciousness into “outer space”, completely disorienting our normal sense of perspective, pushing us ever closer to a more infinitely universal mode of thinking.  With Neptune everything is interconnected on infinite levels, and differences are less emphasized as is the “oneness” of everything.  Neptune stimulates the sense of compassion, because we can’t hurt others because that would be like hurting ourselves.


Some of the ways Neptune attempts to alter our sense of perspective is by throwing us into seclusion of sorts, such as making us sick so we are confined to bedrest, giving us unusual dreams and visions, connecting us to people who have a more “divine” sense of things, or increasing the sense of alienation from our fellow men.

Neptune creates disillusionment, cutting our ties to egotism and materialism.  It proves the hollowness and vanity of these smaller, earthly attachments.  It creates a sense of confusion and disorientation, as heretofore valid ideals of what is right start to lose their integrity.  The sense of wandering that Neptune creates opens new pathways for the emerging soul-consciousness.

A lot of people think that a lack of direction is a bad thing, but what is wrong with understanding merely that YOU ARE HERE NOW, without any qualifying, modifying “finite” distinction of person, place, or thing?  Neptune draws out the illusion and delusions that control our lives, making us strive for the realities closer to the heart.

On Friday, November 11 (11-11-11), Saturn perfects a quintile aspect to Pluto.  An easy way to think of this is that whatever Pluto touches, it deeply intensifies.  Therefore Pluto and Saturn aspecting will strongly bring out Saturn’s tendencies to act with extreme reactions.  Saturn represses, alienates, and projects its worst qualities onto other people, causing estrangements and divisions between people.

In general anxieties are brought to the surface through circumstances and just in how we react to various situations during aspects such as these.

The key though is that Saturn liberates through determined action; structure, focus, and resolve become our means to freedom and subsequent happiness.  Therefore these issues should be coming up strongly this week; overall though two malefics reinforcing each other is going to help “attract” misfortunes and trouble into our lives (accidents, injuries, and the like) peaking on Friday.

Monday, Nov 7
Deceitful behaviors are activated, including misdirected anger and over-zealous behaviors. We may experience the frustrations of our actions thwarted by mysterious circumstances.  Vitality may be at a low point, opening the door to illness, etc.  (Mars opposite Neptune)

Tuesday, Nov 8
Relationships and communications in general may be beset with heaviness, a sense of worry or anxiety, and may have a labored, burdened quality. The flow of love may hit obstructions that demand resolution, so shaming and blaming behaviors merely designed to procrastinate the occasional hard work required in relationships will not help today.  Overcoming those obstacles today may create a deeper and longer lasting sense of love.  The idea of controlling, corralling, or limiting our loved ones or friends may have adverse consequences as well.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus and Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Wednesday, Nov 9
Unusual, confusing, and debilitating influences may influence affairs today; however spirituality and creativity should be stimulated as well.  Social and intellectual affairs should be favored as well.  Be careful of deceptions, exaggerations, or misjudgments born of over-enthusiasm.  (Neptune stationary direct, Mercury and Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Thursday, Nov 10
Early on, intense relationship dynamics can occur, possibly eclipsing normal reason in such matters.  (Juno sextile Pluto)

Friday, Nov 11
A sense of seriousness, determination, and the need to strongly focus to overcome deeply set issues may be strong today; things may seem harsh or severe, but eventually we must be starkly made aware of the prisons which we create for ourselves.  (Saturn quintile Pluto)

Saturday, Nov 12
Excitement and unexpected surprises may be the keynote of the day.  At times thing may cross over into alarm and/or hysteria, but keeping a calm head may prove to be an asset for an unusually profitable day.  Be careful of possible accidents and injuries.  (Venus, Mercury and Mars aspect Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 13
Connections and relationships should be significantly highlighted.  Early on be careful of obsessive, compulsive, or deviantly motivated actions that could have consequences down the road.  Fascinating psychological, karmic, and spiritual situations may come about.  (Venus conjunct North Node, Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Juno biquintile Uranus)

Monday, Nov 14
Important communications and relationship developments may occur.  The ability to think, speak, and otherwise express yourself will be accentuated.  (Mercury conjunct North Node)

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