Better late than never, I’m getting out this summary of this week’s astrology.  The highlights are Uranus turning direct on Tuesday, December 1, 2009; helping to instill new social evolution by sparking our individual uniquenesses.  There will be a full moon this week, peaking on Wednesday, December 3, 2009, energizing affairs. 

Then on Monday, December 7, 2009 (also the official start of the Copenhagen climate conference) there will be an intense lineup of malefic planets signifying a lot of deliberation and implementation of agendas.  That is not exactly auspicious, possibly the conflicts between desire to have scientific debate and then to impose an agenda will prevent the success of it. 

Monday, Nov 30
Feeling bold and adventurous, people may say or do things in a spectacular fashion; but ultimately they may prove to be hollow ego-glorifying exercises.  Inspiration and creativity should be strong.  Some risks may pay off well.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Mercury square Uranus) 

Tuesday, Dec 1
The planet Uranus turns direct today, after some months of retrograde motion.  There is a possibility of unusual, sudden, and status-quo-disturbing developments.  Technological, scientific, and social innovations may arise; and the feeling of dissatisfactions in life that finally push one into new life directions may be stimulated.   

Wednesday, Dec 2, Full Moon
The Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun.  Energetic activity may be amplified, as well as the ability to act for good or ill.  Communications in relationships will be highlighted, most likely causing the reformation of relationship paradigms.  (Full Moon, Mercury square Juno) 

Thursday, Dec 3
Energy, the sense of personal honor, and spirituality may be vulnerable to compromise, error, or being afflicted somehow.  People may act in obsessive or deceitful ways, addictive behaviors (chemical dependencies) may be activated, and chronic conditions of health may flare.  People in positions of power may abuse their responsiblities, even if they have to rationalize to themselves their actions.  (Sun quintile Neptune)

Friday, Dec 4
A calm and constructive influence will settle on affairs today, especially in relationships.  Frustrations may be building already, which will peak tomorrow.  (Venus sextile Saturn)

Saturday, Dec 5
Frustrations may be high, thwarted ambitions may fester, and action may meet up with hard resistance.  This is good for intense physical labor, if the body or machinery involved is already prepared for the output; but also the tendency for injuries and accidents are possible so be careful.  Unusual and exciting relationship dynamics may occur, but could be spoiled by tendencies of possessiveness or wanting to dominate the situation.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus tridecile Uranus) 

Sunday, Dec 6
Passion may strong, emotions will be hot whether they be within the context of relationships or other life-situations.  Very deeply set relationship issues will be brought out.  (Venus tridecile Mars, semisquare Node) 

Monday, Dec 7
This could be a very intense and stressful day, but also very productive and personal breakthroughs are eminently possible.  Pessimism and depression may need to be compensated for, turn despair into determined action to overcome difficulties.  Ardent concentration may yield greatly profitable results.  Be careful of accident, injuries or conflicts; or placing yourself in potentially dangerous areas.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto, square Saturn, Sun quintile Saturn)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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