The Force that Seeks to Break its Containment: Uranus Retrograde

In the USA we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, and this year the astrological fireworks are indeed spectacular over the July 4th weekend for the whole world. As I have endeavored to explain in my book Mounting Challenges 2009-11, some of the most challenging astrological configurations will be perfecting over the summer of 2010 with one final punch in January 2011.

This weekend will have some major mid-level configurations occurring and could coincide with some developmental landmarks (for good or for ill) on the world stage.  I hate to try to specify how, but developments could occur economically in the markets, in nature, how those with power and authority act, how things breakdown or breakout appropriately, and their impact on our minds and emotions.

There look to be two days of significance astrologically: Monday, July 5th, and Saturday, July 3rd, in order of strength.

Monday, July 5th has all sorts of interesting things occurring: Uranus goes stationary retrograde, Mars aspects Pluto, and the Sun aspects Neptune; this is a class “A” malefic day according to astrology.  Uranus has to do with dissatisfaction and the potential for radical, unusual, and disrupting turns of events; levels of intolerance may reach critical levels.  Control always contends with resistance and resentment; you need control to keep things from exploding, as it were; but without the force that seeks to break its containment you get nowhere.  You can’t suppress it completely, nor would you want to; you need to regulate and direct it.

Uranus represents the force that seeks to exceed its containment, and it’s standing still in the sky for a few days may coincide with the strong undercurrents of unrest.  Along with Mars and Pluto interacting on the same day; there could be some intense energetics going on with no small amount of pushing the envelope in our interactions with each other.  Many times people in war zones during these times (such as Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, the Sudan, Afghanistan, or Pakistan) are under increased risk of injury or death.  The earth itself has been known to shake under these influences.

The aspect of the Sun on Neptune on the same day will be to blur boundaries, to loosen morals, and to introduce all sorts of elements of mystery, deception, or loss of honor in actions.  Chronic conditions of health and allergies and sensitivities will be set off as well; people are also more prone to engage in escapist or addictive behavior (drugs, alcohol, etc.).

So two days previous on Saturday, July 3, the Sun will be conjunct the South Node, or Ketu, as it is called in Vedic astrology.  Ketu has a similar sort of Neptunian feel to it, but possibly subtler and more karmic (bringing people and situations together).  Ketu is punchier to.  All in all this adds up to a potentially potent weekend; and the good or bad of it will be in how you adjust yourself and utilize the situations that these configurations push in front of us.

Wed, June 30
Emotions and relationships run strong and deep, many times eclipsing our normal sensibilities.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Thurs, July 1
Perceptions and communications may be hampered by bias and distortions, and there may be a sense of added urgency.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, sextile Mars)

Fri, July 2
People and situations may come off for a while as overly negative, pessimistic notions may prevail, and a sense of inhibition, self-censer, and uncertainty may interfere with the free flow of information.  It may be possible though to achieve very shrewd, realistic, and incisive state of mind.  (Mercury quintile Saturn)

Sat, July 3
This could be a day of fateful meetings, personal revelations and life-developments.  In other areas the sense of personal authority and confidence may be challenged.  (Sun conjunct South Node)

Sun, July 4, Independence Day USA
An upbeat and enlightened tone may characterize the day, be careful of exaggerations (conscious or not), unrealistic expectations (which will surely fail down the road), and grandiose proclamations which never seem to result in anything.  For the more centered however, discussion and investigations may prove profitable.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Mon, July 5
Today could have a very mixed bag of karmic (challenging) situations. Be careful of self-deceptions, impetuosity and haste, nervousness and hysteria, situations with potential accidents or injuries (war zones), or potential landmines being set off in the emotional quarter of relationships and human affairs.  The whole world tends to want to move up and forward, and the energies of social dynamism may be very apparent.  (Uranus retrograde station, Mars tridecile Pluto, Sun and Mercury aspecting Neptune, Venus aspects Uranus)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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