Wk of Nov 12 to 19, 2007

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Mon, Nov 12
Relationships and the love that they seem to engender may be too good to be true. A lot of times we can get "swept away" with emotions, but it's really more of a "rapturous escapism" that is in effect. I would not entirely condemn a rapturous escape, but I would just caution people to be able to see though the glitter and glamour that we see in a particular person, place, or thing; this is because when we come back to realism we do so with unappetizing thud.  Nevertheless, you might be able to hear a more universal, feel a more infinite and loving presence through the entire experience, and most certainly if you don't pin your hopes on a human instead of the Divine.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tue, Nov 13
No peaking influences

Wed, Nov 14
Important connections and the issues that dominate relationships probably will seem to magnify.  The desire (as a means to enhance the self-esteem of the ego) to connect to and bond with others may be a little bit out of control.  Nevertheless, those with patient circumspection may find greater selfhood through their relationships, not to mention a greater sense of power that is exchanged therein.  (Sun conjunct Juno)

Thur, Nov 15
Well, days like this don’t come along often.  The need to act, to assert yourself, and to be proactive will be highly stimulated.  As with Mars, now today turning retrograde, a little bit of fire and blood spilled may be inevitable.  Be careful about rubbing people the wrong way, or being on the deficit end of a power equation (you give him your power and make him feel good = you feeling powerless and bad).  Jupiter (according to the Raman ayanamsha) now moves into sidereal Sagittarius.  I have always found great success using the Raman ayanamsha (Vedic technical term about the difference between the western and eastern zodiacs) so you might notice a tangible shift from deep Scorpionic speculation to more outgoing and adventurous trends of thought.  Relationships may get an emotional kick today as well.  (Mars stationary retrograde, Jupiter enters sidereal Sagittarius, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Fri, Nov 16
Linking into yesterday’s movement of Jupiter into Sagittarius, Mercury chimes in giving things a temporary burst of speed and added enthusiasm, which may distort the accuracy of the way things are perceived or communicated.  However other influences should have a moderating, balancing effect on thought and speech.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, sextile Saturn)

Sat, Nov 17
No peaking influences

Sun, Nov 18
No peaking influences

Mon, Nov 19
Traffic is kind of busy in the stars above us today; consequently life might seem rather eventful-driven.  Relationships and love should be stimulated, expanded and idealized.  In other areas be careful of sharp metal objects, fire and conflicts with others.   Definitely not a day to sit back and contemplate, if you don’t go out and meet the issues at hand they may come knocking on the door.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, tridecile Uranus; Venus square Mars, quintile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars)

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