Mon, Jan 14
A feeling of urgency and/or alarm may momentarily seize situations later in the day US time. Sometimes though a sense of urgency is a good thing; calling to mind such sayings as "strike the iron while it’s hot", "the early bird gets the worm", or even "cut to the chase."  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars)

Tue, Jan 15
Ordered and mature thinking will be enhanced, if not a little dark or pessimistic at times. Later more urgent matters may attempt to seize attention and provoke you to action.  (Mercury sextile Saturn)

Wed, Jan 16
Early on European time, fear attempting to mask itself as necessity may set off some problematical behaviors such as starting fights, getting upset, or trying overly so to push things along.  Later, a more refined and delicate love may swell, but it’s important not to be caught in a little romantic moment that is little more than escapist self-delusion.  Creativity and spirituality should be enhanced.  (Sun quincunx Mars, Venus sextile Neptune)

Thur, Jan 17
Obsession and compulsions of thought and behavior may be energized.  It’s at a point where the mind crosses over the line of conscious control and more hidden, ulterior motivations start to take control.  This is bad of course because it means that a force tied to the planetary unconscious with its wilderness of denizens is moving though you, and that almost always results in bad consequences coming back to you.  More balanced and in-control persons however may be able to use this situation to bring about breakthroughs of mind, bringing mysteries to light and permanently eliminating blockages.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Fri, Jan 18
A feeling of fate and importance may rule the coming together of people right now.  Key issues of identity and purpose may come out in the play of relationships and events.  (Sun quincunx Node, semisquare Juno)

Sat, Jan 19
Playing off yesterday’s relationship dynamics, more passion and intrigue may be set off in them.  The underlying anxieties and motivations regarding desire and appreciation may direct things somewhat.  (Venus opposite Mars)

Sun, Jan 20
Problems and sticky psychological issues may now come up in relationships, which may cause them to end or temporarily sour. In actuality blockages to greater involvement and connection to each other are now laid bare, which can be dealt with in a patient, mature manner.  (Venus tridecile Saturn)

Mon, Jan 21
This could certainly be a pivotal day for many as the problems to taking greater action in life are brought to the surface.  Most, if not all, problems have at their root psychological knots, fears that inhibit or suppress decisive action or sense of anger and frustration (and an underlying powerlessness) that literally weakens the system. A feeling of urgency and desire to break away from previously binding paradigms however may enable you to make the leap to a new sense of selfhood and behavior. (Sun biquintile Mars and Saturn, Sun semisquare Uranus, Jupiter trine Saturn)

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