Mon, Jan 21
This could certainly be a pivotal day for many as the problems to taking greater action in life are brought to the surface.  Most, if not all, problems have at their root psychological knots, fears that inhibit or suppress decisive action or sense of anger and frustration (and an underlying powerlessness) that literally weakens the system. A feeling of urgency and desire to break away from previously binding paradigms however may enable you to make the leap to a new sense of selfhood and behavior. (Sun biquintile Mars and Saturn, Sun semisquare Uranus, Jupiter trine Saturn)

Tues, Jan 22, FULL MOON
Reasoning, analysis, and perception right now may be unduly burdened by psychological aberrations and colorations, causing error and misfortune.  For those with fewer aberrations, they could experience a transcendence, or luminosity that connects them to the universal Divine.  The fully illuminated Moon today may help however with clarity and vigor of mind.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Wed, Jan 23

No peaking influences

Thur, Jan 24
The desire or impetus to connect with others could be almost overwhelmingly strong, eclipsing other considerations.  Sometimes the lower (or lesser) part of ourselves has to resort to strong feelings because we can’t seem to disassociate from in instinctual part of us.  When feelings and urges are directing the course of things, objectivity usually goes out the window and so does our hope of advancing up the spiritual ladder.  Some though may find particularly powerful transformation through an emotional intensity.  (Venus conjunct Pluto)

Fri, Jan 25
No peaking influences

Sat, Jan 26

No peaking influences

Sun, Jan 27

The feeling of fear or dread may be attached to so-called misfortunes today; even if it be getting stuck in traffic!  These of course are trying or testing phases, showing to us in proper order things that need readjustment.  We should actually be more grateful for what “misfortune” brings us.  Relationships otherwise could be stimulated in unusual or rigidity-shattering ways; they will also go better when the friendship is appreciated and the tendency to control or restrict the other is deferred.  (Sun quincunx Saturn, Venus quintile Uranus)

Mon, Jan 28, Mercury retrograde (21 days)
Mental, perceptual, and intellectual functions will be accentuated.  Traditionally for the next three weeks it is considered not a good time to sign important documents or initiate new enterprises.  Since Mercury the messenger (so important in business functions) is now moving backwards for a while, there is a higher possibility of errors of judgment that cause misfortunes.  

Mercury, God of Thieves

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