Astrology Week of November 23, 2009: Power-Packed Holiday

This Thanksgiving week has some potentially power-packed moments, specifically on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, November 26, 27, and 29. Thanksgiving dinner on the 26th could be lively including undertones of anger, frustration, and impatience.  Long simmered resentments and offenses in a psyche that has disempowerment issues may reach critical mass and threaten to explode. Thanksgiving 2009

A little bit of self control strategically employed though will go a long way to transforming a tense situation into one of surprisingly effective action; that is, don’t fly off the handle, but try to implement a workable solution to the situation that begs for reform now.  Don’t elect to do the angry righteous bluster thing, take the calm, self-assured route.

The planets involved are the Sun, Mars, and Uranus, which are all malefic planets, which come into a rare fifth and tenth harmonic version of the t-square.  Ebertin, the early 20th century Germain astrologer describes this configuration as: “A sound physique capable of of sudden extra effort, a person who is able to act quickly, a sudden adjustment to new circumstances and conditions in life, injury, accident, operation, birth.”

Sunday the 29th has the distinction of Mars aspecting Pluto.  Since Pluto intensifies whatever it connects with, it will push Mars’ proactive zeal to obsessive/compulsive levels.  There could be a danger to body or physical/mechanical objects due to overwork and pushing them to production levels past safe limits.

Situations may seem intense or possibly dangerous; people may tend to act in an inappropriate manner with others.  The urge to act with untempered zeal, force, or guile may be strong.  The tendency to feel deep paralytic fear may be activated, which others of a more opportunistic sort may take advantage of.  Obsessive behaviors in general (including sexual) will be lit up.

Mon, Nov 23
This may be a day of seeming good luck and creatively making connections, however in the end the logic employed may be seen to be faulty or of a sloppy manner.  The temptation to extravagantly deploy valuable resources may be strong, but with little or nothing gained in the investment.  (Mercury quintile Neptune, Venus square Jupiter)

Tues, Nov 24
Calm certitude and self-assurance will help move things along, slowly but surely.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Wed, Nov 25
A more realistic and practical tone may come to affairs today, although the outlook may be a little dour.  Excited emotions may accompany relationship situations.  (Mercury quintile Saturn, Venus trine Uranus)

Thurs, Nov 26, Thanksgiving
Strident and somewhat untactful emotions may be brought out.  Sudden disruptions may help bring about unanticipated developments.  Strong feelings with questionable origin may dominate the day, although at the time they may seem completely true and transcendent.  Cordiality should be good.  (Sun tridecile Mars and Uranus, Venus square Neptune, Venus trine Juno)

Friday, Nov 27
Unusual and suddenly manifesting feelings of dissatisfaction, intolerance, and injustice may surge eliciting equally abrupt actions.  Sudden breakdowns physically, mechanical, or electronically may occur; be careful of cuts, burns, or conflicts.  Significant relationship developments may occur.  (Mars biquintile Uranus, Sun tridecile Juno)

Saturday, Nov 28
Fateful, significant connections and life-developments may occur.  Issues of power and control may need to be resolved; mishap and crisis may occur.  (Sun semisquare Node)

Sunday, Nov 29
Motivation and drive may be turbocharged.  This is not really a day for quiet contemplation or sorting out the subtleties of life in a cordial setting; action, initiative, and daring are the keywords of the day.  Stopping for the niceties of life may be your undoing.  Talk and ideas should be very animated.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Monday, Nov 30
Feeling bold and adventurous, people may say or do things in a spectacular fashion; but ultimately they may prove to be hollow ego-glorifying exercises.  Inspiration and creativity should be strong.  Some risks may pay off well.  (Sun quintile Jupiter, Mercury square Uranus)

Curtis Burns

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