Week of Sept 23 to Oct 1, 2012

by | Sep 23, 2012 | Predictions

Sunday, Sept 23
Vitality and personal integrity may be at low points right now; chronic issues may spring up, as well as deceitful and otherwise dishonest tendencies. Issues may arise from water, chemical, toxins and poisons. Spirituality may be confused with escapism. (Sun quincunx Neptune)

Monday, Sept 24
Important relationship issues may receive attention. (Sun sextile Juno)

Tuesday, Sept 25
Venus and Mars make had aspects to Uranus and Pluto, re-igniting last week’s Uranus-Pluto square. This can have deep and far reaching effects on life and relationships. This may not be the calmest of days, and there could be some quite intense moments. Take precautions where appropriate, for your physical and emotional safety. In extreme cases accidents, injuries, or worse have a higher likelihood of occurring.

Wednesday, Sept 26
Mars moves into sidereal Scorpio now, and a new house in everyone’s charts which mean a shift in everyone’s affairs. Venus also moves into sidereal Virgo, both of which indicate shifts in relationship matters. Early on, be careful of mal-perceived ideas, faulty reasoning, or gross bias in our affairs and interactions. Then later on the tendency to exaggerate, conveniently distort, or “remold” reality to our own profit will be highlighted; but hopefully at the same time our propensity to soar in the spirit and to launch ambitious endeavors will be activated as well. Spirituality and the “big picture” will be accented. (Mars enters sidereal Scorpio, Venus enters sidereal Leo, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun tridecile Jupiter)

Thursday, Sept 27
Passion, love, and relationships overall are accented today, hopefully with a little friction generating some progress in all parties. Also communication in relationships, and their problems may be highlighted. (Venus square Mars, Mercury semisquare Juno)

Friday, Sept 28
No peaking influences

Saturday, Sept 29
Deep spiritual developments are signified, possibly at the cost of letting go of past attachments, cherished paradigms, or that sense of life structure that in the past brought comfort, stability and security; which are now proven to be obsolete. (Sun opposite Uranus, square Pluto, biquintile Neptune)

Sunday, Sept 30
As Venus moves into a square to the Nodes, relationships matters come to a head.

Monday, Oct 1
Fortunate day for contacts, business, cultural, and intellectual affairs. Be careful of spending too much time money and energy inadvertently in pursuit of life’s finer things. Mysteries can be brought to light and resolved, the power of ideas may carry exceptional ability to persuade and compel others. (Venus quintile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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