Mon, Feb 4
An intensity and depth may be experienced today, even through the agency of crisis or destruction.  Pluto has the effect of being the "cosmic wrecking ball" sometimes, the Sun minor aspect to that today may precipitate developments having to do with breakdown, decay, breakthrough, or transformation.  Pluto is also accompanied by a very base (sensual) form of sensation, and many times sexual matters are brought to the forefront during these times.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Tue, Feb 5
At some point today, communications in relationships will be enhanced, which would therefore be a good time to cement better connectivity.  (Mercury sextile Juno)

Wed, Feb 6
Relationships of an unusual, unexpected, but possibly short-term nature could come about today, respecting the unique qualities of others should be a successful strategy today.  Overall, communication and mental/intellectual functions should be empowered.  (Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus sextile Uranus)

Thur, Feb 7
The peak of the week very possibly could be today as two powerful malefic connect up in the sky.  An acutely felt frustration could temporarily seem to set you back, but as you regroup your energies and overcome what might seem to be insurmountable circumstances, you’ll find tremendous strength and fortitude to press on to goals which may suddenly become clear now.  The deep anxieties touched off have to do with personal delusions of inadequacy (merely a rationalization to avoid work) and that of powerlessness (a denial of your connection to an infinite divine power source.) (Mars quintile Saturn)

Fri, Feb 8
The mind may be swayed by latent obsessional or compulsive tendencies, which through balanced perspective and determination can be turned to mental/psychological breakthroughs; the ability to persuade or communicate will be deeply empowered likewise.  Important relationships may be highlighted, especially how power is distributed within them.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto, Sun sextile Juno)

Sat, Feb 9
No peaking influences

Sun, Feb 10
Relationships may hit stones of stumbling, trip-ups based on projecting personal shortcomings onto other people in your life.  There could also be a lessening of a feeling of vitality, which may cause all manner of pathological behavior but also cause latent physical allergies or sensitivities to flare.  Together these influences may cause it to be difficult to maintain the level of personal competence or accountability.  But for those who do not give up so easily, they’ll find determination and perspective to more firmly crystallize relationships and the ability to draw upon seemingly invisible sources of inspiration.  (Sun conjunct Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Mon, Feb 11
No peaking influences.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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