Predictions for the Week of August 2, 2009

This week influences are relatively negligible, but then turn more intense starting Friday and culminating on Monday, August 10.  Fears may be fanned strong by the heat of arduous passion.  Many times what we strongly want, the desires thereof can have very deep underpinnings of inadequacy.The Epitome of Selfishness

The burning desire to prove something or to covet some cherished goal can be seen really to be acts of desperation.  When Mars squares Saturn like on Monday, August 10; I am reminded of the Martian/Arian tendency of impatience meeting up with the Saturnian/Capricornian tendency to overcompensate for a sense of inadequacy; they both feed off of each other.  Mars wants it now, Saturn acts pathologically; together they can create psychologically unsound motives.

Consequently what happens is that something goes wrong, breaks down, is hurt, and there is regret.  This is not to say that desiring to prove something is wrong or that a feeling of inadequacy is inappropriate at times either; but they can play off each other at inopportune times.

A man strongly wants to be the top seller of his organization, but his efforts to raise himself on a pedestal are because he is under the illusion that he’s really worthless and incompetent underneath. His ego spurs him on to prove himself, but it’s all unnecessary.   His zeal causes him to neglect his family, his health deteriorates, and he can never enjoy one moment of his earned successes; this is the epitome of selfishness, the ego which can never be satisfied removes him from caring for those that need him.

In the universe there are two kinds of rewards: those that we take by wile and force, and then those that are given to us.  If we spend all our time trying to wrest the treasures of the universe based on a sense of scarcity and harshness, then we have no energy left over to help make the world a better place.  But if we rest a little more contented, knowing that we have what we need now and that we aren’t cruelly deprived by the universe then we have abundant energy left over to help those in need.

We are here to serve after all, and not chase after questionable personal glory.  In truth, we are never without the resources and the love that we need, but it is our ego that would tell us otherwise.   Of course there are people suffering in Afghanistan and India, but even for them every day is a new opportunity to pull things together and let a miracle of cosmic love happen.

Sunday, August 2
No peaking influences

Monday, August 3
At times a strong feeling of dissatisfaction and the urge to make a sudden radical change in life will be strong.  The sense of intolerance of abuse of power, or viewing people or situations as threats to personal freedom and unique self expression may be very acute.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Tuesday, August 4
Relationships are definitely on the mind, getting together and making friction.  (Venus square Juno, Mars quintile Juno)

Wednesday, August 5
No peaking influences

Thursday, August 6
No peaking influences

Friday, August 7
Relationship situations may seem to hold promise, but there are many emotional brick walls in the way apparently.  Workable, albeit somewhat reserved relationships are favored to come about.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, quintile Saturn)

Saturday, August 8
Early on deep psychological, motivational, and instinctual forces will be stirred; at times getting a little out of control.  Obsessive or compulsive behaviors and thinking patterns can be activated.  Physical and/or mechanical breakdowns can occur; for other personal breakthroughs are possible.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Sunday, August 9
Feelings may be deceiving; connections may promise many beautiful things but most likely will fall short.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Monday, August 10
Decidedly harsh moments can be experienced with Mars and Saturn squaring each other today; frustrations and tempers may flare; accidents and injuries are possible.  A feeling of powerlessness and inadequacy may dog your thoughts, inhibiting actions that may be important.  Some however may find deep strength in otherwise stressful conditions; intensive physical actions like weight lifting and yoga will be enhanced but make sure warm ups are dutifully done.  (Mars square Saturn, Jupiter retrogrades back into sidereal Capricorn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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