Upsurge in Violence Accompanied by Mars and Pluto

by | May 12, 2010 | Current Events

Violence In IraqOn Monday this week, the 10th, there was a strong surge of violence in Iraq resulting in at least 114 deaths and 300 injuries at last report.  Sectarian violence has been increasing in the wake of bitterly contested election on March 7, 2010.  As to who really incited the attacks, Sunni or Shiite factions, or even the US military itself is debatable; however the astrology of the event is clear enough.

On this day as indicated in SWN, the Sun formed a hard aspects (sesquiquadrate, or 135 degrees) to Pluto, and then a parallel to Mars. From the predictions page: “The stops may be pulled out with regard to energy, motivation, and application; the envelope may be pushed at all levels.  Some may succeed in something incredible, while others only to have it blow up in their face.  Mental, emotional, and physical breakdowns are possible, as well as mechanical/technological.”

Pluto certainly is associated with disruption and chaos, and the Mars factor certainly ties into teh violence.  In combination to the larger aspects in the astrology of this year (as detailed in Mounting Challenges) we can see developmental events in the Middle East.

Former Iraqi prime minister, Iyad Allawi, used the violence spike to claim that unless the US and allies maintain a strong presence in Iraq no national government of Iraq stands a chance.  President Obama’s plans to reduce US troops in Iraq to half of what they are now would have to change.

If anyone beleives in the “wag the dog” theory of warfare, you might speculate at the convenience of sudden upsurges in violence that would mandate keeping policy at Bush Administration levels in Iraq.  I don’t mean to prove anything here, but just to provide an alternative context to affairs.

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