First House or Ascendant (Lagna): You, Your Primary Motivations and Psychology

The true character, personality, body, complexion, constitution, and behavior.  The head.  Infancy.  The most important place of the birthchart.  The planetary ruler is also important. 

Type of house: Dharma, Kendra, Trikona

Second House (Dhana Bhava) : Family, Wealth, Mouth, Eyes, and Face

Wealth, earned wealth; the mouth, refinement in articulation or problems in speech; the right eye, imagination, memory, the lower face and neck.  The condition of your early life.  Your eating habits and patterns of consumption, addictive tendencies.  Family life.  Longevity (death).  Truthfulness.  Early education.  Second marriage.  Items of luxury: jewels, perfumes, etc. 
Type of house: Rajasic, Artha, Maraka

Third House (Sahaja Bhava): Creativity, Courage, Self-Promotion, Siblings, Communications
Creative efforts; the arts (dance, literature, drama, and music); courage; the ears, arms, hands, and siblings (usually younger).  Self-promotion, communications.  Fights.  Death (loss) of parents (twelfth house from fourth).  Longevity (eighth house from the eighth house).
Type of House: Upachaya, Rajasic, Dusthana, Kama

Fourth House (Bhatru Bhava):  Inner and Domestic Life, Mother, Home, the Heart

Fixed assets: home, land, and property; gardens, caves; your mother; overall happiness; education; the heart (emotional and physical); your lungs.  Your mother.  Conveyances; cars, trucks, vehicles.  The public.  Breasts, chest.  Middle education.  Short journeys.  Family matters (second house from second house).  A place to look at to get an idea of their psychology; the base of your life. 
Type of house: Sattvic, Moksha, Kendra

Fifth House (Putra Bhava):  Intelligence, Children, Good Karma, Spiritual Activities
Children, higher education, advanced degrees, speculation (Investments, entrepreneurial pursuits, gambling).  Indicates one’s moral character and destiny.  Talent.  Good deeds in past lives.  Discrimination, intelligence, mantras, yantras, religious ceremonies.  Entertainment, sports, athletics.  The stomach area.  Spirituality, ritual and liturgy.  Love affairs.  Experiences with governmental or legal organizations. 
Type of house: Sattvic, Dharma, Trikona

Sixth House (Ari Bhava):  Enemies, Health, Work Situations
Enemies, an indication of those who become jealous of you, try to discredit you, intimidate you or bring you down.  Testing of your resolve and commitment.  Dealing with conflict.  Legal battles, wars.  Health issues, the healing profession involvement.  Liver, kidneys, and lower digestive tract.  Pets. Anxieties, vices.  Sharp-edged tools, weapons, surgery.  Foreigners, those of different cultures and faiths.  Debts.  Service, daily jobs, servants, tenants. 
Type of house: Tamasic, Upachaya, Dusthana, Artha

Seventh House (Yuvati Bhava):  Relationships, Marriage, Sex, Business Life

Partnerships, spouse, married life.  Business partnerships, business travel (foreign).  Organs of the lower abdomen.  Sex, reproductive fluid.  Business life (tenth house from tenth house). 
Type of house: Rajasic, Kama, Maraka, Kendra
Eighth House (Randara Bhava):  Longevity, Deep Secrets, Crisis
Longevity.  Opportunity to accrue unearned money (lottery, inheritance, insurance settlements, alimony).  Interest in metaphysics.  Research ability.  Hidden pursuits.  Charisma, sexuality.  Chronic difficulties, problems not easily overcome.  Eliminative organs; generative organs.  Jointly owned resources.  Crisis, disasters, catastrophe.  Regeneration, transformation.  Deep psychological issues.  Obsessions, compulsions. 
Type of house: Tamasic, Dusthana, Moksha

Ninth House (Dharma Bhava):  Good Fortune, Father, Spiritual Understanding

The father, mentors, spiritual advisors.  Good fortune, long distance travel.  Spiritual growth, higher understanding.  The most auspicious house (fifth house from fifth house).  Law, medicine, philosophy. 
Type of house: Sattvic, Dharma, Trikona

Tenth House (Karma Bhava):  Reputation, Career, Distinction, Authorities

Career matters, work .  Fame, reputation, leadership, and authority.  The knees.  Authority figures, the boss. 
Type of house: Upachaya, Tamasic, Artha, Kendra

Eleventh House (Labha Bhava):  Gains, Friends, Goals and Desires
Gains, siblings (usually older), entrepreneurial pursuits, friendships, group affairs, organizational activities.  Windfalls, unearned money; desires and wishes.  Discharge from prison or hospital, etc. (twelfth house from the twelfth house)  The legs below the knees.  Uncles.  Minor malefic influence (sixth house from sixth house) 
Type of house: Tamasic, Upachaya, Kama

Twelfth House (Vyaya Bhava):  Release, Retreat, Losses
Long distance travel or living abroad, sexual pleasure, loss, spiritual liberation and transformation.  Confinement (prison, hospitals, institutions, retreats.  Expenditures.  Secret enemies, conspiracies, persecutions.  Kidnapping, theft, poisoning, etc.  Feeling of inferiority.  Secret suffering.  Selfless service.  The feet and left eye. 
Type of house: Sattvic, Dusthana, Moksha
Mercury, God of Thieves

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