Week of Dec 25 to 31, 2007

by | Dec 24, 2007 | Predictions

Peaks this week occur on Wednesay and Thursday, Dec 26 and 27; giving a lot of opportunity to exercise our more exalted faculties, however unexpected trip-ups may…..

Tue, Dec 25, Christmas Day
The ancient celebration of the birth of the Son of God; whether he be named Krishna, Dionysus, Mithras, Prometheus, or even Jesus Christ is officially celebrated today.  More specifically it is around the winter solstice, now the Sun starts an ever increasing elevation in the sky making the days longer and longer again.  Today the Sun quintiles Uranus, sparking our ego to find slightly more distinction and separation from the herd.   Sometimes going along to get along just won’t sate the self which is the guardian of the delicate soul within and a little command goes forth to assert its previously garnered strength for a more personal mission, even if that act may shake the status quo to its very  core.  Mercury trines Saturn today, moderating and correctly modulating the tone of the voice and mind.  You may find greater organizational, tactical, and strategizing ability today. 

Wed, Dec 26
The very last leg of the previously mentioned "2007’s Last Roar" peaks today with Mars opposing Jupiter, bolstering courage and chutzpa, as it were.  A lot of loud, brash, and somewhat reckless actions may occur.  If they do say that actions speak louder than words, it is not always so that boldness and bravado-in-deed will replace a more workable, long-term execution strategy for progressive change.  Venus biquintiles Mars also, rising up the heat of relationships; as well as their underlying motivations. 

Thur, Dec 27
The integrity and vitality of the self may suddenly and mysteriously become absent, possibly allowing latent deceitful of dishonest tendencies to come out, which always seem to come out when things get hard.  This separates the real people out however, those who can exhibit faith and still find hope for their ideals.  (Sun semisquare Neptune, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Fri, Dec 28
Relationships and their energy may sudden manifest themselves, presenting intriguing but probably short-lived possibilities.  The key however to their perpetuation is for the restraint of the tendency to control, categorize, and otherwise restrict the other.  (Venus tridecile Uranus)

Sat, Dec 29
No peaking influences. 

Sun, Dec 30
Two mortal enemies, so to speak, make a harmonious relationship to each other, allowing a productive and important sort of synthesis of opposing polarities to occur.  There may be restraint, but other factors will help bring people together for more personal reasons.  (Sun trine Saturn, Venus quincunx Mars, Venus square Nodes)

Mon, Dec 31
No peaking influences.

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