Vedic and Western Astrology Cycles for the Week of December 2 to 10, 2007

Mon, Dec 3
There could be great emotional depth of feeling between people, as well as in general in life today causing surprising emotional situations.  The desire to pursue and engage may be very strong, possibly moving past appropriate boundaries.  It would be well to remember that the strong desire for something is many times based on a preconceived notion of a supposed lack of something in one's life, regardless if that notion is true or not.  As Venus (love) connects up with Mars (desire), as well as Pluto (a tremendous intensifier), the human delusion of neediness could subvert the normal impetus of Mars to act non-egoically and produce almost a craven lust for the object of its desires.  (Venus sextile Pluto, Venus tridecile Mars)
Tue, Dec 4
No peaking influences

Wed, Dec 5
Relationships may spring up unexpectedly and burn quite fast, but probably fizzle even quicker.  What may destroy the feeling right now may be the desire to hold onto and control relationship situations.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)
Thur, Dec 6

Early on European time, the tendency for the mind to trick itself (to perpetuate its selfish agendas) may be set off.  Even so be careful of miscalculations, errors of judgment causing dire consequences.  A sense of foreboding or pessimism, which could actually inhibit thought process or unnecessarily skew them negatively; but, if from a sense personal balanced mindedness, a healthy sense of skepticism and calculation could be triggered as well.  The problem there of course is that that use of the mind is not used to ulteriorly deceitful trends.  Also today a strong and inspiring sense of love may be in the air; and we must remember not to pin divine attributes to vulnerable, but essentially weak and corruptible human elements.  (Mercury quintile Neptune early, Venus tridecile Neptune, Mercury square Saturn)

Fri, Dec 7
Early on European time, a sense of urgency could seize the mind and voice possibly causing us to do rash, but inappropriate and premature things; even cause accidents, conflicts, and arguments.  The desire to rebel, to strike out against perceived injustices or inequalities may be strong right now.  "Fitting in" may be just as much a problem as is aforementioned offenses.  There could be a little bit of "mixing it up" today to nudge the status quo. (Mercury quincunx Mars early, Sun square Uranus)

Sat, Dec 8
This should be a good day to apply yourself to important tasks, and modulate your efforts for long-term effectiveness in what you produce.  There could be an initial amount of frustration or resistance to overcome, but it will yield to your determined persistence. (Mars sextile Saturn)

Sun, Dec 9
No peaking influences

Mon, Dec 10
No peaking influences