Jupiter Stationary Retrograde, Conjunct Neptune and Chiron: Astro-Success Week of June 15, 2009.

Jupiter turns retrograde this week, this means that in areas of spirituality, ideology, and the things of life which give us an enthusiastic sense of opportunity may go slightly out of sync with our normal way of incorporating those ideas; ultimately it may not be noticeable at all.  Except of course for the day it actually makes the switch of direction, which will be Monday, June 15, 2009

When I planet makes a station, it puts on the appearance of standing still; it is slowing down in observable motion before it starts to appear to move backwards for a period of time.  Since backwards is considered “wrong” a retrograde planet is supposed to be “bad”.  I think a retrograde motion to any planet will add a level of subjectivity, i.e. more apt to be influenced by psychological biases, and therefore prone to errors; but I have yet to find any planet’s effects noticeably awry when it’s gone retrograde and I’ve been watching these things for over twenty years.

Like I always say, thing go “wrong” when a planet makes an aspect to a malefic planet; that’s when the real trouble ensues.  When astrologers say that things go wacky when Mercury is retrograde I’ll bet money that at the time they make that observation Mercury is also making an aspect to Mars, Saturn or Neptune (which they are oblivious to).  Therefore to them when Mercury is retrograde to them it means it is “bad”; however, when Mercury makes an aspect to the aforementioned malefics and it is direct at the moment  and things go wacky for a little bit, you might get puzzled look from them but that is all.

There is an alarming dearth of rigorous empirical study to astrological matters, which proves to me that humanity relies on predisposed ideas and biases instead of seeking experiential validation of those ideas.  But I have to be grateful because they make me look so good .  I’m not being especially negative here; in many areas of human thought (spiritual, political, intellectually, etc.) people do not actually think things out, rather they merely go along the lines mentally according to their conditioning; their parents, siblings, teachers, media icons, etc.  To many it would seem getting along and not rocking the boat is more important than getting to the truth.

This time around Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, which can have the effect of throwing things into interstellar levels of wonder, but probably not for what is practical for the here and now.  Nevertheless the feelings of transcendently radiant hope may be giving great potential to the future; if we can continue to ride those waves of cosmic delight that Jupiter and Neptune can produce we can indeed transform the world.  No amount ecstatic joy however can substitute for the hard work of building that new world; but at least the vision will inspire us.

I should also say that Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct that asteroid/planetoid Chiron, which has never spoken to me.  Rather, I have never found the need to use the wounded healer motif that Chiron supplies, which has not already been supplied by the traditionally rulership/planetary scheme of astrology.  Frankly, I see the clinging to the very idea of “wounded-ness” to be unnecessarily limiting, if not absolutely fatal to the victory of the soul in its earthly odyssey.  I have found through every challenging situation that I have been presented to offers me the choice of accepting the paralysis (however temporary) of the stress and pain, or else just throw it all away and penetrate my vision to see the blessing and virtue behind the “problem” before me and embrace that.  So I don’t have the time to entertain my “wounded-ness”, much to the chagrin of an entire industry built around it.

Wounded-ness to me is irrelevant, illusory, and my enemy; for it tells me everything that I am not: powerless, weak, and without hope.  As the pinnacle of creation of the universe, I was endued with unlimited power, light, and the means to overcome the worst that could be pulled out of any hell in the universe.  This is Truth, which I choose to believe; so I guess Chiron as a concept does not speak to me.

At any rate, this week is chock full of aspect to write about; I still am in the thoes however of the upgrade to this site which is still not completely done so I may be a little tight with words still this week.  However I have some good stuff coming soon (including the return of the graphs), which I hope will make SWN the regular go-to astrology site on the web.  Yes, I have the ebook on the next few years in the writing, which has been not so easy to put together; but it will be out also very soon.

The site will be having a new look; more blog-like and less like an online magazine; for geeks like me putting that all together is quite fun.  Sorry to say, but I most likely will be switching my email newsletter service and that means everybody will have to re-subscribe to it; but I may be able to manually transfer the list of addresses. 

Monday, June 15
While this day could be causing everyone to be riding high, later on the mind may be in the space to make psychological breakthroughs.  Some obsessive tendencies are sensitized as well, which may bring up situations that could be misused unscrupulously.  (Jupiter stationary retrograde, Venus quintile Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Tuesday, June 16
An acute sense of urgency, alarm, or dissatisfaction may agitate the mind and emotions; in extreme cases accidents and injuries are possible. A  little extra care and patience may go a long way to avoid that “pound of cure” thing.  Significant relationship development may occur.  (Mars semisquare Uranus, Sun square Juno)

Wednesday, June 17
Unusual or sudden relationship developments may occur, which will be most satisfying if both parties can avoid the temptation to control or cling to the other.  A powerful sense of illumination and inspiration may be present, which may be blessing to those of creative occupation.  (Sun trine Jupiter and Neptune, Sun and Venus aspecting Uranus)

Thursday, June 18
No peaking influences

Friday, June 19
Unusual, sudden, or challenging relationship developments may ensue.  (Juno conjunct Uranus)

Saturday, June 20|
No peaking influences

Sunday, June 21
Powerful relationship dynamics may be set off, some of which may be rather unsubtle.  (Venus conjunct Mars, both aspecting the Sun)

Monday, June 22
More muted, controlled, or practical consideration will enter relationship situations; but there should still be a very strong undercurrent of desire/obsession affecting the outcome.  (Venus and Mars trine Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

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