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by | May 30, 2012 | Predictions

Predictions for May 29 to June 4, 2012

The Ancient of Days by William BlakeWe are coming up on a period of profound astrology configurations, mainly which will peak next week.  However, as I have endeavored to present on this website over the last month or so, there has been a series of significant configurations going on.  Doubtless, many awesome things are coming about in everyone’s world’s, even though it may seem to be anything but awesome. 

You see, the Universe (or your particular deity attribution thereof) only regards us as pure beings of light, countless mirrorings of It’s own divine majesty.  All else is irrelevant, illusory, and not to be concerned with; that is, all the myriad variations of “I’m so bad, sad, miserable, and misbegotten” are meaningless and unreal in the eyes of the Universe. 

My point here astrologically is that the seeming “bad” things that happen to us under astrology seemingly all the time, are profoundly amazing and Divine in action.  Speaking generally, all things occur to us specifically to exalt our sense of selfhood, and to extricate us from our self-perpetuated prison houses of suffering and delusion.  Just take it as truth. 

So with all the stuff happening in the skies, I am most certain that incredible things have been happening to you, and that if you follow with what they bring you to, you will be led on an adventure that you cannot comprehend right now.  One way or another you are being touched by God, whether you dare to believe it or not. 

For instance, right now millions of people have lost their jobs.  How good is that?  Well economic high crimes of Wall Street and banking aside, what is happening is that those people are being taken out of their  familiar milieu and they have to experience directly now how it is not their hard work, good job, or education that keeps them alive day to day; it is literally the Divine Hand of providence.  When they understand this that can go forward fearless, and possibly liberated from a previous image of theirselves (as a teacher, construction worker, or florist), but something more all-inclusive, and they no longer are burdened by the vain pursuits of modern western materialism. 

Challenges and trials can be called blessings in disguise, but do we even need the pretense of calling them disguises?  Everything (including the “bad” astrology) is a certain manifestation of the Divine, which seeks to exalt us. 

Next week we have three major events astrologically: a lunar eclipse, Neptune turning retrograde, and the much-touted Venus transit of the Sun, which I’ll be covering in more detail on SWN.  But I can say right now, that everyone probably is turning a corner on the paths of their lives, the outcomes of which will become clear in the weeks and months to come.  

Tuesday, May 29
Focus, determination and intensity today may bring you to breakthroughs; may not exactly be a day for rest and relaxation.  Change may be a chaotic process right now, things may be breaking down.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun quincunx Pluto)

Wednesday, May 30
Interesting relationship developments, presenting potential, but which may be quick to begin and end.  Later on there may be moments of alarm, hysteria, or urgency.  Keep cool, sanity will soon return. (Juno opposite Jupiter, Venus quintile Uranus, Mercury square Mars)

Thursday, May 31
Urgency and passion may characterize relationships today, even people taking unfair advantage of others.  (Mars quintile Juno)

Friday, June 1
Cordiality will be high, pleasant connection may form.  (Mercury conjunct Venus)

Saturday, June 2
Perception and analysis may be overly biased towards as yet unactualized hopes and dreams, which may or may not be a good thing.  Verification and a little bit of personal scrutiny help go a long way, to eliminating false paths.  At the same time, creativity and spirituality should be favored.  Connecting to higher centers can be more easily facilitated; but also beware of physical sensitivities debilitating your faculties.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, June 3
Even though Neptune is goes stationary tomorrow (and is already in effect, more on that below), today finding balance and perspective in views may be more easily found.  There may be a methodical character to the day.  (Mercury trine Saturn)

Monday, June 4
Lunar eclipse and Neptune turn retrograde today.  Not exactly a day for getting down to brass tacks, detached analysis, or even clarity.  Things may not go so well, so you just have to ride with the waves, as it were.  Issues may arise involving liquids, oily substances, or toxins (and intoxicants).  That lost feeling we all get occasionally may be the Universe thrusting us into new territory, where a new sense of perspective needs to be developed.  Usually Neptune sends us up to great heights, and the so-called thin atmosphere gives us that light headed feeling. However, looking down from great heights, we can see how small indeed was the little world we lived in, but which seemed to fill up the entire universe.  In other areas, especially relationships, needs and desires may set each other off, lighting up our worlds some.  (Lunar eclipse, Neptune stationary retrograde, Venus square Mars)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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