The War in the Earth

by | Oct 26, 2009 | Predictions

Astrology for the Week of October 26, 2009

This can be quite a developmental and active week for everybody.  With the major aspect between Saturn and Neptune on Monday, October 26, to strong aspects to Mars from the Sun and Pluto later on in the week; there could be fireworks after a fashion.

The War in the Earth - Buddha and Mara

Relationships will be accented  with the aspects of Venus to the Nodes , Pluto, and Neptune at various times this week. Love will be a moving force, and sometimes love causes unpleasant things to happen, but like all things they are for the good.  The laws of the universe, specifically that of karma, are like the inexorable hounds of heaven pursuing us to the end until we make peace with each other, pay off our debts, and embrace peace within our selves.

So by and by we are drawn together for seemingly haphazard reasons, but always behind it is the impelling, fateful power of karma.  Random chance is really a human delusion; the universe and the way it works is perfection.  We humans like to think there is no rhyme or reason to life at times because we have a vested interested in perpetuating the idea that to strive and work towards ideals and goals is futile; but that is only because we refuse to take responsibility for our lives.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by family, material, and emotional forces; but we forget that we have a power within us (wholly divine) to surmount any difficulty and to act as veritable gods and goddesses on the world stage.  There is a war in the earth, but it is waged primarily in the heart and mind.  The forces of Divine Empowerment and Evil Despair compete for dominance over our minds; yet the latter is the force of illusion, the One who lives only because we continue to give him power in our lives.

Deny the evil one reality in your life and he disappears, as he was a figment of your imagination essentially.  I don’t want to sound like a fundamentalist preacher, but I speak of the “evil” one like it is referred to in the Eastern legends such as Mara, the one who Buddha finally defeated prior to becoming enlightened under the bodhi tree.  Mara projected great illusions into his mind to prevent him from attaining spiritual liberation (a state of mind called samadhi), but Buddha remained steadfast in his meditation finally calling upon the Earth itself to defend him, from which Mara fled.

So we come together with different people for a season; we may part or we may be come friends for life; but it is hardly random chance that governs our meetings and partings.  What seems without reason or chaotic to our perspective becomes purposeful and ordered from the larger perspective of karmic cycles and higher spiritual matters.  We are introduced to new ideas and concepts through people, and we are forced to re-evaluate our presently retained thoughts through them.  People and situations become a mirror to direct our attention to specific areas of life.

When planet such as Venus and the Nodes come into hard angles to each other this implies that we are coming into contact with people and situations which embody ideas with seem to be at odds to ours, yet they are still similar.  We have the opportunity to reconcile our mind and emotions and be able to contain seemingly opposed concepts harmoniously in stride; when this happens we can move on.  Otherwise we get stuck, taking the same “lessons” over and over. Venus is indeed moving into square to the Nodes, as well as connecting to other planets this week.

If you look through the day by day section below you’re going to notice also that there are significant aspects of Mars to the Sun, Pluto, and Uranus this week also, which means that there will be a few moments of intensity and turbulence also on different days.

Next week on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, the planet Neptune turns direct after some months being retrograde (moving backwards); therefore we can be assured “Neptunian” issues will become prominent in our lives then: spiritual liberation, creativity, compassionate action, and then some of the negatives of illusions and delusions, problems with chemicals and substances, and how people and society can try to undermine themselves.  Neptune also has a tendency to cause people to feel lost, confused, and despairing.

Mon, Oct 26
Today and the days leading up to it may have a great sense of futility, a void of enthusiasm, or a decidedly dark cast of mind; the key though is to pull yourself up as mysteriously as you have been put down;  that is , a faith that things will turn around if you just hold on.  (Saturn biquintile Neptune)

Tuesday, Oct 27
Sudden and unusual new trends of though may appear creating excitement and talk; be careful that the excitement of the day only serves to create false expectations and bold pronouncements but very little in the way of actual substance or follow through.  (Mercury tenth harmonic aspects to Jupiter and Uranus)

Wednesday, Oct 28
Vitality and motivation may be mysteriously affected, unusual actions or behaviors may manifest, some of which may be deceitful and deceptive.  In other areas social environments should be enhanced; connectedness and a bonding through higher truths can occur.  Good fortune may manifest.  There may be a background buzz affecting our subconscious, unresolved energy patterns, which are nevertheless magnetic and compelling.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Thursday, Oct 29
Carrying over from yesterday, anger and personal power issues will be brought to light.  A feeling of disempowerment may bring about an overcompensating sense of personal offense, the need to act out in an intimidating manner; and an unresolved emotional matter may contribute to any type of accident, conflict or injury.  Relationships are strongly accented.  (Sun square Mars, Venus quintile Mars, Sun sesquiquadrate Juno)

Friday, Oct 30
Relationships again are accented with strong emotions; emotional reactions in general may be surprisingly strong; and relationships could inadvertently slip over into inappropriate passion and/or competitiveness.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Juno)

Saturday, Oct 31
Ideas and words may sound beautiful and have inspiring effect; but the ideas themselves may be based on erroneous thinking, if not downright delusion.  The Sun aspecting Uranus today may inflame a sense of indignation at abuses of power and curtailments of personal freedoms.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune, Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Sunday, Nov 1
The will and motive to act are pushed over into overdrive, physical barriers and limits of safe performance may be ignored.  Consequently damage to body and machine can occur.  There could be moments of hysteria, alarm, and urgency; be careful accidents, injuries, or conflicts.  Relationships will be accented.  (Mars biquintile Pluto, Mercury square Mars, Mercury and Venus aspect Juno)

Monday, Nov 2
Situations of urgency and alarm continue from yesterday; impatience may be amplified.  Anger and agitated emotions could arise suddenly and with shocking impact.  Relationships and connections are highlighted, but the differences between them may be accented.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus square Node, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus quincunx Uranus, Venus trine Neptune)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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