March 31, 2008
Week of Mar 31 to April 7, 2008: In Like a Brass Band….
by Curtis Burns,

This week the high/low point will be Wed, April 2 as transiting Pluto stops dead in the sky and slowly grinds backwards for a few months.  According to astrological logic, the slower a planet moves the deeper its affects occur in the psyche.  The deeper its effects, of course then the more fundamental the change that is wrought.  Since Pluto is the furthest planet out, it is typically the most profound, if not totally disorienting it effects are….

This week the high/low point will be Wed, April 2 as transiting Pluto stops dead in the sky and slowly grinds backwards for a few months.  According to astrological logic, the slower a planet moves the deeper its affects occur in the psyche.  The deeper its effects, of course then the more fundamental the change that is wrought.  Since Pluto is the furthest planet out, it is typically the most profound, if not totally disorienting, in it effects. 

Also since Pluto is (apparently) stopping dead in the sky, you could say it is at the very slowest it could ever be.  And thus is it proven to be so that whenever a planet makes a station like this, it can have the most impactful effects on human lives. 

Wrecking Ball

Pluto is likened to a cosmic wrecking ball, its astrology coinciding with breakdown, breakthrough, and other sorts of transformations; it is also associated with obsessive and compulsive behaviors, power politics, sexuality, and war and destruction.  On a more emotional/personal level you can experience the action of Pluto to greatly intensify particular thoughts and feelings; which is a condition that can either be used to great effect or mis-used to great ill-effect.  I’ll never forget how the current US-Iraq war was launched right as Pluto went stationary in early 2003.

So after a week of somewhat intense astrology as briefly outlined in last week’s Astro-Success column, it will all be ending with a "bang" from stationary Pluto on Wednesday, April 2, 2008.  With a turbulent week of riots in Tibet, further financial machinations by the government, and the spectacle of presidential candidates squabbling things are running true to form.  April 2nd, this week could be seen as "high watermark" as far as the level of intensity that could be felt. 

Global Financial Developments

Things don’t always go boom when they heat up, but many times during so-called "bad" astrological periods, significant and far-reaching events occur.  For instance this Monday (March 31) the US Treasury will be proposing greater powers to the Federal Reserve Bank to oversee financial market activity, this is nothing less than a naked grab for even more power.  Hasn’t the fiat-currency economic system epitomized by the Fed gotten us into enough financial turmoil already? 

All things being equal, it looks like the month of April 2008 will start right out the gate with a “bang” as Pluto turns retrograde on April 2, then the other potential power date (as signified by the transits of the planets alone) will be Thursday, April 24 as Mars opposes Jupiter. 

If you feel a heady cocktail of hysteria, compulsive fear, and absolute urgency that you have to do something in the beginning days of April, just remind yourself that it’s probably not all that bad actually.  Pluto is temporarily usurping the normal sense of perspective for everybody with due to it’s stationary condition.  Since emotions rule all though, it could very well bring up enough long-hidden corruption that when it “hits the fan” all hell will break lose at some level. 

Plutonian Empowerment

A lot of times people feel extremely empowered under Pluto’s influence, but not exactly in the best way.  What will be stimulated will be the most base elements that constitute the current brew of your psyche.  Politicians feel particularly powerful, but as their ego eclipses all normal reason they topple pretty quickly. 

As you’ll recall the US-Iraq war was initiated under Pluto stationary.  The level of hubris of the architects of this plan was pretty great.  Yet they did not bring glory to the US as they claimed they would, nor did it bring an end to terror or any step closer to a feeling of safety. While they assure us that we are doing the good work of democracy in the Middle East, a nation has been all but destroyed, our reputation has been sullied all over the world, and the economy has been pushed to the brink of collapse. 

So Pluto seems to come in with a brass band, it leaves with the crushing notes of a heavy metal rock band. 


Monday, Mar 31
Significant linkups between aggressive and driven parties are crystallizing right now.  There could be flare-ups of rancor and hostility; patient managers/organizers however had the distinct opportunity to corral these seemingly at-odds forces into coherent and focused directions.  Undercurrents of sexuality and jealousy may be present, which may threaten to divide the group.  (Mars minor aspect to the Nodes)

Tue, Apr 1
Communication issues in relationships will be accentuated, subtle biases causing problems, how inaccuracies or superficiality cause a split between the heart and the mind, or how subtle agendas or selfish desires may skew or fracture relationships. (Mercury square Juno)

Wed, Apr 2
An awesome day. For good or ill, you may remember this day for a long time. Some things may “die”; some things may “hatch”; the cycle of life is that things change, and they always do, but they present new opportunities. The pain of death gives way to the feeling of new life returning.  (Pluto stationary retrograde)

Thur, Apr 3

Depth of thought is accentuated, a sense of oppressive seriousness may settle in. Such a feeling however can be channeled into constructivism and purposefulness.  Somber moments lead to subsequent flashes of inspiration, especially so today as Mercury also aspects Jupiter.  (Mercury square Pluto, quincunx Saturn, quintile Jupiter)

Fri, Apr 4
No peaking influences. 

Sat, Apr 5, New Moon
On Curtis’ birthday today, Venus squares Juno, which may mean that relationship issues may come into sharp relief in people’s mind.  The Moon also becomes totally washed out by the Sun’s radiance (a new moon).  Since the Moon represents the mind in Vedic astrology, this may contribute to a certain quietness and unearthly repose.  It may be better to go within and temporarily shut off that mind, you won’t need it in the end anyway as you dissolve yourself into the pure, non-differentiated, ineffable nirvana. That mind which you so depend on now will become the final obstacle to that ultimate universal realization. 

Sun, Apr 6
Ouch.  A little pain searing the psyche today may actually help manifest better aspects of the self.  Like as a sculptor, each blow of the hammer and chisel bring out a little bit more of the figure sleeping within. A feeling of love (or some facsimile thereof) may surge, inciting action and hopefully greater self knowledge. There could be delays, obstacles, and other problems on the road of life today, but better now than later; but each little problem can be seen as an important teacher showing you some error, bias, or prejudice that you need to adjust.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, tridecile Juno; Venus square Pluto; Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Mon, Apr 7

Fatal delusions of the mind may be brought out: unnecessary tendencies to be the enabler, the self-appointed savior, or the devil’s right hand. Retaining obsolete psychological crutches now could cause errors of judgment leading in extreme cases even to loss of life.  Alternatively, spiritual and creative endeavors will be favored, especially in writing or speaking.  The potential to see everything as one unified, holistic system is enhanced. Relationships may hit rocky patches, but the pain invoked will be just enough to incite both parties to resolve things.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune, Venus quincunx Saturn) 


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