Vedic and Western Astrology Cycles for rthe Week of Nov 26 to Dec 3, 2007 

Mon, Nov 26
Emotions and love can highly color events of the day, this is great of course as long as we can keep the object of our affections as the eternally unchangeable Divine. When we attach luminious affectations to lesser objects and imperfect individuals we are certain to experience disappointment.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Tue, Nov 27
Not a day to lay around, but to get up and take the initiative.  Relationships should be highly empowered, not to mentioned luminized by possibly unique sets of circumstances.  Be careful of cuts, burns, and conflicts; and that ever-sensitive ego, which can see every wound as a threat.  (Venus biquintile Uranus, Mars sesquiquadrate Juno, Sun biquintile Mars)

Wed, Nov 28
The hurt or wound carrying over from yesterday may still raise the pitch of the voice or cause alarm in the mind, which can be the beginning of haste which means accidents and mishaps and not long to follow.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars)

Thur, Nov 29
Relationships so quickly started may run aground just as fast, colliding head on with deep karmic treetrunks.  The problem though in relationships is that we can easily see the other person as the cause of the trouble.  More actually they are merely the mirror to reflect our own shortcomings; and it takes a good load of maturity to accept and embrace that truth which Saturn will bring today.  In other areas though the delusions of the ego may continue unabated, only more energized, causing more misfortune and sorrow down the line.  The key to navigating today's astrology is to understand the sudden advent of a highly luminous and inspiring idea or person may really only be some fabrication of the ego to justify its current ways; this ego coming across some hidden wellspring of unusual and heart-opening energy, which it appropriates for its own use.  Be careful of all deceitful kinds of thoughts and behaviors; especially those involved in co-dependency and/or the use of intoxicants or substances.  (Juno tridecile Uranus, Venus semisquare Saturn, Sun quintile Neptune)

Fri, Nov 30
The acute feeling of anxiety when we come face to face with our worst fears, that of inadequacy to an imagined cruel and unjust universe, may surface strongly today coinciding with events, situations, or persons that bring these emotions out in us.  We knew it was coming and we may have procrastinated the inevitable meeting with responsibility.  But today Saturn is knocking on the door with a message of personal accountability and a good helping of mercy as well.  Inasmuch as the the spiritual laws of the universe favor the extention of mercy wherever possible, there has to be some bitterness sown in the dough to make the message stick.  A little bit of circumspection will go a long way then, as we see that our fear so temporarily energized will tend to distort the true perception of the "badness" of a situation. Quickly though sanity returns and we can see that it was not so bad after all, almost like a loving spiritual presence like a kindly grandparent was in charge all the time.  (Sun square Saturn)

Sat, Dec 1
No peaking influences

Sun, Dec 2
Frustrations may arise as desire and aspiration meets opposition and resistance.  Problems only come though because of our limited perceptions, engendered either by our karmic-egoic blinders, or simply the unevolved naivety of our burgeoning minds.  Problems are good though, they reveal to us much needed areas to work on, and to check our easily expanding egos as well.  If problems are seen as our friends, rather than dark powerful devils we may quickly rise up out of our traditional/hereditary senses of limitation and smallness.  Due to the additional influence of the Sun and Mars, we may need to be extra wary of too much haste, energy, or ferosity (from that old warrior tradition that sees every enemy as something to kill with a sword) causing more trouble: accidents, injuries, lost lives, etc.  (Jupiter tridecile Saturn, Sun quincunx Mars)

Mon, Dec 3
There could be great emotional depth of feeling between people, as well as in general in life today causing surprising emotional situations.  Sometimes repressed energy needs to vent off, slightly masked by situations and circumstances not entirely relavant to it. "Go with your feelings", they say; today they may lead you to new places in yourself.  A sense of urgency may seize us today, or even panic as if some threat were close, but which can galvanize the mind to take appropriate action.  (Venus sextile Pluto, Mercury tridecile Mars)

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