September 5, 2023
Trump’s Indictment Journey, Saturn Exacts Payment
by Curtis Burns,

The Astrology of Donald Trump Indictments 2023

So far Donald Trump seems to have passed through some the worst of his astrology, at least coming out relatively unscathed.  He did not win the 2020 election, even though he says it was stolen from him; the point it that it was not “good” for him.

However, the whole astrolgical story of Donald Trump is yet to be told, and the upcoming passage of his life as foretold by his transits and Vedic dasas is still rather intimidating.  I should say though that for him there is some light at the end of the dark tunnel he’s currently in.

Currently with multiple indictments from New York and Georgia and 91 criminal counts against him, even though he is the frontrunner for the Republicans his dreams of re-occupying the White House are somewhat under siege.  Trump has a tough road ahead of him.

Remember that I am using the sidereal zodiac planet positions and a combination of Western and Vedic astrology interpretation techniques.

Saturn Opposite Trump Ascendant 2023

Currently, as of this writing, August 24, 2023, the Sun is right at his ascendant and Saturn is retrograding back in exact opposition to that same ascendant.  The peak dates for this astrology are Oct 11-12 and November 24-26, 2023 as Saturn will retrograde back over opposition to his ascendant and then it goes direct and makes exact aspect again.  After those dates, the transiting planets are no longer as adversarial for him, at least through this current election cycle.

You can also see the now-separating opposition of transiting Pluto to his natal Venus and Saturn in his twelfth house, which has already passed it’s peak.

Transiting Saturn opposite Trump Ascednant and Pluto separating opposing Venus and Saturn

Transiting Saturn opposite Trump Ascednant and Pluto separating opposing Venus and Saturn


Donald Trump Mugshot Astrology Sun conjunct Ascendant

Mugshot taken the day the transiting Sun was conjunct his ascendant degree and opposed by Saturn.

Noteably, Aug 24 was the day he took his now-famous mugshot.  This is a picture of someone who has the Sun conjunct his ascendant, also Saturn opposing that same ascendant.

He made it through the very malefic transit of Pluto in opposition to his Venus and Saturn in his twelfth house.  So, while he did not end up in incarceration as many people thought, he did suffer losses, whether it be in reputation, the Presidency, or just secretive forces trying to undermine him.

Regardless of one’s personal opinions about Trump, he’s an outlier and therefore not a part of the in-crowd that operates inside the beltway of Washington, DC.  Outliers are longshots at best.

Trump Vedic Astrology Dasas Indictments 2023

If I look at his Vedic dasa/sub-dasa sequence, he’s currently under Jupiter-Venus-Moon.  With his Moon in Scorpio describing his present state (Aug-early Sept 2023), it’s a bit severe.  Scorpio is the debility of the Moon, but it’s debility is cancelled because it’s disposing planet, Mars, is angular.  It’s also fully lit up by the Sun (a full moon), but also rules the undoing twelfth house.  Trump’s Moon is also conjunct Ketu, the so-called Tail of the Dragon, which is associated with loss.

Trump Astrology Dasas MOonSo, under the sub-dasa of the Moon in Scorpio, he’s combative-aggressive arrayed  against oppressive forces and he probably has a bit of an existential crisis.  Some other planet is going to have to come to his assistance, and we’ll see more about that later here.

The next sub-dasa will be that of Mars and then Rahu, from Sept 9 to Nov 11, to April 1, 2024.  These are both also combative planets, and their influences coincide with the Saturn-to-Ascendant transit mentioned above.  Winter of 2203 into 2024 looks especially intense and potentially unpleasant for him. Trump will undoubtedly behave in unsavory ways, but unlike the past, now he basically has a gag order over him.  He’ll either need to resentfully comply or possibly make things much harder for himself.

For a person with Leo rising with Mars right there to, acceding to authority can be very difficult; but maybe that’s the test also.  No man is a law unto himself, no matter how much he believes it to be.

In April through August of 2024 Trump comes under the influence of Jupiter (as a sub-dasa), so as he endures all the stresses of Mars and Rahu over the first part of the year, he gets a reprieve from a beneficent planet.  His confidence is kindled again, and nothing may seem out of his reach.

However, in early August ’24 through the electionn in November he comes under inevitable Saturn.  One can’t escape karma, and his version of Saturn is pretty daunting: debilitated, flanked by malefic planets, and disposed by a debilitated planet (albeit debility cancelled).

We have to pay the price for our previous deeds, it doesn’t mean that we don’t achieve our goals, but we get humbled in the process.Trump Astrology Yogini Dasas 2023-24

Some might say that Trump is under Jupiter-Venus all this while, and those are definitely “good” overshadowing planets.  However, Venus is the tenth house ruler in the twelfth house for Trump, which is not very good.  His reputation, achievements and life-success  (tenth house) is blemished (twelfth house).

If he were to win the election, he would have to wait until July of 2025 until his astrology starts to pick up again, entering into Jupiter-Sun and then -Moon, -Mars, and -Rahu through the rest of his term.  For Trump these should all be much better phases of his life, I would think bringing back the old Trump that people either adore or despise.  For a person that feeds off of publicity, seemingly good or bad, that’s just more fuel to the fire to carry on, even into his eighties.

Donald Trump Vedic Yogini Dasas 2023-24

If I look at his Yogini dasas (an alternate but significant dasa system) it corroborates the Vimshottari sequence above but adds a bit of nuance to things, as we’ll see.

Just as the legal proceedings against Trump started to heat up, he entered a Mars sub-dasa of Saturn, from Feb 2023 to October 2023.  This is a corroborating “karmic watershed” period for him, but it seems to switch more positively soon enough, Mercury (a brighter influence) until August 2024, when he goes into a Venus dasa for the next seven years.

Venus is pretty pleasant by itself, but remember that it rules his twelfth house of undoing and is conjunct a very malefic Saturn there.  So, maybe more humble pie for Trump according to Yogini dasas.

Summary of 2023-24 Astrology of Donald Trump

With this article trying to walk an objective line about Trump’s re-election run, I would say that he will be struggling until about April of 2024 with a good run through that summer, but in the final two months before the election in November, he will have some significant obstacles to overcome.  In the end, it doesn’t matter for Trump whether he wins or loses. From the standpoint of his soul, Saturn will be doing it’s inevitable work of chastening and humbling his ego, bringing him more into alignment with the greater plan, as it were, wherever that falls in the cosmic scheme of things.

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