Who is Patrick Fitzgerald? Will there be Indictments?

by | Oct 3, 2005 | Current Events

Patrick Fitzgerald would seem to be a man picked by destiny.  He was appointed the special prosecutor of the Valerie Plame CIA Leak case, with principal Bush Administration officials at the center of the controversy.  He is supposed to be as unbiased as you can get, very tough on terrorists and organized crime, and an indefatigable crusader for justice. 

The Crime

Apparently in political retaliation for efforts to uncover the lies of the Bush Administration by diplomat Joseph C. Wilson IV; White House advisors Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and possibly Vice President Dick Cheney allegedly leaked to the press Wilson’s wife was a covert operative of the CIA.  This security leak can be considered to be a federal crime. 

A lot of political opponents of the Bush administration are reveling in the possibilities; wondering even if the special prosecutor will take it all the way up to the President himself.  The White House is in crisis mode. 

Enter Fitzgerald

Looking at the chart of Patrick Fitzgerald (12-22-1960, 8:53pm, Brooklyn, NY), the special prosecutor who has very wide powers to pursue this case wherever it goes; a few things come out initially:

  1. He is Leo rising: very self-assured, independent, and strong.  He has the tenacity to pursue his goals, which in this case is getting to the truth and opening the way for justice to happen; and he is personally strong himself in he face of those he seeks to prosecute.  In the past Fitzgerald has stared down some pretty powerful individuals and brought them to justice.
  2. Fitzgerald’s Moon indicating his mental and personal proclivities and his emotional temperament is in cool and dispassionate Aquarius.  He has been known to have a very strong retention of the details of any situation.  His Moon and Ascendant in fixed signs makes him very stubborn and persevering. 
  3. Fitzgerald’s Sun in Sagittarius gives him the zeal to quest for the truth in any situation, and to seek justice as an altruistic ideal. 
  4. Fitzgerald has a very full and powerful fifth house in his chart; giving him honors, intelligence, and a great impetus for personal success. 


Fitzgerald’s Leo rising with cantankerous Rahu (Moon’s North Node) in the ascendant helps to make him very much “his own man”, and not subject to intimidations of others.  He works for himself; this is a rather excellent quality for a man in such a unique position, he cannot (readily) be “bought”. 
Western chart image
Fitzgerald certainly has seen his share (and then some) of contention, and he has grappled with very nasty criminal and terrorist elements in the past.  This quality of his experience is shown in his truth-seeking Sun in opposition to Mars; he certainly does has the astrology of a “criminal prosecutor”. 

So far so good; we almost can see him as a modern day David, slaying the supposed goliath of governmental corruption, and he is about to take his first major move on the battlefield. 

The Astrological Nitty-Gritty

To get to the story behind the story in the astrology of Patrick Fitzgerald, I have to probe the deeper levels of his chart:

If I look at the ruler of Fitzgerald’s ascendant (the planet ruling the rising sign); it is the Sun; which normally has a very powerful self-projection.  In looking closer at Fitzgerald’s Sun it is afflicted in a number of ways; this would indicate that he could fold or be adversely influenced by an intimidating force (such as a powerful financial/political cabal as Bush, Cheney, and Rove represent). 

Or, it could be seen that in the face of such a powerful adversaries he simply would not have enough strength of character to successfully prevail against them. 

Fitzgerald’s Sun is opposed by Mars, conjunct Saturn (both malefics); and his Sun is very low in shad bala (a Vedic planetary strength measurement).  In the past I have seen such afflicted Suns to coincide with resentful, disempowered, and angry emotional patterns; a person just does not have access to their core power and their emotions reinforce the idea that they just can’t do anything against a negative situation. 
fitzgerald shad bala
Fitzgerald’s Jupiter (the dispositor of his Sun) is afflicted with low shad bala as seen in the graph above, and by the fact that it to is afflicted by the malefics Mars and Saturn.  His Jupiter is also in vridha (old age) avasta and is very hard pressed to manifest itself.  Ultimately the affliction to the Sun dispositor doubly hinders Fitzgerald’s effectiveness. 

Now I well realize that Fitzgerald in the past has faced some very powerful criminal elements and successfully prosecuted them (albeit on lesser charges), and that he has a good reputation for being relentless in the pursuit of truth and justice.  Fitzgerald’s Sun is actually supported by some elements of his chart, which mitigates to an extent some of the negatives to his astrology above and reflects his successes of the past.   

Fitzgerald may be good, but the question is he good enough to stand up to the biggest of the big.  One of the things mentioned about Fitzgerald is that he’s sort of monotone, non-flamboyant personality.  He may be very good in what he does; but he may lack that final oomph and charisma to carry things through to a clear and definitive successful solution.  It is this “ordinariness” of character that may be explained by his afflicted Sun in his chart; i.e. the “brilliancy” and vibrant uniqueness of the solar energy is muted or obstructed. 

Potential Liabilities

Since Fitzgerald’s twelfth house ruler (indicating intrigues and betrayals) is in his seventh house, one of his main vulnerable areas could be relationships.  Fitzgerald has never married; which can be seen in the chart in number of ways.  He is a Leo rising individual, and they many times have problems in relationships because they can see their partners as rivals sometimes, or that they just simply are too into themselves to make relationships work.  He also has Ketu (the Moon’s South Node) in the seventh house, which indicates problems in general through the spouse or partner. 

I would wonder then with the Moon as the twelfth ruler in the seventh, and the Moon right now conjuncted by transiting Uranus if there could be an issue of blackmail involving past relationships that could be used against him by corrupt forces.  Further, transiting Neptune is right over his Venus right now indicating some possible disappointment, dissolution, or loss coming about through relationships right now in his life.  Relationships now could be a danger to his attaining his objectives. 

Venus is Fitzgerald’s tenth house ruler, and with Neptune transiting right over it; there could be some unrealistic and overly-romantic notions clouding issues of his reputation and allowing things to proceed that are not fully worked out and which have a danger of collapsing through neglect or assuming things to be so without having checked the facts. 

The opposition of transiting Saturn from his natal twelfth house to Fitzgerald’s Venus in the sixth house only further accentuates potential problems in these areas that could cause loss.  It would seem unlikely though that Fitzgerald would personally damage himself by neglect; but possibly losses and damages could come through betrayal by associates and behind-the-scenes agencies. 

Vedic Predictive Indicators

If I look at the planetary periods, or dasas, now in effect in his life the following picture emerges: as of November of 2004 Fitzgerald entered a new seventeen-year Mercury dasa, and his Mercury is marginally supported, but at the same time has major liabilities to it (conjunct two malefics, the Sun and Saturn, disposed by a malefic via nakshatra, and very low in shad bala). 

Therefore this seventeen year cycle of Fitzgerald’s would be subsequently fair-to-middling; he would be fighting for the good but would be contending against strong adversaries and not be fully adequate to the task himself.  There is a chance of course that he could actually weigh a heroic effort and win, and we always have such options; but I am speaking here of the realistic possibilities of this astrology. 

When I look at the Narayana dasa system and apply it to his chart, however some major new developments occur beginning on December 12, 2005: the progressed ascendant moves to Sagittarius, which is his natal fifth house and which is very positive.  Fitzgerald’s fifth house however is rather overcrowded with planets and is afflicted by an opposition from Mars itself: there could be a lot happening, but not without some struggle and outright battles, and the potential for success is mediocre as well. 

Date of Possible Indictment

Taking a closer look at his cycles, an interesting event is just around the corner.  Fitzgerald will be entering a two and a half month pratyantardasa (sub-sub cycle) of the Moon exactly on November 1, 2005; and this could be the date of the actual announcement of any indictments of Bush administration principals. 

Fitzgerald’s Moon falls in the seventh house, which is also the house of public presentation, and which is relatively well-dignified in his chart.  We could anticipate some developments towards social justice on Patrick Fitzgerald’s life, since his Moon falls in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.  HOWEVER, we need to remember that the Moon in Fitzgerald’s chart rules the twelfth house of betrayals, deceptions, and losses. 

The so-called successes of this upcoming hour (presumably on or around November 1, 2005) could be tainted by unseen agencies, people who falling short of their responsibilities, or even Fitzgerald himself sabotaging his own efforts in some way. 

As of this writing (Oct 26, 2006) the media is indicating that the indictments (if any) could come out at any moment.  If the indictments were to come out early next week, it would be under a new moon which would be very inauspicious for the goal of achieving a conviction.  At any rate, something dramatic should unfold right on Nov. 1, 2005 for Fitzgerald. 


All in all, the astrology confirms what I have thought about this situation all along.  Bush, Cheney, and Rove represent extremely powerful financial/political interests who have a very strong grip over our economy, media, and governmental processes.  An indictment does not necessarily mean much, there would have to be a trial and the outcome of that would depend on many things.

I do find it interesting though that this “untouchable” crusader has come up out of the system to deal with them.  It tells me that the law left to itself will do its work, and that there are still honest people out there.  There is much more to be said about the astrology of the Bush administration, the USA, and the world; and I WILL be getting to them in the weeks to come. 

Some might say how can Fitzgerald feel so invincible to take on such a powerful group and not fear reprisals?  How could such a powerful world elite even allow him to carry out his agenda; could they be egging him on and will ultimately deny him his justice in the end?  Is he really a tool used by rivals of the so-called neo-con group in Washington, DC?  European financial elites possibly? 

That is almost funny because it contains within the idea that the competing vetters for ultimate world power: the capitalists, the communists, the clerics, the freemasons, etc; will ultimately destroy each other in their paranoia of one bloc getting the advantage over the other.  It is very amazing how the force of history works, and how maybe a Greater Hand of Justice works through it.  

This unfolding of events leads us directly to a few unanswered questions, each of which I will be addressing in the days to come:

  1. What will the Bush Administration do to counteract an increasingly negative press and public opinion?
  2. What is the condition of the President himself?  What is going on with him? 
  3. What are the possibilities for further war? 
  4. What are the possibilities for further disasters on the order of 911?
  5. What are the possibilities for very extreme measures taken by the US government itself, such as the use of nuclear weapons? 
Believe me, the astrology of our times addresses each of those questions.  Keep it here, there is more to come.   

Curtis Burns
St. Paul, MN, USA

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