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Astrology for the Week of Oct 25, 2010: Saturn Sesquiquadrate Neptune

This week the planet Saturn perfects its aspect to Neptune, on Wednesday, October 27.  The effects as I’ve usually found with real-time transits in the sky proceeds like this: as the aspect becomes exact the energy “spikes” and we have a very impactful experience of the influences of the planets.

Connecting, Understanding and Accpeting: Saturn and NeptuneThe shock catches us off guard and what is brought up in us are unresolved psychological patterns (call them karmic) that resonate with the planets involved. This is where the “bad” part comes, and it is at this point where we have the choice of keeping ourselves emotionally calm and take action accordingly, or we can allow ourselves to go a little “crazy” and probably mess things up even more for us down the road.

The “good” part of any configuration is the permanent changes that are brought about by the event of the transit at the focal point of time when it occurs; the good part comes after.  We learn something about ourselves, we gain new skills and confidence, and the integrity of our psychological structure is fortified.

Therefore, there are no bad astrological configurations; everything pushes us along an evolutionary path.  Relationship breakups, job losses, financial emergencies, injuries, and the like introduce change into our lives; and the hardest thing about such changes is just accepting that they happened.  It seems nine tenths of the stress in our lives is the mental adjustments we need to make.

So as Saturn aspects Neptune we get the fear and struggle for control reflex meeting up with the confused and disjointed feeling we get when familiar support structures “dissolve” away.  Eventually a greater feeling of selfhood amidst an intense etherialization will occur, especially if we persevere in our course.

Saturn has to learn to not try to control the outcome of things and Neptune has to learn to feel comfortable in a new kind of state of being and to be able to connect, understand and accept the energy/information flow it is presently in.

Some of the things people may experience is the discomfort of seeming loss of control, accepting outcomes that were not what was expected (or what is thought to be “merited”), and being put in that uncertain space where one has to have faith that invisible and heretofore in-comprehensible forces are actively in charge for the universal good of all. The process is unsettling or traumatic at first, but it becomes more beneficial by the day.

Mon, Oct 25
Profoundly beautiful and deeply emotional situations may arise, it would be wise to ensure that what seems to touch your heart is based on a real development in your life and not merely a hope or fantasy that seems to take form and then just as quickly disappear.  There could be background influence of impatience that could bring about a situation of overly-heated excitement.  (Mars trine Uranus, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Tues, Oct 26
Enthusiasm and a sense of personal power can be directed towards goals that will take you far ahead, but be careful of inappropriate or unrealistic methods employed; and that your motives are honorable as well.  Intolerance for limiting, confining, or overly-orthodox thought may be strong.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun biquintile Uranus)

Wed, Oct 27
This may feel like an unpleasant day with disappointed expectations and mysterious losses of time, energy, or resources; but there is surely a higher purpose to what seems otherwise to be frustrating situations.  (Saturn sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Thurs, Oct 28
Cordiality should be high, positive and purposeful relationship situations should be favored.  (Sun conjunct Venus)

Friday-Saturday, Oct 29-30
No peaking influences

Sunday, Oct 31, Halloween
This could be a strange Halloween indeed; unusual or mysterious circumstances may arise.  There could be a subtle eroding of the sense of honesty or integrity, a blurring of distinctions which can be very convenient, and actions may arise that will not end well.  Physical vitality may be at low ebb, chronic conditions may flare.  Too much Halloween candy could have unfortunate effects!  (Sun tridecile Neptune)

Monday, Nov 1
A very interesting day for debate, study, contemplation, or speaking out.  Over-enthusiasm and base motivations may skew results; emotions and passions will be strong with an emphasis on connecting.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Venus sextile Pluto, Venus biquintile Uranus)

Curtis Burns

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