Thanksgiving week looks to be rather quiet.  As you meditate before you take your Thanksgiving dinner, you may marvel at the abundance of the universe thast sustains you, not only with food but opportunities, friends, and challanges that bring out the best of you.  You might note also the stark disparity of abundance in the earth right now.  Some are under the threat of war, bombs, and destruction; others deal with poverty, starvation, and despair.  All is not right with the state of affairs in the earth, and self-sovereign individuals have great power at their disposal to turn these conditions around.

Mon Tues, and Wed, Nov 22-24
No peaking influences

Thurs, Nov 25, Thanksgiving
Debate and discussion may be a little spirited and some facts and perspectives may be skewed for convenience sake.   Too much turkey and stuffing however may mute and cut short the discourse soon enough.  (Mercury square Jupiter)

Friday, Nov 26
No peaking influences

Sat, Nov 27
There may be contrasts of enthusiasm alternating with pessimism and negative attitudes, sharp minds however may find a powerful balance of the moods to create enduring and penetrating projects, initiatives, or thrusts.  Mars moves into sidereal Sagittarius, producing a noticeable shift in personal and collective affairs.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune, Mercury square Uranus)

Sun, Nov 28
Social, cultural, and spiritual affairs look to be favored; be careful of the misuse or misallocation of funds and resources on endeavors which ultimately are frivolous.  (Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Mon, Nov 29
The sense of adventurism may be overly sitmulated or prematurely set off, causing a lot of fanfare but the probability of failure.  Enthusiasm and energy may burn hot, possibly burning out the motor, as it were.  Circumspect individuals however may be able to accomplish much.  (Mars square Jupiter)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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